Wednesday, May 31, 2023


 Good morning! Happy Wednesday! 

Almost time to get ready to go swimming at my friends house. I just got done packing up all the garlands I made. Now hopefully I sell some haha. I do not want to make anymore for a long time.

Next up is some coasters with the scraps.

Scott found his mom's teeth yesterday! 
Sadly they were in the TOILET. For DAYS. Barf. They got a good bleaching and soaking. 

So so gross. Scott really is deserving this vacation. Too bad we aren't leaving today haha. Only a couple more days then we'll be free.

Currently listening to this ridiculous "training" with some guy talking about change and stuff. At least I can just have it on in the background while I do other things. 35 more minutes until my work day is over. I need to get my swimming self together. Might just take some shorts to wear over my swim suit bottoms so I don't have to prep haha. Going to swing by the store and get some food to take. We are having hot dogs for dinner. I should have made a mac salad but that required a trip to the store or Instacart and I didn't get that done!
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Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I changed most of my fabric on this book case over to boxes so Tina would stop taking them all out. It worked! She only dragged out one tiny bag of interfacing scraps last night lol. I don't think she's too happy about it though ;)

Now I have a ton of the empty clear boxes again so I can use those for some other organizing.

I spent the rest of the day working on my 4th of July Garlands. 

A & B are spoken for 

but the rest are for sale for $15 

on my Facebook Page (or here if you want one lol)

I took pictures of them hanging up too 

but you don't need all that here.

Today's plan is to finish up the last 10 that need pom poms

I have 2 that I finished but didn't take pictures of yet

I'm going to wait to put those on my FB page I think.

Other than that I'm just waiting for the guy to come to replace the windshield in my car. 

Sometime between 12 and 5. It would be nice if they narrowed that down a bit.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going over to my friend's house to swim.

Hopefully my bathing suit still fits I think I'm a bit fatter than last summer

About time to get myself in gear. Might as well wait until after vacation to get started though. At least I'll be moving around more next week. I hardly get any exercise lately, which I'm sure is most of the problem. That and buying snacks for "the kids" lol.

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Monday, May 29, 2023


Good morning happy Monday!

Yesterday was babysitting day so lots of pictures haha. Mr Curls! We played with bubbles and had a popcicle outside. I think I am going to work on cleaning an area in the back yard to set up a little pool for the summer. Something to work on when we get back from vacation.

The baby was a little cranky at first but after she had a bottle and a cat nap she was fine.

Her hair is going to be curly too, look at the back. It's getting a bit lighter too but I don't think she'll be  as blonde as her brother. 

Dinner and Wreck It Ralph. She was way into the movie lol. They were gone and the living room cleaned up by 9:30 which is when I went to bed. 

Tina being Tina. This morning she had pulled out a fabric bin again. Sheesh. Going to have to switch them over to the pattern boxes on this book case for sure. Driving me nuts having to clean it up all the time. 

I got Simon a new indoor pool. She hasn't been quite as bad as the first day. I was worried about them not having water when we are gone since Trevor doesn't see the empty water bowl. Hopefully the fun factor will be gone by next week.

Today's plan is to finish sewing the stars on the garlands. I am almost done. Just have to do the black stars. Then it is time to do all the pom poms. I think I might take pictures of them as I finish them so I can pack them up a bit. I think once I get 10 done I'll put them on FB for sale.

Working on laundry again today. Down to a comforter and my clothes in the laundry sorter and then it is a bunch of random stuff all over the garage. I'm on a mission to get it all washed up. Tired of the mess out there and need to work on cleaning it up again. 


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Sunday, May 28, 2023


Hello happy Sunday! So nice we have one more day off after today. I've been a little productive today getting the laundry going and picking some stuff up. The kids will be here later so I still have to vacuum and clean off the kitchen table. I want to get all the laundry done before our trip. Need to get that mess cleaned up. 

Friday night Scott and I went to a late night dinner at La Villa. Scott was so frustrated that his mom lost her lower teeth. He can't find them anywhere. She's just going to have to eat soft stuff I guess. I knew it was going to happen eventually since she always lost them and he had dug them out of her garbage a few times. I don't know if she could handle going to the dentist to get another bottom set. 

This is how I know Scott was here. He never shuts a damn drawer. Drives me nuts. Also I need to replace this cabinet with something nicer since I have never got around to painting it and probably won't. 

Saturday morning I went and watched my nephew's last baseball game. I don't think they won but he put in a good effort lol.

After that I went to lunch with my mom. I thought I took a picture of my lunch but I guess not. I was full ALL day after. I got a mushroom burger and onion rings at Moo Moo's burgers.

Got home and Scott and I went to get him a new phone. He went from a 6 to a 14. He's been complaining this morning about updating his apps and stuff. Fun. 

After that we went to Wal Mart to get him a case for his phone and got a few other things and then went to Winco. Came home and worked on our trip stuff some more. We finally have a route. I booked hotels for all but the last night.

Saturday Reno
Sunday Boise
Monday Montana outside of Yellowstone
Tuesday Cody Wyoming
Wednesday Jackson Hole
Thursday probably Winnemucca
Friday we'll be home!

I'm getting really excited about going!

I gave Scott two jobs for the weekend which is about 1/2 way over and he still hasn't done them. Get busy already! #1 is to change the oil in the car and look it all over in case we need to do anything before the trip. I was like you should go do that before it gets hot. "I will". 

I didn't work on my garlands at all yesterday. I got all the red stars sewn on. Need to finish doing the blue ones. 

It's almost time to change the laundry again already!

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Friday, May 26, 2023


Hello happy 4 day weekend!!

I always want to applaud myself for being smart enough for taking a day off to pad these long weekends. Great idea!

I spent all morning working on figuring out hotels for our trip next week. So far I got the first 3 days done which will get us to Yellowstone. I don't want to do 10 hour driving days if we can help it so we can actually stop along the way and enjoy ourselves. I'm waiting for Scott to look at the map with me so we can figure out what direction we want to go after we get to Yellowstone.

My fan club this morning

Yesterday after work I went to Joanns to get twine which I did not end up getting. I was going to get this macrame cord that was on a shelf with a $10 price tag but was actually $40 so that got returned right away. I also got this pom pom maker. I might take it back. It's really hard to get the string tight enough to hold them together. 

And they are too big.

I ended up going to the sketchy Wal Mart since that was the town I was in. People are actually sleeping in the oleanders along the main street. It is literally called "Main Street" too. So many people strung out on drugs. 

Anyhow I found the twine I was looking for but also got this white cording that is looking pretty nice. I made this one up last night and a similar longer one just now for my friend. 

I just cut 5 lengths of cord so I can do more of an assembly line since I have to change my thread and bobbin for each color start when I sew them on. That gets old quick. 

Starting to feel a little guilty about leaving my animals for our trip next week. Hopefully Rusty's hips behave and he actually eat a bit while I'm gone. He usually goes on a strike from what I've heard. I'm getting excited about going now though. It's only 1 week away! I need to make a to do list and shopping list. #1 is do laundry haha. Scott has do an oil change/tune up on the car. I'm getting my windshield replaced on Tuesday so I don't have to look at the crack for the whole trip. I told the membership head lady that I won't be there if they have a meeting on next Saturday and got someone to cover for darts on the 6th for me. I need to tell the Bunco head lady that if they do it on the 5th I won't be there so she can get a sub too. 

I tried on the tops I bought at WM the other day and am going to take 3 of them back because they are too big in the arm holes. No one needs to see my whole side bra. Sigh. 


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Thursday, May 25, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday! Today is my work Friday since I took tomorrow off. Also they have a 4 hour early release for tomorrow now so I can use that as a floater.  Definitely going to use that soon. Probably Wednesday since I'm supposed to go swimming at my friends then.

Yesterday I actually had some work to keep me busy in the morning then nothing. Well nothing but someone asking me for something that was in an email that she was copied on. Nothing annoys me more than people who can't just look for stuff themselves. 

I am on the home stretch of finishing up the stars I've been making. Next will be pom poms I think. I need to check my yarn stash and will probably have to go get some colors. 

What got you out of bed this morning? For me it was Simon getting off my bed and then making a weird sound. I looked over and she was having runny poo. Disgusting. She must have ate something outside or something. Hopefully she'll be ok soon.

Of course I come into my room to find Tina has been shopping again. I think I will use those pattern boxes here so she can't pull the fabric out. Plus it will help get them out of the sun and their floating hair. I will miss looking at all the colors but sheesh. Tired of cleaning this up every day. I don't think I can sew fast enough to use it all up real quick haha.

Rusty's back legs were so bad yesterday afternoon. I actually cried a little when I went to take him out and he fell going out the door. Then 2 minutes later he's barking his head off at a yard cat and wants to go chase it. Sigh. Damn dogs. 

Yesterday I realized Aunt Flo will be going with us on our vacation. Darn it! I should have scheduled the whole thing for the week before or after our anniversary. Hopefully I'm not just a miserable crabby beotch the whole time lol.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2023


Good morning happy hump day! This week is moving right along. I ended up having actual work to do yesterday morning (that stuff I was keeping to work on later) and then I went to lunch with my friend Sarah. After lunch I went back to the office to finish off my work day. It was kind of nice working with two screens and one being rather large. I'm glad it's not at home on my desk anymore though.

I got this quesadilla for lunch yesterday and it was so good. I could go for another one now haha

After work I went and got gas and a car wash. My car was so dirty! I was going to get some wiper fluid at Wal Mart but of course forgot. I got myself some shorts and tops though and groceries. Apparently if you want jean shorts now you have to like your shorts ripped and with no hems. I don't get this garbage style. Might try the thrift store for some or just get some jeans and I can cut them off and hem them myself. 

Monday I ended up watching the kids for a few hours while their parents did some yard work. Daniel wanted to go home RIGHT NOW after about 4 hours and the baby was crying so I took them home. Then came home to clean up the aftermath lol. It doesn't take too long to clean up though since everything just gets tossed into the big tote. It's time to take down the bouncer. I might make a box for that so it's put away nicer. 

My laptop's power plug is having issues. It must be a little loose inside. It took me forever to get it to turn back on last night. My friend was like time for a new computer. Maybe but there is nothing wrong with this one but this little issue haha. I like that this one has a CD/DVD option too. They don't really make computers with those anymore.

I have to work on some letters for work today. Probably go into the office tomorrow to print them out and attempt to mail them with the stupid postage machine. 

Ebay sales have been pretty slow now. I need to list more stuff to keep myself relevant lol. Last night I re-sorted the threads I have left to work on putting on there. I am trying to figure out their variant listing. It is a bit more difficult than the Etsy one. I think I might just put them in lots again and sell that way.  It would be faster I think! 

Also need to get back to working on my stars. I haven't sewn since Sunday.

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Monday, May 22, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! I'd rather it be Sunday so I didn't have to log into work. I'm so glad I have a two week vacation coming up. This morning my boss is messaging me asking me why the people that need to do the next step of something aren't doing it. I don't know, maybe you should ask them...

Yesterday I worked on stars all day. My basket is filling up!

I still have a bunch to do though. Doing them by thread color.

I have a few things to mail out for eBay and the FB group today but not much. I need to find more stuff to list to keep myself in the algorithm. More cleaning and I'll find stuff I know lol.

I should probably do some laundry today we are just about out of clean towels. Once I get myself going out there I can get it going but I just have to get started. 

Tomorrow I'm going to lunch with my friend Sarah so I'll be out and about. I will work in a grocery store visit on the way home I think.

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Sunday, May 21, 2023


Good morning! Happy Sunday!

I guess we won't be watching the littles today, Jess said her stomach is bothering her so she's going to call out. 

Yesterday I attempted to add more of my donate pile onto the FB group to sell but it only let me do a few then wouldn't let me comment. So rude. Too bad things aren't ran by humans anymore. (That isn't the selling group I got the notice on but it wouldn't let me leave any comments)

I cut out a zillon stars and have been pinning them together for the fronts and backs now. Sadly I still have a 3/4 bin of 4th of July fabrics left over and a whole bin of scraps now (not so sad about those, I love scraps haha). When I'm done with these I'll probably make some coasters and mug rugs. Unless I'm sick of the colors by then. 

I guess I have the whole day to sew now. I already took a shower lol. I hear Scott washing dishes so that is nice. He's going to be sad the kids aren't coming over.

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Saturday, May 20, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday!

I was maybe going to do a couple things today but I decided to just stay home. I am in the mood to sew so going to work on some 4th of July garlands.

I found a star template 

and I have a ton of patriotic fabric. Let's go!!

I was trying to sell some stuff on the FB group but it keeps not letting me do much. FB apparently thinks you're a bot now if you make too many comments and that is how you sell on the group there. 

So I got a little cleaning up and now we'll sew ;)

Oh last night I had darts and I closed out the 501 games and got 2 Low Tons so that was fun. I ALMOST had a hat trick (3 bulls eyes) so that was exciting.  After darts was over Scott and I went to Applebees and shared a sampler and 1/2 an order of ribs. Nothing like dinner at 9:30 at night. It was nice to hang out though. 

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Friday, May 19, 2023


Hello! Happy Friday! 
I actually had some work to do this morning so I was busy with that for awhile. It's a miracle!

Yesterday I listed 47 things on eBay. Probably a few more than that but they were put into lots. 
Here is my last box I had that I was putting stuff in. Until Tina took over. I've been working on some misc stuff I have that I picked up here and there for reselling. I think I will use these boxes for that and then the extra boxes I think I might put fabric in that is on my shelf on my desk so Tina will stop going shopping in it. I think the boxes will fit on there pretty good. Might as well use them!

You can see my full boxes that are on eBay in the background here. I put them on Scott's side of our room since he's hardly ever there anyways. I need to make another row so they aren't so high but need to take some stuff out to the shed first.  My plan is to either give everything a year or after a bit pull anything that is $5 or less and sell them on the FB group. I am lowering prices every 30 days when they renew on eBay. That should help to clear them out.

Simon was helping me make my bed last night. She's so helpful. She got to hang out awhile since her dad was into his video game and didn't make her go to bed in his room right away. 

This morning I've been cleaning up my sewing desk a bit since it was a disaster with piles of patterns and stuff. About to get to work on some more eBay listings. I have a box of patterns and misc stuff I had bought at the thrift store before that I hadn't finished listing so that is what I've been working on. Might as well add them into the pattern boxes and get them all organized the same way. 

I might actually sew something soon. Getting the itch to do some sewing!

Darts tonight! I hope we win. It's always more fun when we do although I don't really care that much. It is just fun to go hang out.

If you like vintage sewing patterns or sewing stuff in general go check out my eBay store to see all my hard work ;)

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Thursday, May 18, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday!

I'm making progress on these patterns, this is what I'm working on today. I've mostly been putting what is left in lots since they aren't worth as much individual. That helps to make it go faster. Mostly working on mens now and then I have a box of costumes to go through.

Yesterday my friend Cassi came over and we hung out. My dogs laying next to me while we chatted lol

We ended up going to the mall and I had fun in Carter's. I did get myself one shirt in Torrid. I need to buy myself about 20 shirts and some shorts but I can't ever find what I like in my size anywhere. So annoying. I need to just take a day and go shopping for myself. 

After shopping we went to Olive Garden and got the soup and salad. They brought her soup and then mine took forever because they were "making it". I probably would have just picked a different one if given the option. Always awkward sitting waiting for your food. At least I had some salad to eat while I was waiting. The waiter never came back with our boxes after we were done so we just left. They probably gave him too many tables to work on or something.

Later we met up at our little bar for a drink and hung out. She's going back to Oregon today. I sure miss her when she's gone she's so much fun. 

Today I booked my room and put in the authorization for a work over nighter at the end of June in Monterey. We were supposed to do it in like January but they canceled it because of the weather. I don't really enjoy these things but maybe it will have some fun moments. I love Monterey anyways.

That's all the excitement around here for this morning. Oh and apparently the shed door fell off. I'm not sure how that happened but it will need to be fixed ASAP since my stuff is in there. Hopefully Scott comes out and fixes it.

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