Sunday, December 31, 2023


Hello happy last day of 2023!!
You know what that means right? 

I have been the worst record keeper this year. Mostly because I haven't really done that much selling. I think I did 4 shows? That should make it easier lol. Mostly sold patterns on eBay and a bit on Facebook. The sales tax people want their payment super fast so I will have to get that stuff figured out.

No plans for tonight. The club is having a party but I don't want to go. They are making some pork something or other. Maybe if it was some beef lol. Probably not for that either. We could just go hang out in the bar too if we wanted to do but I don't really.

We ended up watching the littles for a bit yesterday while Jess worked pulling out all the baby stuff from the loft. 

Instantly naked as usual lol. He pulled out all the books looking for the lions. 

Trevor got this little bed for Simon. Rosie thought it made a great trampoline

I thought she was falling asleep on me but she was still awake 

I got my pink Valentine's quilt done. I love it! It's a little smaller than the blue one I did since I didn't have enough of the backing fabric I picked. 

It's much brighter in person. 

I need to figure out the backing for the red one now and then that will be ready to sew together (have to cut the squares out of the backing. 

Snookie has been sleeping on this pillow in the sewing room (don't mind the mess on the floor Simon always goes shopping in my trash can). Lucy has discovered the pillow and started sleeping on it. 

This morning they are kind of sharing. So cute! I need to order a new dog bed for her. 

Also take out the trash lol. 

Today I am going to a friend's house to get some fabric she offered me. She originally offered back when we were taking care of Scott's mom so I forgot until she messaged me about some books yesterday. Might get those too (quilting books). 

Still have to go to the store. Don't feel like making a menu so will probably just grab some stuff. 

Scott came home with the clock from his mom's house. He's got the two things he worried about now. I told him to bring his sister home and he did that too so she's here now. I'm sure she would haunt us if we left her ashes for his brother.  The clock goes off every 1/2 an hour. I heard 12, 2, 4 and 7 o'clock last night/this morning 😑. Maybe I'll get used to it lol. He had got it back to working when his mom was dying and it was always a weird feeling when it went off. He stopped it when she died. 

I started watching Young Sheldon on Netflix yesterday. I only watched a few of the Big Bang Theory here and there but this show could stand alone. It is really funny so far!

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Friday, December 29, 2023


Good morning happy FriYEAH!!

This is what I did all day yesterday. I made over 100 of these blocks with the Valentine's fabrics I chopped up. I still have a little bit left that I didn't use but that is the bulk of what I had. I've had some of these forever. I added in pink and red scrap fabrics too.

I discovered I don't really have that much red fabric left. Good! Using this stuff up! Not that you can tell by my narrow walk way in my sewing room haha. 

I think I've finally decided I just don't like what I was going to use for the baby's quilt and I'm going to make something else. It's wasn't cutesy so I think I will make something cuter after I get done with the Valentine's stuff. I will probably have to go buy some more batting at some point. I'm pretty sure these squares are enough for multiple quilts. I need to lay them out and see. 

I've been watching "Untold" stories on Netflix. Most of them are sports related but they are still really interesting. Bruce/Caitlyn Jennings was a good one. I was too young to know all his Olympics stuff so that was fun to watch. The Florida Gators one was kind of long but still interesting. Now I'm on the America's Cup Challenge one. I don't think I've watched them in order since sometimes it wants to bring up one I've already watched. 

I got my time card done this morning. We'll see if I get any other work to do today. Yesterday I had like 2 emails that were people asking me questions they could have figured out themselves.

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Thursday, December 28, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday!
It's another slow work day today with only one email so far and it was just a dumb question one. I wonder if next week will be hopping lol.

Yesterday I found a calculator thing to find out what my new pay rate is going to be. We are getting a 5% federal raise PLUS they are FINALLY giving our office the locality pay like everyone else around us. Using this calculator I almost fell out of my chair. If it is right I will make $18K more next year. SUPER CRAZY!! I'll take it of course lol. After that I was folding towels and thinking if I get that I'm going to go buy all new towels. Not that I couldn't do that now but I'm too cheap haha. 

Yesterday morning I went and watched the littles while Jess did her testing. They didn't wake up until almost 11. She said they had all stayed up late the night before. 

Just a little bed head.

Little man pulls my finger when he wants me to do something for him. Sometimes he twists it which is no bueno!

After I got home I put the rag quilt in the washer. I love it! The squares were just random blues from my blue fabric boxes and I just tried not to put 2 matching together. Everything else was random. I did miss one small row to cut before washing. I just cut it and it looks ok for now. I should probably throw it in the wash again but I don't want to.

Simon "helping". She always helps make the bed so she thought she needed to be there.

The back looks nice too. 

I measured out how much batting I need for my other quilt and got that cut and then decided to wait a bit to finish putting that together. I need to clean off the kitchen table lol. Putting the batting and backing on is a little stressful. 

So now I'm chopping up Valentine's fabrics to make another rag quilt or two. It's a great way to use up all this fabric I've had forever. This one is older than Jessica. I don't think I bought that new myself though.

Adding in some fabrics from my red & pink boxes too.

So if you need me I'll be here playing with fabrics ;)


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Wednesday, December 27, 2023


Good morning happy foggy Wednesday!
I'm going to go watch the littles in a few minutes at their house. Their mom has to go do the 3 hours sugar test. Blech. Poor thing.

Yesterday I pretty much worked on this rag quilt I've been making from my scrap bins. At midnight last night I finished clipping all the seams. Now to throw it in the wash and see what it does. I think I will give it to my mom for her birthday. Seems like a great way to use up some small pieces of fabric. This method uses 4 blocks together so you aren't ragging every seam. I saw it on Darlene Michaud's You Tube. I made my blocks 6" each to start so mine are a little bigger. I've never made one before so hopefully it doesn't mess up my washer and dryer lol. 

My stomach has been off all day yesterday and now this morning too. Yesterday I had indigestion all day and now this morning I have the runs a bit. Hoping it's just eating too much fatty foods with out a gall bladder. I took an Imodium so hopefully that stops it. 

Next project after this one is to finish up the baby quilt. I have the backing washed so now have to see if I used too much of the batting I bought for this other project! I think it will probably be ok. 

The rag quilt was fun to make so I think I might make another one too. I was able to condense one shoe box of fabrics by making the blue one. I do have some squares left too so at some point maybe I'll mix some colors. I just ended up using the amount I had matching backing for. 

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Tuesday, December 26, 2023


Hello happy I survived Christmas Tuesday. 
Also log into work Tuesday but almost everyone is on vacation so it's a slow week I think!

Yesterday morning was super chill. I made a lasagna to take over to my brother's house and cleaned up the Christmas Eve dishes. My trash can is over flowing. Hopefully they show up to empty it today. 

We went over to my brothers at around 3:30. They were just chilling and I was like I have never been that chill before people coming over to my house lol. The kids got this little climbing thing from their Grandpa. They loved playing on it, I might get one more the littles.

Everyone started showing up around 5

My mom sounded like she swallowed a frog and most of the littles had snot and some coughing. I did a double dose of Emergen-c this morning and we all hand sanitized when we got in the car last night lol. Wish us luck. 

Maegen's dad sleeping sitting up lol

My mom modeling the sweater I got her

Anddd that's a wrap. Now to put away all the Christmas stuff. Might go through and thin out my boxes I don't need most of the stuff in their. We just bring them in and take them back out every year without putting everything out lol.


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Monday, December 25, 2023


Merry Christmas! I just remembered I used all the eggs yesterday and need one to make the lasagna to take to my brother's house later. Whoopsie. Gonna bum one off someone lol.

Yesterday my neighbor Steve brought over goodies for us. I sent him with some cookies. His wife Joyce always makes us a cheese ball and gives us boxes of chocolates.

Filled stockings! Need to add Rosie's name to the stocking before I put them away for next year. And order one for the new baby!

Christmas began when the littles showed up. They make it so much fun! I had got a bunch of animals for Daniel's stocking but they wouldn't all fit so I put them on the presents. 

Daniel loved his Lion King shirts and sweatshirt. He actually had clothes on all day!

The biggest baby

Eric & Melissa

Trevor opening his present with a sword lol. Eric got him a traffic cone. They are so weird. There was another present inside. 

Somehow missed Daniel in the presents photos but he's in a few others ;)

I got Jess one of her childhood toys off of eBay. She tried to put it together at my house but the littles were too interested. She sent me a picture of it after she got home and got it together. Skate City Girls!

I cooked two roasts in the crock pot, made nachos and potato salad. It was perfect! Some had sandwiches but I put my meat on my nachos. I had it for brunch this morning minus the roast beef since there is just a bit left.

Snookie says I'm over this haha!

Need to sort out what I'm going to wear today and make sure it's clean than make the lasagna and finish washing up the dishes from yesterday. I figured I'd have most of the day today to do them since we aren't going anywhere for awhile. It's been a quiet morning!


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