Thursday, March 31, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday! Looking forward to my weekend at home soon haha. 9ish hours left of Grandma sitting. Yesterday she slept all day so we'll see what she does today. She's already got up to change her bed pad and went into the kitchen like 3 times. 

Last night I finished going through my cozies on Etsy so now I'm just putting them in the little bags. This stack is done.

This is the to do stack. I brought 6 boxes with me to work on while I'm here (all that would fit in the cardboard box I grabbed) so I should be able to be done with this whole thing tonight! Talk about taking a small project into a huge one. I didn't know what I was getting myself in to. Now I will need to get 2 new totes to put them all in. I have this super long one that I used to use for the long boards I had them on and I wanted to kick that one out since it is so big. Maybe I'll hit Wal Mart after work tomorrow. Since darts is over my only responsibility to get me home is the dogs.

My mom and I got invited to my mom's uncle's anniversary party next weekend and we decided to go. I'm super stoked to go somewhere. I feel like I've been stuck here forever (even though it hasn't been that long since Trevor and I went on our road trip). It is about 4 hours away so we'll drive up in the morning and stay the night in a hotel. Woohoo. I might need to go buy a real bra, I've been wearing sports bras for 2 years lol. I wish I could make it a longer trip but Melissa's birthday is that Friday and I'll have to be back for Scott to go to work on Monday.

I want to stop at that big fabric store again, that place is fun to look around in.

Ugh we have ANOTHER staff meeting in a few minutes. What are you working on Julie? Nothing. I don't want to work today. Kidding! Kind of. I could really use like a two week vacation. What's sad is I have the time on the books I could take off but I can't go anywhere lol. 

I need to run out to the car and get my box of stuff so I can do that while they talk.


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

First of all Jules, your organization of all this makes me feel like a slob.
2nd of all, that has become my mantra, gotta stop wearing sports bras, but....
3rd, don't we all need a vacation from life. I just spent a small fortune to go up north in winter no less, for moms birthday. I'd have loved to go on vacation with that money!!! Now I can't go on vacation 😪

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