Sunday, December 24, 2023


Hello Happy Christmas Eve!
Yesterday morning I decided to move the Christmas tree over to the corner closer to where it goes most of the time. I was pushing it across the floor and then everyone yelled. Whoops I forgot about the ceiling fan. Which was on! It chopped a tiny bit off the tree and bent the fan blade. Oh well we need to update our fans anyways lol. Those are like 20 years old. The tree didn't get messed up much either lol. I laughed but no one else did. I still think it's funny!

The Santas on the tree are older than Melissa. I got them when I worked at Tredways and we used to go together and buy stuff out of this catalog. You got a discount if you bought so many of an item. They flash to music. I love them but they are getting tired lol. The Santas keep falling off the lights. I tried wrapping tape around the insides a couple years ago. It works for a bit but then we'll hear one fall. Also added the beaded garland I picked up for super cheap at Hobby Lobby. It was added later so not as even as it could be but I like it. 

I had to buy 6 stocking holders this year. We had 5 but I broke one last year. Figured it was time for everyone to have their own plus one for the new baby for next year. The rest of the stockings are on the other window.

The kids came over to make cookies. At one point the whole group was here. My little Grandma's girl :)

Little man checking out the tree (and Trevor on the couch)

The girls were seeing who's hair was longer. Melissa still wins. This reminds me of Scott's sisters they were always comparing who's hair was longer. Usually Suzie and Linda when she would come visit.

Little man was having a melt down at about the same time I realized I forgot to buy oatmeal for one of the cookie recipes so we went to the store. I bought a new spatula since ours broke and he just thought it was great lol. Kids are so weird! Luckily he forgot about it when we got back to the house. We picked up family packs of tacos on the way back. 24 tacos were eaten.

Isn't she cute <3

Watching Go Dog Go and helping supervise the cookie making.

Simon says did someone say COOKIES?

My bakers! Jess is 34 weeks pregnant now and feeling all of it. Littlest man will be here by this time next month probably!

When the cookies were almost done it just Melissa & Eric were still here I started dragging out all the presents to wrap. Melissa did a few and then they decided to go home. I asked Scott to help me and he was like I don't know how to wrap presents. Why is wrapping presents a woman's job. So dumb. 

Simon supervising.

I told him the least he could do was add bows. He did ribbon on a few. Tubz helped. Notice Snookie sleeping on the couch. She's really gotten old this last year :(

All done before midnight. Whew. I thought I'd be up all night. I decided to just wrap everything lol. Even the little ride on toy for Rosie. 

COOKIES! Not pictured, more in a tub. 

Scott made us breakfast burritos for breakfast. I put 2 roasts in the crock pot this morning (after sleeping in) and now I need to go take a shower, fill the stockings, vacuum and clean up the kitchen. But first one more cup of coffee.

This is the first year we are doing our usual Christmas morning stuff on Christmas Eve. I think it will be nice since Scott's mom is gone now and we always went over there on Christmas Eve.  Way back Christmas Eve was my dad's house (he moved to Arkansas), then his mom's (gone now), then Scott's parents house. Then Christmas morning at our house then over to my other Grandma's in the way early years and then after she was gone my mom's. We are doing Christmas dinner at my brother Joe's house tomorrow. 

In my Facebook memories I had a fever last year all the way up to Christmas Eve. I remember going to Kohls to get a few things and then making dinner for my mother in law. She then threw it up in front of me so that was fun. Memories ;) She got real weird there at the end. Dementia is horrible. 

Well Merry Christmas! I'm sure I'll be on in the morning tomorrow since it will be weirdly quiet ;)


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Merry Christmas Julie to you and your beautiful family!!

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