Wednesday, May 24, 2023


Good morning happy hump day! This week is moving right along. I ended up having actual work to do yesterday morning (that stuff I was keeping to work on later) and then I went to lunch with my friend Sarah. After lunch I went back to the office to finish off my work day. It was kind of nice working with two screens and one being rather large. I'm glad it's not at home on my desk anymore though.

I got this quesadilla for lunch yesterday and it was so good. I could go for another one now haha

After work I went and got gas and a car wash. My car was so dirty! I was going to get some wiper fluid at Wal Mart but of course forgot. I got myself some shorts and tops though and groceries. Apparently if you want jean shorts now you have to like your shorts ripped and with no hems. I don't get this garbage style. Might try the thrift store for some or just get some jeans and I can cut them off and hem them myself. 

Monday I ended up watching the kids for a few hours while their parents did some yard work. Daniel wanted to go home RIGHT NOW after about 4 hours and the baby was crying so I took them home. Then came home to clean up the aftermath lol. It doesn't take too long to clean up though since everything just gets tossed into the big tote. It's time to take down the bouncer. I might make a box for that so it's put away nicer. 

My laptop's power plug is having issues. It must be a little loose inside. It took me forever to get it to turn back on last night. My friend was like time for a new computer. Maybe but there is nothing wrong with this one but this little issue haha. I like that this one has a CD/DVD option too. They don't really make computers with those anymore.

I have to work on some letters for work today. Probably go into the office tomorrow to print them out and attempt to mail them with the stupid postage machine. 

Ebay sales have been pretty slow now. I need to list more stuff to keep myself relevant lol. Last night I re-sorted the threads I have left to work on putting on there. I am trying to figure out their variant listing. It is a bit more difficult than the Etsy one. I think I might just put them in lots again and sell that way.  It would be faster I think! 

Also need to get back to working on my stars. I haven't sewn since Sunday.

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