Tuesday, December 26, 2023


Hello happy I survived Christmas Tuesday. 
Also log into work Tuesday but almost everyone is on vacation so it's a slow week I think!

Yesterday morning was super chill. I made a lasagna to take over to my brother's house and cleaned up the Christmas Eve dishes. My trash can is over flowing. Hopefully they show up to empty it today. 

We went over to my brothers at around 3:30. They were just chilling and I was like I have never been that chill before people coming over to my house lol. The kids got this little climbing thing from their Grandpa. They loved playing on it, I might get one more the littles.

Everyone started showing up around 5

My mom sounded like she swallowed a frog and most of the littles had snot and some coughing. I did a double dose of Emergen-c this morning and we all hand sanitized when we got in the car last night lol. Wish us luck. 

Maegen's dad sleeping sitting up lol

My mom modeling the sweater I got her

Anddd that's a wrap. Now to put away all the Christmas stuff. Might go through and thin out my boxes I don't need most of the stuff in their. We just bring them in and take them back out every year without putting everything out lol.


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