Friday, May 26, 2023


Hello happy 4 day weekend!!

I always want to applaud myself for being smart enough for taking a day off to pad these long weekends. Great idea!

I spent all morning working on figuring out hotels for our trip next week. So far I got the first 3 days done which will get us to Yellowstone. I don't want to do 10 hour driving days if we can help it so we can actually stop along the way and enjoy ourselves. I'm waiting for Scott to look at the map with me so we can figure out what direction we want to go after we get to Yellowstone.

My fan club this morning

Yesterday after work I went to Joanns to get twine which I did not end up getting. I was going to get this macrame cord that was on a shelf with a $10 price tag but was actually $40 so that got returned right away. I also got this pom pom maker. I might take it back. It's really hard to get the string tight enough to hold them together. 

And they are too big.

I ended up going to the sketchy Wal Mart since that was the town I was in. People are actually sleeping in the oleanders along the main street. It is literally called "Main Street" too. So many people strung out on drugs. 

Anyhow I found the twine I was looking for but also got this white cording that is looking pretty nice. I made this one up last night and a similar longer one just now for my friend. 

I just cut 5 lengths of cord so I can do more of an assembly line since I have to change my thread and bobbin for each color start when I sew them on. That gets old quick. 

Starting to feel a little guilty about leaving my animals for our trip next week. Hopefully Rusty's hips behave and he actually eat a bit while I'm gone. He usually goes on a strike from what I've heard. I'm getting excited about going now though. It's only 1 week away! I need to make a to do list and shopping list. #1 is do laundry haha. Scott has do an oil change/tune up on the car. I'm getting my windshield replaced on Tuesday so I don't have to look at the crack for the whole trip. I told the membership head lady that I won't be there if they have a meeting on next Saturday and got someone to cover for darts on the 6th for me. I need to tell the Bunco head lady that if they do it on the 5th I won't be there so she can get a sub too. 

I tried on the tops I bought at WM the other day and am going to take 3 of them back because they are too big in the arm holes. No one needs to see my whole side bra. Sigh. 


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