Tuesday, May 2, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! 

Lucy is sad it isn't Friday haha. She sure has the faces. 

I went and got my hair cut yesterday. Ahhh it feels SO MUCH better. Why do I wait so long? It was super poofy when I got home so I was trying to calm it a bit and just ended up straightening the whole thing. I got some nice compliments at Bunco.

I didn't win anything at Bunco but had a great time. Although people kept like being in a hurry and I'm like why do you all want to go home so bad lol. 

I'm probably going to go into the office after lunch. I have a few things to print and mail. They are doing another training for some form that I've had about 25 times already at 11:30 so I'll go after that is over. I actually have some work to do too so that is good! Just have to figure out how to do it. I don't think it is as hard as it seems when they did their "training" yesterday that is like click click click click video. I do not learn anything that way. If it is in print with step by step I do much better. Luckily there is something like that to go with it.

I sold 4 patterns while I was at Bunco and one more after I got home. Making money while I play haha. I listed a few more patterns after I got home too. 

It is sprinkling this morning and Simon is not happy she isn't outside. She comes in and yells at me. 


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