Thursday, December 14, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday!

I may have already had a little cry this morning from my Facebook memories with Traci. Sigh. 

Yesterday my mom and I went to my nephew's great grandma's funeral. She was at a lot of parties when my brother was married to his first wife (her granddaughter).  Very nice lady. We went to the Mass & the cemetery. My cousin Shelly was there too. She was married to my cousin but they got divorced. We still call each other cousin though :) There was so many people at the mass the church was packed. It made me feel sad for Scott's mom who didn't even have 2 pews full at the funeral home. What makes the difference in how many people's lives you touch?

At the cemetery I went over to check on Scott's parents. One of the flowers was tipped over a bit so we straightened it up. I think the one on the left was from Scott's nephew. He was asking if it had made it but I didn't remember seeing it. I'm glad it was there. 

After that we went to Applebee's for lunch since any of the mom and pop restaurants in Tracy don't seem to open until dinner time. So weird. We split a dessert after lunch. It was delicious lol. My mom has lost so much weight. She's so tiny! She still wants to lose a little more but I think she looks great.

I finally got all the stuff in the little crib folded and put away. Other than these extra blankets. At least they are folded lol. Just setting them there for now since it's cold. 

I made dinner but it took forever to cook so it was like 9pm before it was done. I wasn't hungry so I just took a tiny bit to taste it. It was good. I'd probably add a can of diced tomatoes if I made it again. 

Jess and Daniel took the kids to see Santa at the Great Wolf Lodge last night. 

So cute!

They got their tree put up last night too. Rosie looks so big already

Work is dead today. Yesterday another girl was like I'm so busy I have so much to do. I'm like, like what? What are you working on lol. I am going to work on cleaning today I think. Do a few rounds of 10 minute race the timer cleaning. Probably do some sewing too.

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