Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Good morning happy hump day! I wish I was home with Tina even though she drives me nuts knocking stuff over. Last night she knocked a huge box of stuff down and scared the crap out of me.

She looks cute here though ;)

Poor little Daniel is sick with a fever and coughing. I hope Lilly doesn't get it too. Some nasty bugs going around right now. Almost all the kids from the party the other day are sick. Not really surprised though since one sibling stayed home with a fever and the others came to the party.  Getting to where I never want to leave the house with all the germs out there.

I am almost done with the wine coasters! I bet the 12 people who look at my blog will be happy to see something else haha. Just need to sew around the edges of the 2 piles in the front. The back one is done.

Then it will be onto the wine bags. I'm going to have to book more craft shows next year so I can get rid of all this stuff I keep making. I should have booked more holiday time ones but I didn't see much to sign up for other than the ones by the movie theaters (too cold/windy/slow) and the mall which she wants people there 2/3 days which isn't going to happen when I'm still working. I need to get in on some school ones, those almost always do well. 

Ok back to filing/making folders at work. I'm the only one here from our department since everyone is on leave or at a meeting. Last week of filing they say. We'll see how that really works out haha.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday! Trevor isn't home yet this morning, we'll see how he liked his first night of working when he gets home. I bet he will be tired!

Working from home today since my boss asked me to come in on Wednesday since a lot of people are out. I wonder how that will work when she's not my boss lol.  She found out for sure yesterday that I will not be working on our office stuff so that's a big bummer. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be bored out of my mind with whatever they give me since our office is big compared to a lot of others. I guess this is one way for people to see how valuable you are. 

After work yesterday I worked on my wine coasters. I was doing 10 at a time so this is what I ended up with so far. Still have a whole stack to do. There are some non patchwork in the other stack. 

The ones with purple are my favorite

Probably should have left the yellow off of some of these. I can use them as freebies if no one likes them lol. They do look nicer in person. The backs are mostly solids so they are reversible. 

Never did make a grocery list yesterday. Maybe I'll get that done today. 


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Monday, November 28, 2022


Good morning happy Monday!
Working from home today, because, why not? Last week with my boss. Next week starts the new crap.

Yesterday I got all the 1" scraps sewn together and into a roll. Then I vacuumed and mopped the house and got done just in time for Lilly to come over. 

Daniel had fallen asleep with his dad so he came over later. 

She played awhile then had a bottle and slept for several hours. That is the longest she's ever slept for me. 

While she was sleeping I cut some fusible fleece for the coasters and started ironing and pinning them together. I had to stop to get Daniel though so that is where they lay. 

Lilly is a bouncer just like her mama. Jess had one of those jumpers you hang from the doorway and man she used to love that. Lilly gets this thing bouncing pretty good.

I brought out one of the rugs so they had a spot on the floor. Still waiting for Simon to be completely potty trained before leaving them out. I rolled it up after they left lol.

Trevor went for his job yesterday and I guess the facility he got hired on is full so they are going to shuttle him to another one like 45 minutes away (with no traffic) starting tomorrow morning at 1:30 am. We will see how long that lasts. I probably would have just been like thanks no thanks but he's a kid. He said they get paid for the shuttle time so it is worth it but idk about that one. He was up early this morning so hopefully he takes a nap later so he can work in the middle of the night. 

Today's plan is to at least make a menu and a shopping list and maybe go to the store. If not today then tomorrow I will go shopping. Need to have some meals tired of eating frozen stuff. 

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Sunday, November 27, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! Trevor just left for his new job. Lets hope it goes good and he goes again tomorrow lol.

Yesterday I took Daniel with me to my mom's house for a birthday party for Robert. He has gotten so big. He's about a head shorter than me now.

My mom had all the toys in the back corner for the kids to play with. 

So many toys! I told Scott we are going to stick to one box of toys lol. My grandma always had one cardboard box of toys for my whole life. If there wasn't anything you wanted to play with in there you were too old for toys ;)  

All I could think about was how long it would take to put that all away after they got done with it

Daniel found the potato heads and had fun with those for a bit

Adrian is getting so big too. Also my face looks enormous here. Almost look like I had a stroke or something. 

Daniel and Stella are only 4 months apart, they are getting closer in size now

My mom sent me the picture she took haha. I'm pretty sure she took at least 3 pictures ;) 
Joey was freaking out about being in the picture and Daniel was sad that he had to stop playing.

He was super tired when we left

Daniel came back to my house for a little bit and then after he went home I worked on my wine scraps some more. 

Sewed all the 1.5" pieces into a roll, now to do the 1" and I'll have that all cleaned up.

Going to sew for a bit then get ready for the kids to come over at 2:30. 

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Saturday, November 26, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! I keep thinking it is Sunday since I've been off work so many days. 

I spent most of yesterday playing with scraps from the wine fabrics.  Making them into coasters. I won't have time to work on them this morning though since I'm taking Daniel with me to my mom's for a party for Robert. We haven't seen him in forever. My mom is throwing him a little cousin's birthday party.  

Started with 3" squares, then 2.5" squares, now down to 2" lol. Stupid little crap I do to keep myself entertained. 

Yesterday Scott his a brand new Tesla. SIGH. It just made this rub mark on it so hopefully it doesn't cost $50k for them to fix it. Our car is fine lol. Scott thinks she backed out of her driveway and was sitting there trying to figure out how to make it go. He said she wasn't there when he started making the turn. The HHR has really bad blind spots too though. I almost ran over actual people several times when I drove it. 

I just bought Scott and I Nutcracker tickets for next weekend. He has always wanted to go but we never did. I saw they have it at our little theater in town so I just got us tickets. Should be fun! They have Irish Dancing today, kind of wish I would have saw that one before,

Ok gotta go slap some putty on my face and find some socks that match. I really need to dump out my drawers and put them all together. Not sure how they ended up such a mess.


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Friday, November 25, 2022


Good morning happy Black Friday! I am not going out shopping. Might buy a couple things online maybe! 

Thanksgiving was nice and mellow. The only stress was waiting for the turkey to get done. I should have put it in about an hour earlier. It was fine in the end though!

Daniel sat on my lap while I ate. He wasn't too into eating last night. Probably too much going on.

Little miss being cute bouncing around

Super casual eating, I need to buy more folding chairs I think. They are so handy for these kinds of things.

She's like gimmie some food! She's going to be happy once she gets big people food.

Being ornery haha. My friend Dee gets the kids holiday outfits, so fun!

So glad I took today off. Tiny bit wish I would have done the booths out by the Movie Theater like I used to do but also glad I got to sleep in. Scott actually has today off too so that is nice for him. He'll be coming home in a bit.  He is going to pick us up a few things at the grocery store. I was going to do Instacart but he said he could go. Can't have a turkey sandwich without any bread! I don't think we have enough turkey to do lunch and dinner tonight either!

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Thursday, November 24, 2022


 Good morning happy Thanksgiving! I am about to go make some stuffing and put the bird in the oven. Yesterday I just cooked the pies, and then worked on getting the linings cut for the wine bags. I'm starting to make a small dent in my fabric stash with all this sewing. 

I ended up babysitting around 5:30 yesterday so Jess could get some stuff done. I had to set the baby down and just set her on the floor (not something I'd usually do) and she was so happy to just lay there for a bit lol. 

Daniel was playing with the dogs quite a bit. Usually he doesn't really interact with them but he was all into them last night. He had Simon running away lol. Rusty is sporting a Little People's hat.

Daniel looking extra sleepy but he never did fall asleep. Scott came home around 9 and they sat and watched almost the entire Robin Hood movie together. He got up two or three times and then climbed back in the chair with him. So cute. 

This one took a cat nap too. I swear she never sleeps for more than 1/2 an hour. 

Tubz also taking a nap lol. Loved her little toes hanging out and covering her face. Between the cats and Daniel they have destroyed these baskets. They just belong to them now. 

Ok need to make the stuffing and stuff the bird and get it in the oven! I pulled it out and it was all thawed except one small ice ball inside that came right out so not too bad. 

Also need to make sweet potato pie, deviled eggs and salami cream cheese roll things we always have. Go go go 

Just kidding I'm more of a here we go slowly today ;)

Oh and yesterday I had to use my blog to figure out if I went into work 2 days last week when someone brought Covid in. I wasn't there those days. Whew. Also just took a test just to make sure since the bar was also closed due to covid exposure and I was there 2 times last week. It's going around again! TG mine was negative so no worries from me.

Happy Turkey Day!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2022



Good morning happy Turkey Eve!

I need to take the turkey out to thaw some more in a minute. I took it out for a bit yesterday and it was less like a rock when I put it back in the fridge lol. Should be ok by tomorrow!

Work was good yesterday I was busy all day. I'm really dreading these new changes they are going to make for work. I'm really hoping they let me keep my office as the one I work on but I don't think that is going to be the case. So stupid. 1/4 of my job is probably just file maintenance and keeping that all organized. I don't know why they think that is going to get done by the over worked soil cons. Just stupid.  Anyhow, I'm over here mourning my job lol. If only we didn't need that insurance stuff. Sometimes I think of all the other ways I can earn money (and have) and then I think about insurance and retirement. 

I ended up spending about an hour after I was off yesterday talking to a girl at work. She's about 10 years older. Her mom has dementia and is a year older than Scott's mom. She lives down south so G just goes down there every so often for holidays and then to give her sister a break. Her mom has aides and her brothers also help out. So nice to have a functional family all pitching in.

This was my going to lunch entertainment. I gave him LOTS of room before I got the hell away from him. Those pallets were about ready to fall off any second.

After work I played with my wine fabrics some more. I got all the wine bags I want cut out. This is the leftover yardage to go in the cabinet.

a pile of wine totes and coasters to sew up. I will probably just make one of each fabric for the wine totes and put the rest in a box for when I'm ready to make more. Cutting them out and matching up lining fabrics is the hardest part lol. They are so easy to make.

Now I'm cleaning up the scrap pieces

I have a bit to go. I think I'll play with these for a little bit this morning. The next step is finding lining fabrics for the totes and coasters. That always takes awhile.

Things I can do for Turkey day today:
make the sweet potato pie (sans marshmallows, learned that lesson last time I made it ahead), Cook the frozen pies I bought (don't judge), boil the eggs for deviled eggs maybe? There really isn't that much I can do ahead of time lol. Probably just do most of it tomorrow minus the pies since I have to use the oven for the turkey.

Jess has to take her car to the collision place today. She thought she'd just be taking it and hanging out while they look at it but pretty sure it doesn't work that way. I told her she should just call ahead and make sure ;) We'll see if they total it out  since it has a million miles on it. I kind of think they aren't going to repair a car that is worth less than $5k. We shall see! 

I was going to sleep in today but I've been awake since at least 5:30. I had to get up to pee and never fully went back to sleep after that. Darn bladder. Trevor made us breakfast so that was nice (except the dishes part). I'm so happy I'm off work until Monday! I want to take at least a week off after the holidays.  We have a training for a few days the end of January but maybe I can get one in before then or for my birthday week. I have a lot of vacation and if you don't use it you eventually lose it and I'm not going to allow that to happen!

Ok off to make some coffee and play with my scraps a bit!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022


Good morning! Happy Tuesday! 

Yesterday was a busy day. Took Trevor to the dentist and asked about Scott's refund he is supposed to get. The office manager interjected herself when I was talking to two other girls and was like there is no refund. Even though the dentist told Scott he would be getting one since they charged him for a ceramic bridge and then they had to go with metal. I got a tiny bit loud and told them we'd figure it out later. Freaking cheaters.  Sat myself out in the car so I would be quiet lol.  Anyhow, I guess Trevor's tooth had just basically had some stuff packed in it before so they put a temp crown on and did another filling and he goes back December 8th for his real crown. He's all paid up though so I won't have to go with him next time.  He wanted to go to Denny's when he was done so we went. They don't have a club sandwich anymore just this weird California one. It was ok but I didn't care for the bread and their fries are really weird. 

I came back and worked until 4 and then went and met my friends for dinner. We went to this hole in the wall Latin restaurant that my friend wanted to go to. She works at a school and she was like no one ever comes in that knows me here. Probably because the food was crap haha. 

The only thing that was good was the appetizer and the dessert. These were fries with a bbq pulled pork on top. I should have just got that for dinner.

My meal minus the empanada they forgot and brought out later. All gross. I just picked the meat off and ate part of the rice lol

my friend got dessert and shared, that was the best part

We hung out for awhile then went to Starbucks and hung out some more. I checked my phone at one point because I thought it was like 9 and it was 7:15 lol. 

After we left I went to the grocery store to get stuff for Thanksgiving. I'm going to have to put the turkey in the sink when I get home tonight to help it thaw out faster. It is hard as a rock lol. I think I am cooking most of the stuff and then taking it over to Jessica's house. When I called her to ask if she got a turkey yet she was like oh crap that's in 3 days haha. 

We finally got an email with some stuff for our "new job". I'm trying not to be totally pissed about it all but it is hard. We are having a staff meeting with the new boss on Dec 5th and then I guess we go into new mode after that. Pretty sure I'm going to hate it and be bored but we shall see. 

I had a note that one of my posts didn't get published because it went against Community Guidelines but everything has views so I don't know what they were talking about. I guess Blogger is going to be like FB now too. Stupid. No more free speech anywhere.


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Monday, November 21, 2022


Good morning happy Monday! In a few minutes I have to get ready to take Trevor to the dentist again. He could totally go by himself if I didn't have to go to pay for it. Booo

I started cutting up my wine fabrics yesterday. I have a lot of wine fabrics. Quite a few of them came from the bags of fabric I had bought off Marketplace super cheap. I only have a few left to cut into. The bigger pieces I'm just cutting 2 wine totes and a few coasters out of. Only a few pieces to go to have some of all of them cut out.

I got my cleaning almost done and Jess asked if I could go to her house to watch the kids for awhile since they were all sleeping. Of course the minute she pulled away Lilly started bouncing around in her bassinet lol. She did pretty good yesterday and was only a little bit Jack Jack lol.

I took them back to my house when they were both awake. Scott came over after he fed his mom dinner so that was a huge help. Daniel loves him so much, it is so cute how he climbs up into his lap and talks to him.


I'll be glad when she's out the spit up phase. She's definitely a good little flirt though when she's not screaming haha. 

Today's plans are to put on some real pants in a couple minutes and then take Trevor. No idea how long that will take. 

After work I'm going to go meet my friends for dinner so that will be nice. 

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