Thursday, November 3, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday! Checks calendar... yes it is Thursday haha!
I was so busy at work yesterday writing letters for people that had got tractor contracts. At least it made the day go by fast. I'll finish them up tomorrow when I go into the office (maybe). 

After work I went to Costco to take back the vacuum I had bought Jess last year. One of the prongs pulled out, so weird. Luckily they took it back so I bought myself a new one and she can have my old one (which is not very old).

I walked around looking for food to buy because I'm tired of everything. Anyone want some rich people crab legs? Holy cow. I hope they sell them and don't just end up tossing them when no one could afford them. That would be a waste.

I'm still working on these Star Wars bags. I haven't really worked on them the last couple days because it is so dark and I just want to go lay down.  It is good book reading time if only I read a book haha. My reading has been replaced by videos it appears. 

Well just made Trevor a dentist appointment for tomorrow morning. He has a tooth that is bothering him. Lets pray they can fix it easy and it's not like a root canal or something. He got a filling in that tooth not that long ago.

Darts tonight so that will be fun. I thought I had to go pick up some stuff from my friend's house today but turns out she is bringing it by here. She cleaned out her closet again lol. I've just about worn out all the stuff I kept from her last cleaning out. She does a lot more stripes and button ups than I do so I pass those on. Give me a nice comfy shirt any day.

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