Monday, February 6, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! 

I spent yesterday morning finishing up these St. Patty's garland guys. I am planning on getting some yarn on Tuesday after work so I can make some pom poms.

I stopped at 12 to clean for the kids to come at 2 and was done by 12:45 so the house wasn't too bad. The kids were actually sleeping so I went to their house from 2:30-3:30 when they woke up. 

Finally got a picture of him holding still lol. He had a tiny braid in his hair that his hair was escaping from. 

This just kills me. So cute how he sits with Grandpa. His favorite movie right now is Jungle Book.  See my curtains I bought? I think they should be shortened but I'll probably never get around to it. 

Rosie likes Snookies tags just like Daniel did when he was little. She tolerates it and loves to be next to the kids. 

My stomach was bothering me for most of the weekend. After my birthday I think it's time to log back into Lose it and try to clean myself up. Darn it! This meme cracked me up. 

Today's plan, work-I have one office left to check all their contracts to make sure their land control is still good and then I am caught up on stupid crap I have to do that no one really cares about. Tomorrow I have to go into the office to mail out a million letters. I know we are out of window envelopes so I'm going to have to either figure out how to print their addresses to the Dymo labels or do it by hand. Lame. Need to make sure the office orders some more envelopes for me.

And then later tonight I have Bunco which I still need to figure out what food I'm going to take. 

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Sunday, February 5, 2023



Good morning happy Sunday! Why does the weekend go by so fast? I'm glad I have a 5 day weekend coming up. Only have to work Monday and Tuesday next week since I took the rest of the week off for my birthday. Non one has mentioned my birthday yet so I guess I should make my own party plans ;)

Scott is going on Saturday to Texas with his friends for his Super Bowl Weekend. His brother said he'd take care of their mom but we'll see how well that works. Hopefully really well and then we can go on a vacation together.

My mom popped by the other day and dropped off this roaster pan I always told her to put my name on in her will haha. I was like you're giving me your pan? She said she has another one she uses too. Tubby approves.

Yesterday I went to Membership committee. We had 2 new people come through, both nice women. The more members the more dues which means a better place to live.

For the rest of the day I just worked on my St. Patty's Garlands. I just need to get some matching yarn to make pom poms for these. I had the scraps saved in a baggy, they are so cute. If no one wants to buy them I'll just keep them.

and some rainbow leprechauns with their pots of gold.

I have one more print I have cut out to finish putting together and two more prints I haven't done anything with yet. I will probably just do the all shamrock print. I had tried cutting shamrocks out of fabric but I didn't like them. Also I kept trying to decide if they should be 3 leaf or 4 leaf since there are both when you look them up.

Babysitting later today. Not sure what time Jess is going in. They close at 8 now instead of 9 which is good since the last hour was always the hardest haha. I'll be glad when everyone can say what they want and need and doesn't just cry. They are super cute anyways though ;)

Tomorrow night I have Bunco. I got asked to sub. I just remembered I have to take some kind of food thing for that too. I'll have to think of something to make or buy.

Off to sew for an hour or two then clean up time!

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Friday, February 3, 2023


Good morning happy Friday! Unfortunately I think we are going to have a sick weekend. Ugh! How many freaking colds are we going to get this winter? Trevor has been coughing his head off and I have a bunch of tiny knives in my throat and a little nasal drip.

Last night I made another cross body bag out of this fabric since everyone liked the last one and my friend had bought quite a bit of fabric. 

I used a silky fabric I got out of the thrift bags for the lining

and my friend wanted a make up bag to go with hers so I made 2 (with thrifted zippers, see I do use the stuff I buy ;))

They brought some pipe for under our broken road. Someone shared this picture. Of course now it is raining a little. 

Hopefully all this rain won't slow down the progress. Although it is nice having the road closed, no zooming traffic noises in the morning. We never had that 30 years ago when we moved here. 

I'm sure the rain will shift to Wednesday too, it always rains on my birthday. ALMOST always rains. I think it actually didn't rain last year if I'm remembering right.-yep just checked no rain last year ;)

Tomorrow morning I have membership committee, hopefully I'm not too sick. Probably wear a mask. It is only 2 people so it shouldn't take too long. 


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Thursday, February 2, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday!
I started my morning by not being able to sleep and then Snookie peed on me. Lovely. So I was up early and got the wash going and did the sink full of dishes that seems to come out of nowhere. 

Yesterday I got one bag of the fabric I bought at Eco Thrift sorted out and cleaned up. I actually cut a bag out of the patchwork fabric too. 

These were from the Goodwill Superstore. The Halloween one is made into a pillow case but I will cut it apart. The big floral is pillow shams but I am going to use them for bags I think.

Here is my re-thrift/free pile left from the first bag. Fleece takes up so much room and I can't think of anything I'd want to make from that flannel piece with dog prints (plus it looks like it's been washed a few times)


Rusty was so cute last night all snuggled up. He is so old now :( I keep telling myself no more dogs but I know that probably won't happen. when these are gone but we know that probably won't happen. Must be strong!

Yesterday I spent a ton of time trying to get these letters done for work the "easy way" they showed up at the training. Definitely would have been faster to just do them the hard way lol. Still need to figure out how to get them on the correct letter head. I tried cutting and pasting but it wasn't working. We'll see if it decides to work today.

I actually made it to the grocery store last night. I also went to Goodwill (need to stop doing that) and Wal Mart. Finally bought some curtains so Trevor will stop putting cardboard up in the living room window. Sheesh. I will be glad when my house is all mine again but also sad I'm sure lol. Dang kids. 


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Wednesday, February 1, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday! Trevor has a cold so now I have that to look forward to :( The kids were a little sick when they came over for Sunday so that's probably where it came from since he hasn't left the except to go to lunch the other day for like 2 hours.

Still catching up on my Davis trip! 
Thursday we had Chinese food for lunch. My old boss works in the Davis office so we got to have lunch together (and with other people) so that was nice to catch up. She's such a great person and was my friend before my boss so back to a friend again.  I forgot to take a picture of my lunch haha. 

For dinner we were going to go to a pizza place but it was packed, no empty seats and everyone had a number waiting for their pizza so we decided to find something else. We were walking down the street and it smelled so good. We realized it was coming from this Indian food place so we tried it out. I have never had Indian food before since I was scared to try it. It was so good though! The place was called Kathmandu Kitchen. I wasn't all that hungry to start with so I ended up bringing quite a bit of it back to the hotel with me. I got the chicken mushroom marsala. That's it in the little pot at the bottom of the pic. I ended up having my left overs for breakfast the next morning lol. 

They let us out at noon so that was the a plus. I couldn't wait to get out of there. I decided to do some thrift store shopping on the way home and just ended up staying in the Sacramento area until about 6 when stores were closing up. 

I found an Eco Thrift store and OMG it was huge! This was the sewing/fabric/crafty section. I had fun checking out all the bags. The ones on the bottom, some had fabric and some had like towels or linens. I ended up buying three bag.

At $2 a piece that's a score! Part of me feels like I need to save the fabric lol. I finally went through this bag last night. I will have to take a better picture of what was in it. 

I think I showed all these needles I got at the Goodwill Superstore. It's funny looking at the reviews there because although it was a mess I had a great time. I sold about $70 worth of needles so far on a Facebook group. I put some on Etsy but now I've decided to list them on eBay. I think that will be a better audience. Yesterday I got 10 listings done. I am going to set a goal of 10 a day

I got this bag of zippers there too. When I bought them I thought they were taken out clothing but they are actually all unused. Several different sizes. That was a nice find too. I think they were like $3 for the bag.

I went to another thrift store and picked up one of these for about $2. I need to put mine on eBay. That store was smelly so I probably wouldn't go back there. Not like musty smelly, like icky smelly.

I also found a Goodwill Outlet which people call the bins store. Online it said it was open til 9 but it was closing at 6 and I got there at like 5:30. I only found a couple small things but the line was huge so I left without them. That might be a fun thing to spend the day there sometime (or a few hours). They bring new bins out and people go nuts. You could tell that there are people that just shop all day long. Definitely resellers. 

Saw this sticker, thought it was funny!

After I was home someone else drove into our broken road again. Somehow they squeezed that truck around these barriers.

Talk about stupid.

the neighborhood watching lol (I didn't go down there just stole pictures)

Yesterday someone posted that they've started working on the hole. I'll be sad when our road is full of commuter traffic again. Plus this is slightly entertaining. 

I didn't win any games at darts last night. Bummer but I did have fun hanging out with my friend Traci and Cassi came down too. The three of played a game of cricket when the official games were over. 

Today I have to go to the grocery store. Blech. Anyone want to go for me? Oh and I finished the sales tax reporting with 10 minutes to spare on their website for payment. I didn't even know it had a 3pm deadline. Go me!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Hello! Happy Dart's Tuesday! I feel like I've been so busy doing nothing. 
I just finished figuring out my state sales tax for my side hustle. That took me way too long. Every year I tell myself I'm going to keep better track but I never do. Procrastinators UNITE! Now I have until April to figure out my outgoing money lol.

Sunday I ended up babysitting early. Jessica's boss offered her a cash bonus to come in early. I told her give me an hour and that's how long it took me to get things kid proof and cleaned up. 

The kids were good until the last couple hours when miss Lilly just likes to scream. Big Daniel picked them up at 8 and then I went to bed lol. 

Monday I spent the work day catching up on everything I didn't do while I was at the training I was done by 3. 4 days I missed. This morning I had a few things trickle in but not too much. 

I took my friend Cassi out to dinner last night. She is moving to Oregon soon and has started taking hers stuff up there and is working on a job. She bought a trailer and has it at a friend's house to live in. Her mom still lives here for now. I don't think my kids want to buy the house so probably going to scrap that idea. Trevor might but he needs to have a job besides playing video games for free to become a member of the club. He'd need that to live in the house.

Anyhow, we went to El Jardin and got the steak fajitas for two. We went to the little bar after we got home and closed it down at 8pm lol. One drink and some talking. I was wide awake from midnight to almost 3am this morning so that was fun. 

Back to my work training!
Day 2/3 in Davis. I got up and hit the free breakfast again. Sadly it was the same lol. 

Someone said this is a sign I have ADD. Hmm. 

For lunch we walked down to Zia's.  Hmmm what do we choose? Ack! I decided on the meatball sandwich and bought a box of cookies. 


It's a good thing we went to lunch early because the crew wanted to go to Sushi again for dinner. This time we went to Mikuni Sushi.  Pretty much everyone got an appetizer to share and then most of us got a roll for our entre. Sadly everyone didn't want to just share the rolls lol. 

I can't remember what I got but it was good. Just roll me home I kept saying.

When we got back to the hotel it was only 7pm and everyone was like "goodnight!" Definitely a different training group than I'm used to on these trips. I was like I'm going to die of boredom. So I went to Rite Aid and browsed the aisles. I came back with a puzzle and snacks. Only ate some of the ice cream and then realized my fridge did not contain a freezer section. Good thing I didn't get a bigger one since I had to toss it. 

I stayed up til 12:30am and did the whole puzzle. Kind of amazed myself haha. I realized the reason I like puzzles, it's all about sorting and my brain loves to sort. I slept much better since I cut out like 4 hours of sleeping time ;)

While I was at the training some idiot drove around the barriers for our broken road and drove into it! How stupid! We just had another person do it this week too. How embarrassing but they deserve it for going around huge concrete barriers that say ROAD CLOSED 500 times. 

I hope I do good at darts tonight. I was sad to miss it last week!


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Saturday, January 28, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! I'm still alive! I took my personal lap top with me on my trip but the charger decided to stay on my kitchen table so no blogging or working on my sales tax stuff I needed to work on. That was a bummer.

Tuesday we got to the Davis office and didn't do a whole lot of work type stuff. We "started' at 12:30 and went til about 4:30 since we got done early. 

For dinner a group of us which included a 72 year old woman (please God don't make me have to work for the man when I'm 72) went to dinner. We tried to go to this nice sushi place. 

We called ahead and then had to wait outside forever. Finally got in and unlike online they did not have any sushi rolls and were mostly only super expensive sashimi. So we left. Walked down a couple blocks and ended up at this place called Froggy's but the menu said Tommy J's Grill In Catering so not sure which one was right. We were all starving by that point so it was great haha. 

I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Davis. My only complaint about this hotel is that I woke up to what sounded like a herd of elephants running across the floor of the room above me at night and in the morning. Holy cow! The ceiling was making crackling noises. Scared the crap out of me at first. I'd probably ask if they have anything on the top floor or with no one above me next time.  (I was on the 2nd floor)

Free breakfast in the morning! It was pretty much the same thing every day so that got boring quick. They had a thing to make pancakes on but I never had enough time for that. 

Side of hairy feet if you want. So gross. At least put socks on. 

I'll add more food places later so this isn't all food haha. Yesterday when we were done at 12 I hit a bunch of thrift stores in the Sacramento area. I went to this one that was a Goodwill Superstore and OMG look all these sewing machine needles I found! I will keep some of the ones I use and sell the rest. Last night I went through and separated them out by brand. I researched one brand last night and just a few of them will be almost $100 if they sell for what I think they will.  SCORE! 

I was telling my mom it's like the Gods are telling me if I hate my job enough I can still make an income doing other things lol. 

Today's plan is to get Trevor to put  all his room shit he took out into the living room back into his room. So not happy about that. I knew he had a plan to take everything out and clean his room but he knew when I was coming home and he needs to get it put away. 

Jess asked Scott if he could work on fixing some doors at her house. My mom had put in pocket doors and they are falling apart. I hate pocket doors. My mom has a love affair with them. We had put 2 in when we first work on our house and had to take them out since they were constantly falling off the tracks. They just aren't a good idea in high traffic areas. So we'll see how that goes. I don't really want to go anywhere today. I've had enough socializing to last me awhile. 

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! I am mostly packed to leave for my work trip. Just need to take my stuff out to the car and gather any crafty stuff to take with me. I can't think of anything to work on though so might not take anything. I know so weird.

Yesterday I worked on the left over scraps from the purple quilt top. I made one scrappy zip bag. 

Everything else was kind of small so I decided to make more of the I Found A Quilted Heart hearts. Now to remember to actually put them in my purse so I take them along with me. 

After that I pulled out this fabric my friend Cassi bought forever ago. She wanted me to make her a bag but I wasn't feeling it. Finally made it up and OMG it's gorgeous! She asked if I'd make her a make up bag to go with it so that will be next when I get home.

I didn't want to start anything else last night and I just had anxiety about everything so I went to bed at like 8 lol. I've been awake since 5 but didn't get up right away. I pulled out my suit case to pack and SURPRISE!

Apparently Lucy has been sleeping on it for awhile. Which is weird since she's usually right next to me. I had to vacuum and tape roll it and it looks much better.

Wish me luck today. I don't know why I have anxiety about the whole thing. I shouldn't lol.

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