Thursday, March 31, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday! Looking forward to my weekend at home soon haha. 9ish hours left of Grandma sitting. Yesterday she slept all day so we'll see what she does today. She's already got up to change her bed pad and went into the kitchen like 3 times. 

Last night I finished going through my cozies on Etsy so now I'm just putting them in the little bags. This stack is done.

This is the to do stack. I brought 6 boxes with me to work on while I'm here (all that would fit in the cardboard box I grabbed) so I should be able to be done with this whole thing tonight! Talk about taking a small project into a huge one. I didn't know what I was getting myself in to. Now I will need to get 2 new totes to put them all in. I have this super long one that I used to use for the long boards I had them on and I wanted to kick that one out since it is so big. Maybe I'll hit Wal Mart after work tomorrow. Since darts is over my only responsibility to get me home is the dogs.

My mom and I got invited to my mom's uncle's anniversary party next weekend and we decided to go. I'm super stoked to go somewhere. I feel like I've been stuck here forever (even though it hasn't been that long since Trevor and I went on our road trip). It is about 4 hours away so we'll drive up in the morning and stay the night in a hotel. Woohoo. I might need to go buy a real bra, I've been wearing sports bras for 2 years lol. I wish I could make it a longer trip but Melissa's birthday is that Friday and I'll have to be back for Scott to go to work on Monday.

I want to stop at that big fabric store again, that place is fun to look around in.

Ugh we have ANOTHER staff meeting in a few minutes. What are you working on Julie? Nothing. I don't want to work today. Kidding! Kind of. I could really use like a two week vacation. What's sad is I have the time on the books I could take off but I can't go anywhere lol. 

I need to run out to the car and get my box of stuff so I can do that while they talk.


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Wednesday, March 30, 2022


 Good morning happy hump day! One more day of getting up super early. WE CAN DO IT! I actually slept almost all night last night. I woke up at 2:45 thinking I had overslept. Then I had a mini hot flash for a few minutes. That was fun. Probably from having a little night cap.

Ann was up almost all day yesterday. I think she had two small cat naps. Almost like her old self. Today? She slept until after 9 and hasn't even got out of bed yet. Although she did sit up and ate her bowl of cereal. We'll see how the rest of the day goes. Yesterday she was all excited about the birds outside the window.

For dinner last night we had easy cheesy taco pasta I thought it might be spicy so gave her some and then her back up soup too. She ate it all plus some of the soup so I guess it was ok! Now to figure out what to make for dinner tonight. I thought I was going to have leftovers for lunch but Scott must have took them. 

I worked on my cozies some more last night. Just 2 more boxes to finish up the ones that are on Etsy then I just need to package up the ones that aren't done yet and I'll be done! Maybe I can knock out those two boxes tonight. I put my Etsy store on 25% off through Friday

I went to watch another Call The Midwife last night but apparently I was all caught up. The last episode is like a recap. Who needs that when you just watched a whole season. I started watching Bridgerton's 2nd season but it is yawn kind of boring. Although the work on their dresses is amazing. Is it just me or do all the guys look the same? I can barely tell them apart. Might have to switch to some more crime documentaries.

Only have a few work emails to work on today. It's so boring. I have a bunch of stuff to do but it is better to do it in the office with the physical file or multiple screens so I don't have to keep opening and closing them or writing it all down.

Well that's all I've got this morning, have a great day!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022


Good morning (Just checked to see if it is actually still morning haha) happy Tuesday!

Anyone remember when I kept going to bed at 7pm and I was like I so need to stop doing that? Well apparently now I need to stop going to bed at 1am. Sheesh I'm nuts. Last night I started off at midnight but then had to change the bedding because I have naughty animals (TG I bought another comforter so didn't have to go without blankets).  Then of course I had to lay there and not fall asleep for a bit. AND THEN stupid Rusty was doing his heavy breathing pacing shit so I had to take him out at like 1:45. Took me a bit to fall back to sleep again after that. I think I slept for a few minutes.

Crashed out when I got to MIL's house at 6am til 7:30. Had to force myself to get up for work.

Scott likes to leave change all over and I found this quarter on the floor. I have a few books of coins because sometimes that is fun to play with. We have both of the parks quarters books but this one is not a park. I had to look it up. Maybe I'll see if they have a little book for these too. Melissa is the only one that collects them with me. Half the time I can't even see what they say on them now. I will need a big lighted magnifier to add any coins to my books now.

The Maya Angelou Quarter is the first coin in the American Women Quarters™ Program. Maya Angelou was a celebrated writer, performer, and social activist. She rose to international prominence as an author after the publication of her groundbreaking autobiography “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” Angelou’s published works of verse, non-fiction, and fiction include more than 30 bestselling titles.

This cracked me up

Every day I'm like why is there no chocolate in the house and then I'm like Julie you know why there is no chocolate in the house. If there was you'd eat it all! Yesterday I finished off Ann's birthday cake lol. There are still some cupcakes so those will have to be eaten before they go bad right?

I need to figure out what we are going to have for dinner. I brought some ground turkey from home. Trevor and I went to the store the other day but I didn't have a list so I just bought some random meat stuff. That's the one thing I really don't like buying with Instacart.

I pretty much got caught up on my work emails but this new computer seems to have lost my template for this map program I use. Waiting for my old boss to call me since I went crying to her for help haha. She had made us this shortcut thing that worked really well. I'm so clueless about that stuff, I just knew if I clicked on the icon it worked and now it does not work lol.

(ETA she helped, now just waiting for the shortcut to load on my computer)  Also I can't seem to get stuff to stick to my task bar/short cuts on this thing. Super annoying for stuff you use all the time. 

It rained here quite a bit on Sunday and some of Monday. My allergies are starting up. I need to get some Zyrtec D. Might have to run out to the pharmacy today and hope Ann doesn't decide to head for the neighbors. 

Scott was talking about bringing her to our house for awhile. I said maybe we can start with trying a weekend. Might try to find a daybed to put in the living room for a bit. Fun... Poor Scott hasn't been home in almost a month and has not slept in our bed since the end of January.

Last night I worked on my cozy project some more, got the Holiday ones all done and now working on the animals. Some day I'll get that done. Watched more of Call The Midwife. One episode was about them making abortion legal, hard to believe we are going back to the dark ages for that again. 

Ok off to get a cupcake I mean get back to work. 

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Monday, March 28, 2022


Good morning happy Monday! Back at the mother in laws I only fell back to sleep for an hour today, which is surprising since I stayed up til about 1am this morning haha. I got all into watching Call The Midwife. I didn't realize I didn't watch all of 2021's episodes and started watching them. 

I got all my cozies put on cards and labeled and entered in my inventory spreadsheet. I have 741 cozies not counting the ones I had packaged up with some coasters. I think I am going to do a $1 sale on them on my next couple shows to try and clear some out. 

Look at this pretty girl she was so happy with me home all weekend. She is such a clutz though I don't think I've ever had a cat that was so clutzy lol. 

Every time I print something she runs in to attack the paper. So funny but I have to watch her so she doesn't make it jam.

Trevor made us some rice balls. He's been making these a lot I think! They have like a tuna salad inside. Very good and filling. 

That was about my excitement for yesterday other than walking over to the neighbors for some eggs. She gave me 3 18 packs of eggs from her backyard chickens. Just a few! I'm going to have to make some egg salad to use them up :)

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Sunday, March 27, 2022


 Good morning happy Sunday! Sundays are sad since we know we'll have to go back to work tomorrow. And Grandma sitting. Mostly Grandma sitting. I don't think it would be so bad if it was at my house but I kind of feel trapped at her house. 

I mostly worked on my cozy project yesterday. I have 2 more boards to put onto the cards still. I have 1 1/2 boxes to label on my other desk still so that will be first. Lots to still put in the little bags. I might have to order more bags again. Apparently I had fun making these, I have over 500 and that doesn't count the other 1 1/2 boxes and the 2 boards full still to do lol. Going to have a big sale at my next couple craft shows to get rid of some inventory. I have some that I have had for a really long time and a few have got a little bit faded on the top where the sun could get to them when they were displayed. 

Trevor and I went to Perkos for dinner last night. I love that people forget that place is there we didn't have to wait at all to get a seat. When we left it was starting to fill up a little bit but not too bad. We both had a BBQ bacon burger and it was so good! We took Scott some food at his moms and I ended up making her a can of soup since she said she was hungry. 

Then we went to the grocery store to get a few things for $200. At least I'll have something to eat for lunch and dinner today lol. Yesterday I had grilled cheese for lunch. I was surprised we even had bread.

I watch this You Tuber who took care of her mother (I watched her for her sewing videos). Her mom turned 99 last week and passed away yesterday or the day before. She's been taking care of her for years it sounds like, I can't imagine how crazy it must be for her to not have that responsibility anymore. 

Ok back to cozies! I am determined to finish these up soon!
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Saturday, March 26, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! Other than having to take the dogs out at 4am I slept until around 8:30. Not too shabby!  I did a 10 minute clean up in the kitchen while I waited for my coffee to brew. Got one sink full of dishes washed and the counters cleaned off.

Here's my omelet turned scramble for breakfast. I was going through the fridge looking for something edible lol. I haven't bought groceries for the house in quite awhile.

Yesterday I went to the office and first thing worked on setting up my new work computer so the IT guy would get off my case about sending the old one in. Got that mailed off, which in hindsight I realized I didn't keep a copy of the tracking info so hopefully it makes it there. Probably be totally fucked if it gets lost in the mail. I just used our stamp machine so I don't have an online thing to track.

Just as I thought it took forever to set up, mostly to get it routed to the printer. It is smaller than my old laptop but there is less wasted space on the screen so it isn't too bad. I stayed at work until 6 working on stuff, trying to get organized there again. I really need to be in the office another day or two a week to get stuff caught up but that can't happen right now.

I went to the teriyaki bowl place for lunch and looked over and realized I had a hitch hiker. Sheesh big ole web! It's only been a week since someone sat there.

After work I went straight to the kitchen/bar to get our awards. I had a linguica sandwich for dinner. We got pins for our team and some cash! I didn't know we'd get cash even though we weren't the winners. I'm keeping it since I paid for our team lol. We were team 5 so we didn't finish last ;)

I hung out for a few hours and talked to various friends then came home and worked on my cozy project some more. I am going to do that today with some cleaning mixed up. I need to hurry up and finish it so I can get back to my sewing projects!


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Thursday, March 24, 2022


 Good almost noon, sheesh it is so late already. Thursday which means it's almost my weekend from Grandma sitting woohoo. Mostly I just look forward to getting to sleep in. This morning I got here and promptly fell back asleep for over TWO HOURS. 

Yesterday Ann had a bath and got her hair braided again. She was way more alert yesterday which makes me think some of that sleeping is just depression. I'm always torn between waking her up for something and just letting her sleep. I know I wouldn't want anyone to wake ME up lol.

My brother in law came over around 2:30 for about 5 minutes. He came in and declared that the room she was in was stuffy and he opened the window and the back door to "get more oxygen". I was in my head like she was just shivering a bit ago from her bath but thanks.. He brought her a dozen cupcakes and a card which she was thrilled about. I had already made her a cake so now she has A LOT of chocolate lol. Good thing I won't be here for the next 3 days. I cannot resist chocolate.

One of her daughters sent her a text that said Happy Birthday and that was it. Sad no one called all day. Usually I'm only here for a couple hours to bring her dinner and a cake so it is sad to see that no one actually calls or comes over. She didn't even get a card in the mail. 

I was complaining to my mom and she sent her flowers. That was very nice of her and they are just gorgeous!

Melissa and Trevor came over (Jess is going to come over with the baby later) and I got us all In & Out for dinner. Then we had cake and ice cream. 

I left at 9. I wanted to at least do something for myself before bed so I worked on labeling some more of my cozies. I have been making an inventory list and I have over 300 and I'm no where near doing them all. Crazy! I think the next show I do I am going to make them 2/$5 to clear some out. I think I've said that a few times then I get to a show and people pay $5 for them and I'm like well maybe not haha. I definitely am going to make a $1 clearance basket though for some I've had forever. I went to bed at midnight and then dragged myself out the door at 5:45, sheesh no wonder I'm so tired.

I was talking to Jess this morning and she said that Daniel has grown 1 1/2" in 3 weeks! Isn't that crazy? Reminds me of the story Scott's mom used to tell of when they went school shopping and when he started school a week later all his pants were too short. 

Ok back to work I guess! Maybe I'll go get a piece of cake first ;)
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Wednesday, March 23, 2022


 Good morning happy Wednesday! Today is my mother in law's 92nd birthday! I'm leaning towards just picking up In & Out for dinner or something like that. We shall see how I feel in a couple hours haha. 

Last night I made this recipe I got in an email from All Recipes. Sicilian Roasted Chicken. I just cut up the whole chicken but left the segments. I didn't use hardly any black pepper since that sounded like way too much and it didn't need to cook a whole hour. Other than that it was yummy and easy. 

Yesterday instead of walking I took a nap haha. I'm becoming a two nap girl apparently. One in the morning after I get here and one after work. Caffeine doesn't seem to do anything to help me be more awake. It is so weird. This morning I feel like I could sleep for a week. I'm kind of craving a nice dark hotel room.  Just wake me up when life is back to normal. Which normal? I'm not sure, we've went through a few the last couple years.

After I got home last night (around 9 sheesh) I worked on my cozy project some more and watched The Tinder Swindler. I saw this one mentioned when I was reading about the Bad Vegan. People are freaking crazy.  Sad the guy just got off with a slap on the wrist too. 

The dogs actually slept all night last night so that was a small miracle.  I'm just sitting here yawning over and over trying to wake up more. I dozed on the couch for a bit this morning and I woke up to a noise and it was Ann in the hallway. I thought she was just going back to the other room after going to the bathroom. Then I got up later and she had the pocket door closed. I went to the bathroom and came out and she's coming down the hall and was like I was wondering if anyone was here. I'm like I've been here for 2 hours lol. She is having her cereal for breakfast. Going to have to try and get her into the bath tub today. Every day I'm like today she needs a bath and then she's asleep all day. Yesterday she was moving around in the morning and then barely woke up for some lunch. Scott had to wake her up at like 8 for her medicine and warmed up her dinner she slept through. 

Scott has been driving my old car to work. He got 2 new tires for it yesterday and said it is so much better. He did a bunch of suspension work on it over the weekend. He's already saved some money on gas since it hardly uses any compared to his truck. I've been telling him for years he needed to drive something cheaper (he was taking the train until Covid hit). Hopefully this little car will keep on running! It is getting close to 300k miles on it. Good thing he's a mechanic.

Well guess I should do some work. It took me two days to catch up on emails after ignoring them all day Friday when I was in the office. Plus I had scanned some stuff to myself to upload later. I love when it is busier since it makes the day go by so much faster. Nothing worse than a long boring work day (when you aren't at home with your side projects...)

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Tuesday, March 22, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday! I'm finally feeling less like the dead trying to function at 10am lol. I keep wanting to do things when I get home, then I stay up too late and then I die in the morning.

Yesterday Scott's mom slept ALL DAY except one trip down the hall to the bathroom and to eat breakfast and lunch (at 2pm). She was still asleep when I left at 8. Scott woke her up and fed her a pancake and then he said she slept most of the night. 

This morning she's been more active. I asked her what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday tomorrow and she was like oh wow that's tomorrow! So far no answer haha. I asked what she wanted for dinner and she didn't have an answer for that either. Maybe I'll get a chicken pot pie or make one, she ate that last time I made it.

After work yesterday I felt like a potato. It was so nice outside I walked down the block and back and then around the court and it was almost exactly 1 mile. Kind of disgusting that was 20 minutes. Remember when I was running almost an 8 minute mile? I was wearing my sandals (fake Birkenstocks) so the heels of my feet got a bit sore from rubbing. I brought my running shoes in case I felt like doing it again today. 

Look at the front of MIL's house, I love when the hill is all blooming. So pretty.

When I got back I sat outside on the bench and played on my phone for awhile. The neighbors across the street came over with their new puppy! OMG so cute. They are a bit older and it seems like a lot of soon to be dog for an older couple. I was like if she gets to be too much let me know haha. Like I need another dog..

I just made a frozen pizza that was in the freezer for dinner for Scott and I. Hung out til about 8 then went home and worked on putting my cozies on cards. I did one of the Disney group since I don't have those on Etsy so it will go faster ;). Almost got done before I got too tired to finish. I was watching Bad Vegan on Netflix. It's amazing how smart people can get so brain washed. Super sad. I fell asleep at the very end, then tried to watch the last bit again this morning and fell asleep AGAIN haha. 

Oh speaking of Netflix, I signed on and was going through the tabs and looked at all the places people are using my account. ALASKA? wth. I changed my password and logged out all the devices. I let my parents, kids and brothers use it but I don't know anyone in Alaska lol.

I contacted Amazon about the boxes I bought because 7 of them were broken. I had to send them a picture and they said they will send me 7 replacements. I am using these to put the cozies in (as of right now) so I'd rather not have them broken for my craft shows.

This morning Trevor woke up and went in the bathroom at the time I was going to use for a shower. 5:15am and he randomly has to get up and poop. I tell you boys/men have an internal alarm clock for every time I need to get ready. 

I took Rusty out to poop at 2am again. The whole time I could see some animal across the way by the neighbors fence. I wasn't sure if it was a coyote or not so I was like hurry up so we don't die. Of course I was half blind without my glasses too. 

Today I need to figure out what we are having for dinner for today and maybe tomorrow and get a cake mix/frosting. I can bake that while I'm here so easy peasy. I need to get my diet back on track I'm really struggling, mostly because I haven't been doing my food menu/shopping/prep right. I don't want to gain back what I lost so I need to get with it!

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Monday, March 21, 2022


Good morning happy Monday! I got to Scott's mom's early this morning. He left a little earlier too since I was here I think. I fell back asleep for about an hour too so that was nice. (Although I keep telling myself I need to stop doing that so I can get used to getting up!)

I spent all day yesterday working on putting the cozies on the cards and then fixing up my Etsy listings. The Etsy part really took the longest. I think After I get all the ones I have worked on in their little wrappers I'm going to take a break from those for a bit.

Rusty saying that he want to go out 500 more times.

OMG Trevor brought Lucy in like this and I laughed for a good 10 minutes. So hilarious. She is the only one that likes this cat bed, which at least someone decided to like it.

Tubz looking all beautiful on my bed.

My mom is stressing me out. I don't know why she picks the times when I'm already a little stressed out to stress me out some more. I had told her she could bring her little trailer over to my house and use it there. That turned in to her getting this expensive cover for it and wanting to like put bricks under it and stuff. I was still like that's ok but you won't be able to put it in the one spot we were thinking since that is my septic expansion lot and they won't allow you to put a cover over it (in our club rules).  We were going back and forth with ideas and then she has to bring up something with her and Jessica that I have already told her I didn't agree with what she did (twice) and I just tell her I don't want to talk about that stuff. And since I don't want to talk about it and tell her I don't think she did was right now she's mad at me.  I just want to have my mom and my kid and have a relationship with them both without having to say who was right and wrong. No one is perfect lets just move on! I'm kind of regretting telling her she could put the trailer at my house now but then I'll be the horrible one if I say it. 

Imma just going to disappear for a bit sheesh.

Scott was so stressed out taking care of his mom all weekend. She complains about everything he cooks. Makes some reason she can't eat it. She even complained about a pizza she had ate 3 pieces of with me lol. She definitely acts different with him (and/or he reacts different to what she does). He was ready to move her into a home Saturday night. He said he told her last night that the reason no one comes to see her is because of how she was acting and that he doesn't have to stay here if she's going to be that way. 

We both definitely need a vacation.

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Sunday, March 20, 2022


Good morning, sadly it is Sunday already and will be Monday again before we know it lol. 
Friday I went in to work and worked hard all day. My new work computer came but I didn't have time to get it set up. I was worried some of the stuff I would need wouldn't be on it so figured I'd do it later. It is stuffed under my work desk for now. 

I spent most of the day answering questions from the one gal who works there, I'll call her Gail. Gail has worked there like 30 years and CANNOT remember how to do anything. I swear it's like dealing with Scott's mom all day long. I know I was probably getting a bit short with her by the end of the day but GD get it together woman. Of course when we aren't talking about work stuff she is the nicest person ever which makes me feel bad but sheesh. 

I got the blinding sun for a few minutes, I haven't had that in awhile. It is so nice to be back at my real desk where I have all my papers organized in drawers.

I stayed a bit later at work and Melissa picked us up dinner from Panda Express. We ate that at darts. We won three out of seven games so not too horrible. It was fun. Trevor went home after and Melissa and I hung out at the bar and I caught up with my friend Lupe's sister Cindy. 

Saturday I slept in a bit and then had to go to the twins birthday party. I took Daniel with me so his mom could take a nap lol. OMG did I feel like I needed a nap after. My brother's house has so many stairs which are fine for an adult but for a little one who can kind of navigate them but might also kill themselves on them it was exhausting. When you first walk in the door you go up 3. A few steps in and there are the stairs to go upstairs which he would try to go up but I kept saying NO! Then a little farther are 3 really steep stairs down to the other room that leads to outside. At one point we went outside and I closed the slider so he couldn't get back in so we were all on one level lol.

Crazy these kids are eight already.

This boy loves to swim, I know he was like ooooo lol

clapping after singing Happy Birthday

The tether ball base had a hole in it so he was sticking stuff in there

He played with that giraffe toy for quite awhile and Stella liked it too

The kids were having fun playing Mario on the huge TV

After I got home and took the little one home I drove to work and picked up my personal computer charger that I left on accident. I took the big monitors I had at home back to the office (ahhh the space I have now) and had thrown that in the bag thinking it went to it. 

When I got home I worked on putting my cozies onto the little cards with labels to change up my organization/display. I got all the sports ones done, just have to put them in the little plastic bags now. I'm kind of excited that I won't have to keep cleaning them off with the tape rollers all the time. We'll see how well they sell being displayed differently. It will work better for if I want to make a basket with clearance ones too. Some I have had forever and just need to go.

I updated my pictures for these on Etsy. They look so much nicer. Loving the app that takes out the backgrounds.

 Today's plan is to maybe work on doing more of those and/or do some more work on my cars/trucks project. Might have to fit in a round of cleaning there too. I had thought about trying to mow today but it is super windy outside so that's a no for that. It is going to be a jungle out there soon. Going to have to try and bribe Trevor to mow when he's off I think.

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Thursday, March 17, 2022


Good morning Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have my St. Patty's leggings on that I mayyy have worn a few times all year long lol. There is a party at the club house on Saturday but probably won't go.

Ann is still sleeping so it is very quiet here. It is almost always quiet here though really. I play You Tube on my phone for some background noise a lot.

Yesterday I moved the giant plant that was making taking over the counter. This house has so much counter and cabinet space compared to my house.

I put it on the other counter. I tried the top of the microwave but it went out into the walkway and onto the stove lol. Nice to clear of the top of the microwave too. Don't mind the pots and pans I usually wait and put them all away when I'm cooking dinner or after so they don't make a lot of noise and startle her. Also this is the worst cook top ever. It has two modes, high and not working. 

For dinner last night I made this Parmesan Crusted Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner. It was really good and easy. I'd probably cut back on the olive oil though since it used a lot and that is high calorie.

Not sure what we are having for dinner tonight. I should have got corned beef but I forgot. I think there is some meat in the freezer that Scott bought so I'll have to see what I can come up with. 

I need to work on finishing up the letters for work today so that the guy can sign them tomorrow. I think I got all the difficult ones finished up. I'm glad I can sleep in an hour tomorrow to go to regular work. The doors are open at work now so we have to work from 8-4:30 if it is our day which is only 1/2 an hour off my usual schedule but I haven't made it into the office by 8 in awhile. Mostly because I go get coffee somewhere. I need to just set up the coffee maker before I go to bed. I got so spoiled from Scott making me coffee all these years.

Today is 5 years since Scott's dad died. It seems like it has been 20. Weird how somethings seem like yesterday and others a life time ago. I wonder if his mom will remember. Yesterday Trevor came over for a few minutes and she asked if we were going to have a birthday dinner for him I said we already did that do you remember you came to our house? No answer. Sad. I was like your birthday is next week!  She will be 92 next weekend. Scott thinks she is hanging on for her birthday. I said she'll probably live another 5 years or longer. I don't know why people think because you're old you're just going to die. Other than dementia and her curved spine she is pretty healthy. We shall see though. Who knows I might keel over before her. We never know what tomorrow brings.

Ok off to do letters! We will finish today we will finish today!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022


Good morning! I'm dragging major butt today. I wish I could just call in on the day lol.
Got to MIL's this morning and promptly fell back to sleep for about an hour. I still feel tired and I didn't even stay up that late. I did get up at 1am to take SNOOKIE out since she was being a weirdo and acting like she had to go out.

The only exciting thing I did yesterday was cook lol. I made this taco soup for lunch and Ann even wanted to eat some. It is spicy so I put a scoop of sour cream on her tiny bowl I gave her and she actually ate it. I have leftovers for lunch today so that is good. 

For dinner I made this Shepherd's Pie, she ate that too lol.

Now to figure out what I want to make for dinner tonight. It is nice that Instacart is so easy in town so I
 can order just a bit of stuff and don't have to worry about them getting lost. 

I just got up to get the phone and then got side tracked making something to eat for breakfast lol. The phone here rings and it is always some kind of scamming call. SO ANNOYING. I'm like just get rid of the line, no one important calls on it. 

Well I keep getting distracted so I'll call this good for today! Just today and tomorrow then off of Grandma duty for a few days woohoo. The twins birthday party is Saturday but other than that no plans for the weekend. Friday is our last dart game too.


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Tuesday, March 15, 2022


 Good morning happy Tuesday! I'm wide awake listening to a rooster crow in town. Funny how those things are everywhere they aren't supposed to be. 

It is so weird this morning, Scott has already left and his mom is still sleeping. He said he got up at midnight and turned her TV off and she's been asleep every since. He's been having a battle with her over turning the TV off which I find kind of funny since I've been getting up and turning HIS TV off for about 30 years lol.

It is supposed to rain a bit this morning so I'm just waiting for the show.

Yesterday I talked to my friend Lupe on the phone for about two hours. She has had a lot change in her life lately and she is moving to Texas at the end of the school year. Her step daughter will graduate from high school this year so she is staying until then. Her husband has already moved to Texas and they are having a house built there. Her house here is being sold and the profits from it will pretty much pay for her house there. Crazy. 

When Scott got home we were talking about moving (I doubt we ever will but we were just talking) and his mom yells something about us talking about selling her. We were like sell you? What are you talking about? So we go into the other room with her and we were telling her what we had been talking about and then she just goes to sleep lol. Well ok. 

Scott said after I left she was crying talking about how she's not ready to die yet and stuff. Then he made her pancakes and she was fine. So who knows what we'll get when she wakes up.

It is so weird but her face looks entirely different with her moods. When she is happy her face is softer and then when she is mad or confused she has more lines on her face. I swear it is like a different personality. 

Scott keeps saying he can't keep doing this forever and I'm like yeah I hear ya. 

The only exciting thing I did when I got home last night was help Trevor with his taxes. He's getting a small refund back and he's like woohoo that's like 5 tanks of gas. Sad. 

As much as it sucks getting up so early with the time change is sure was nice for it to be light out longer!
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Monday, March 14, 2022


How to torture a non morning person. Set the clocks back an hour.
Amazingly I only ran a few minutes behind this morning AND my alarm didn't even go off since I had changed it to get up later on Friday. I even put the trash cans out.

I got to Scott's mom's and they are having a nice morning chat. After he left I sat there for a minute then took my coffee in the other room lol. 

I ended up spending half the day yesterday cleaning up my sewing room. I had bought a box of wine fabric from someone on the destashing site for a really good deal.  I think I paid $40 for all of this. That will make quite a few fun wine totes when I get around to those again. 

This is all the fabric and trims I kept from the stuff my friend gave me. I have about 1/2 a box still of stuff to donate that I won't use (like silky lining/fleece/etc). 

I pulled the ribbons from the other neighbor's stuff I got and put those away too

There was a little bit of trash type stuff in there. Then of course I had to clean out all the stuff I had just thrown into my ribbon drawer too (not pictured). So that is all nice and tidy now.

The rest of the day I worked on matching up lining fabrics with all the car/truck stuff I have cut out. I pretty much finished that so the next step is cutting out the fusible fleece and matching up zippers.  We'll see if I get to that at all during the week. I'll probably want to drop by the time I get home with this time change!

Probably going to do an Instacart order in a bit for dinner stuff since I never made it to the grocery store. I have a shit ton of work to do so I need to get busy with that too! Of course the guy did not bring my new computer on Friday and did not even message me so IDK what is up with that. 

Ok off to get some shit done and refill my coffee!


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Sunday, March 13, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! The day is half over already thanks to the time change. I'm going to DIE in the morning ugh. 

Yesterday I cleaned for the entire day. I played beat the timer, 10 minutes at a time per room. I was almost done with most of the rooms when I got distracted talking to the neighbors and that was the end of that lol. I am going to try and get the laundry finished up today though. Today shall be for sewing! Gotta give myself at least one day to goof off right? 

I did free table yesterday. I think the only things that left were the clothes rack and one bike. I'm going to load up the rest to take to Goodwill tomorrow. Hopefully I can sneak off for a few minutes to donate it (minus the bike, not taking that). It is like 2 minutes from MIL's house.

Trevor and I went to dinner (and took my old car to Scott's mom's so he can work on it while he's there, it gets way better gas mileage than his truck he drives but it's got like 280K miles on it)

Mongolian BBQ yum yum. Kind of wish I would have got a little more (dinner is all you can eat) but I didn't lol. We got Scott an order to go and dropped that off to him then went to Wal Mart.

I didn't get the cleaning supplies I needed because I got too distracted haha.

Got these for Daniel

These for the new baby

For Daniel

A rug for my room so Rusty can't make so much annoying noise lol, a new comforter for my bed. It's way too white so I ended up putting a sheet over the top so the dogs wouldn't get it all dirty. Got some cheap black out curtains for the windows in my room since that was the only white curtains I could find with a rod pocket. Kind of hate them but they work well enough.

I went out to take the dogs out (oddly enough Rusty didn't wake me up to go out last night and I didn't even take him out that late) and a Sheriff car flew past. They were talking to someone across the field from me. Later I saw the back of the girl walking by so IDK what was up with that. I was joking with my friends maybe it was a walk of shame gone bad lol.

I cleaned off the desk I had been using to work from home a bit. I'm going to take the monitors I have back to work since I can't really work from my house anyways. I think I am going to set up the Cricut there. Probably will keep the newer bigger one I got from my friend/neighbor that passed way if it works! I think it is unused. Still haven't got that far to figure out which one it is. I have so much crap in my sewing room right now. Pushed all the free stuff I got from the neighbor back out of my room into the sewing room and entry way. Definitely going to donate most of the books since there was no interest on the FB selling group and I have decided I don't want to store them waiting for them to sell. Then my friend brought over some more fabric and fabric laces she cleaned out for me. I need to put those away too. It's a mess!

Trevor is at work so I've had 2 days at home alone, so nice! They are having a big weekend of RC boat races down at the clubhouse area but I've just stayed home. Don't really care about those and I'd rather be home doing stuff.  

Having some coffee then I'll "get to it". Going to have to find my desk top before I can do anything haha.

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