Saturday, May 6, 2023


Good morning happy sprinkling Saturday! I swear the weather is always crap when we could be working on the yard. I almost bought a new lawn mower yesterday. Probably go buy one next week. Tired of all our piece of crap stuff and no one actually doing anything all the way so I'm going to have to get back to doing it myself.

This morning I had membership committee. There sure are some interesting people in this world. 

Last night I played darts. I got one low ton but didn't win any games. I need to practice more I think! I miss practicing with Cassi. All my friends always have to move away lol.

I thought Scott was going to come hang out with me but apparently he just wanted to sit in the recliner. I hung out til about 11:30. I barely slept all night because Scott had the TV on and it shines right in my face when I'm trying to sleep. I tried closing the door but the cat immediately started scratching on it. So I got up about 12 times to push it closed when they would open it all the way. 

I'm going to need a nap today since I am getting up super early tomorrow for the Lodi Street Faire. I'm probably going to pack the car this afternoon so that will be done. My mom and niece are going too (I think my niece is coming..) but they will ride in her car. Looks like the weather will be nice but a little cold so that is a change. Lets all say a little prayer for no wind!

Sold a few more patterns yesterday but no big sales. Just as long as they keep moving out!

I have a big box of stuff I bought off whatnot sitting in the hallway because I have no where to put it in here. Going to have to do some moving around so there is enough room to play ;)


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