Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Planting We Will Go

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I spent ALL WEEKEND working outside in the yard. Yesterday I pulled out all the grass right along the edge of the front porch, a mow strip of sorts. We DO have a weedeater but for some reason my husband can't make it work, but can if he fixes it, but for some reason it never gets done. Whatever. I hate the grass growing right up next to the porch so I pulled it out. Then I decided to lift up the huge ugly concrete piece that was in the middle of the yard covering the hole where our water shut off valve is. It was covered with dirt (thanks gophers!) so I dug it out. THEN I decided to take out the other concrete brick thing that was still buried. THREE bricks later I got them all out. It's amazing what can be buried in your yard!!

Trevor in the new partially dug tree hole

Today I mowed the whole yard, then called my mom and asked her if she wanted to go for a ride to another Home Depot and see if they had one more tree. So she went with me and they did! ONE tree. Just for me, what luck!! So after I got home Scott was helping me by digging the hole across from the one I had planted. Just our luck, there was a water pipe running right through where we wanted to put it. SO we moved the 1st tree over in the yard so we could line them up together. It looks really nice now. Even though I DID had to take my flowers out and move them over.

It sure is nice watching someone else do the hard work!
I'm using my little brick tree rings for now. Apparently no one makes them in the gray color anymore. I stole one from the tree in the backyard and then stole another one from around the last tree on the side of the house. After we got done planting and replanting the trees, we went to Lowes to see if THEY had the tree rings. They don't! Then we tried another Orchard Supply and they don't have them either. Bummer!

Tabbie looking pretty! Hard to believe she's about 15 years old now

When I got home I decided to make do with some of the brick things I had and used them to make a little bit larger "ring" around my last tree on the side of the house. It looks ok. I guess I'll do the same thing with the tree in the backyard when I get around to working back there again. I also picked up some pretty purple and yellow violas to stick in my little flower beds on the side of the house. I only got one little pack planted before I ran out of day light.
I got a nice little sun burn on my arms today. Such a beautiful day and I took full advantage of it working outside! We even had BBQ chicken for dinner (at 8:00!).
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Chris H said...

Well done.. what a shame you couldn't get any more of those brick tree surrounds. I am looking forward to seeing more photos as the front yard comes together.

Mary~Momathon said...

Cool, you planted two trees and we yanked two trees out! We're even! Al Gore will be so proud of you for saving the earth after we yanked out our trees damaging the earth. Yippeee! I'm off the hook!

Oh, and by "we" I mean my husband. I don't do yardwork. I change diapers and blame Al Gore for all things remotely related to global warming and being green.

Barb said...

The tree looks so pretty with all the flowers around it. Me, I've tried growing things but have a black thumb. I'm opting for all fake plants these days!

~Sheila~ said...

HOLY CRAP! So much work outside. My yard still looks nothing like that (maybe cause all we are doing is watering DIRT).

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