Friday, November 18, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! 
I made it into the office today. Ugh have to copy all these letters, scan them and then mail them out. Praying I have enough envelopes so I don't have to use the windowless ones. 

Yesterday I went to go to darts and then realized it wasn't until Friday. Whoops! I had ordered dinner from the bar so I just ate my dinner and then came back home. Oh well, I got to finish up the coasters and cozies I was working on. 

These coasters are about an inch bigger each way then the other ones I have made. I like the way the patchwork ones came out but only a couple of them are the same. I will probably just put those on my booth table with the $1 ones I do. They are mostly just to use up the scraps instead of throwing them away so I'm happy if someone wants them lol.

The sets I want to put on Etsy but I need to take better pictures (just noticed my screen shot pictures are repeating a row). Scott came by to get a part for his motorcycle that came in the mail and hung out a bit so I couldn't get all nerdy like I usually do while he was talking to me lol. Have to save that for later.

So now I'm just down to the bags to finish. I ironed them while he was talking to me so they are ready for their next step of top stitching. Probably won't get to that tonight since I have darts! Don't know how I screwed that one up in my head.  

No weekend plans so far but I think I'll probably be babysitting on Sunday. I need to go to the store and do Thanksgiving shopping or at least buy a turkey so it's not totally frozen when it's time to cook it. Not entirely sure what we are doing for that yet but I'm thinking I'm just going to plan to cook for us and Daniel's family and if we just end up at home then we'll have extras ;) Originally we were going to Jessica's house but Daniel's dad had surgery to remove his foot up to his calf. He has a picc line so I don't think he's going to be up to leaving his house. We shall see what we end up doing.

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