Thursday, November 17, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday! I am all sore from doing the gravel yesterday. I may have an empty planter sitting on the edge of the driveway to try and keep the Amazon/UPS/Fed EX people from driving there. they like to turn around in my driveway and it makes those ruts worse. I think I might do a removal fence like I did on the other side with just enough room for our cars in the middle so they stop messing up my driveway. We can do that ourselves lol.

Are you tired of seeing sunflowers yet? I got quite a bit done last night, At least one round of sewing on everything but the cup cozies. I was so tired last night I had to go to bed at 9:30.

Today's plan when not working or at darts is a round of sewing on the cup cozies, then I have to iron everything. I think next I'll finish up the coasters since they will just need top stitching to be done. I think the little patchwork turned out kind of cute! I had one sunflower print left that I had not used all of so I cut those out for the backs of the patchwork ones. I am planning on making some sets with some of the cozies & coasters. 

Since I'm all caught up on White Lotus I found they have some Chopped on HBO Max. I watched a Thanksgiving one yesterday. I'm always amazed at what they come up with using the weird ingredients. Turkey testicles? Who knew. I think they called the Turkey Fries. At least they don't go to waste right? lol

Ok back to catching up on work emails from the last 2 days. Tomorrow I have to go in and mail out all those dumb letters. Hopefully I have enough window envelopes. I keep forgetting to order them for work and the woman that approves stuff is a real beotch and won't let us order after the first week of the month. Must remember for December if I'm still doing that. That is one of the things coming up in our job restructuring that's just hanging out til they pull the plug. Some day.


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I haven't watched this season of white lotus yet. As good as first season? And yes, put something down so those amazon/ups drivers don't ruin that hard work!!

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