Monday, May 8, 2023


Good morning happy blech Monday haha. I could have used another day off since I had the street faire yesterday.

My mom and my niece Adrian came to hang out with me for the day and my step dad even showed up for a bit. His friend was running his antique booth so he hung out with us both for awhile.

I did pretty good but only sold one cross body bag. So that was a bit disappointing. I'm going to have to lower the price I think. I had people looking but not buying. Everyone is cheap. 

I need to restock a lot of the popular characters like STITCH. Everyone loves Stitch.  And sports, blech. I hate doing sports lol. But it sells.  The lady next to me was selling cookies. People will drop $20 for a dozen cookies in an instant but $20 for a bag they'll have forever they have to think about.  Take that into consideration if you are thinking of something to make money with!

I did sell 2 patchwork bags so that was nice!  I probably had about 10 people that came looking for me so that was awesome. Love repeat customers :) The weather was great and there was only a few little wind gusts to throw the coasters around.

While I was there I sold my highest priced single pattern so far. $35! I also sold another for $30 so that was great.

Tina this morning. She's discovered she can jump from the pattern boxes I'm working on up to the top. Little shit head. I'm going to have to move those for sure. After this she tried to jump on top of the thread display TG she didn't knock anything over. There is a box on top of that so she can't get up there but she noticed a small opening and tried for it lol.

Today's plan is MORE PATTERNS! I've been bundling up a lot of them and just doing the more rare ones individually so that makes it go a bit faster. 

One more staff meeting today in 2 minutes. Snore. 


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