Friday, October 30, 2020

Babies & Sewing (again)

Good morning!

Hard to believe tomorrow is Halloween already! I think I will go to work in a little bit and print out all these letters and some stamps so I can stuff them at home.

Then go to the store to get Halloween dinner food and snacks for the kids for tomorrow.

Sounds like a plan. After some more coffee.

Last night the kids came over for a little bit and we actually got some awake baby time! Snookie is always so interested in him. 

We were talking about how much hair Trevor had when he was a baby. Scott was like oh he didn't have that much hair. I said are you kidding me? Pulled up a few pictures, he's like oh yeah I forgot lol.

I love this picture, this is Trevor and my nephew Tony. The only picture I have that Tony is bigger lol. Tony is 10 weeks older. Hard to believe they will both be 18 soon.

I did a double take when I walked into the kitchen yesterday. Tubz in the basket I had bread in on top of the microwave lol. She's so funny. Loves her baskets and boxes. 

After the kids left I finished off the zip bags I had been working on. These are all dog fabrics. It was too late to take pictures of them laid out for Etsy so I'll do that today. I am going to go through and pull out any others I had made up in my craft show box and list those too.

Next up is a couple masks that people asked for then maybe work on more of the zip bags or maybe I'll do some mug rugs. Leaning toward doing some mug rugs.  I've had a few people ask about Christmas masks too. Blech. But hey it's money and I have a lot of Christmas fabric..

Hope you all have a great day and weekend!
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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Little Pooh Bear

 Good morning! Man I so wish I could naturally be a morning person but every morning I'm dragging ass. I heard once that the time of day you are born at is like your time of the day. I think I was born at like 1:45 in the afternoon lol. Makes sense to me haha.

Jess took these pictures yesterday of the baby in the little crocheted Pooh outfit I bought him and on the quilt I made. Apparently he hated the little outfit but I think it is pretty cute haha. I of course got one size up from the smallest since we don't usually have little babies. He might be able to try it on a couple more times.

I love this one on the quilt I made. He looks so itty bitty. 

Someone asked me to make a coupe mug rugs with this middle fabric. All I had was a couple scraps so this is what I ended up with. We'll see if they actually buy them or not. If not I'll just put them in my Etsy store and my craft show booth stuff.

This guy here, he is the reason I get up in the morning. Who needs an alarm clock when you've got him yelling at you for breakfast. Sheesh. I can't believe he's over 17 years old. He's close to Trevor's age so in the spring he'll be 18. I've never had a cat live so long. Must be because he's so spoiled haha. Plus he's on life 8.95 lol. His coloring is a bit darker than it looks here, he was in a sunbeam :)

Debating on taking tomorrow off. I have a lot of time I can take now. I invited the kids to come over for Halloween dinner so I need to get some stuff from the store. There is a Halloween car parade Saturday too so if I do that I need some stuff to decorate my car with. Might go rummaging in the shed to find my Halloween and Thanksgiving boxes (and some baby stuff boxes too while I'm in there). I hardly ever go in the shed anymore because has made it such a mess it just pisses me off every time. He has huge car parts that I can't really move in there too so not like I can just "clean it up". 

Well off to see if my boss signed the 133 letters I had to fix up yesterday. I need to load them all onto the online database thing then I can roll all the applications to fiscal year 2021. I'll have to go into the office to print them out and some stamps. Thinking I can run in and do that and then just bring them home to put them together.

Sounds like a plan! 

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Working & Babies

Good morning! Dragging ass this morning for some reason. I went to bed really early too. Yesterday I went into the office and worked an extra 2 hours. Finally got all those packets sent out. I put all the new applications I've received into folders and printed out everything I had for them and filed a bunch of stuff.

I got us In & Out for dinner, hung out in the kitchen for a bit and then went to bed. Exciting lol.

Monday night the kids came over for a bit and brought my favorite baby. Snookie is cracking me up in this picture. She gets so excited when he gets here and has to smell him like crazy.

His hair is so cute. He was sleeping the whole time he was over. He had another check up and he's already gained over a pound and 2 inches in length. Amazing how they grow right before your eyes.

Today's plan is to work on all the letters I wrote last week. All 133 of them have to be fixed up because someone sent out a new letter on Friday at 3:30pm that is slightly different. PACEPALM. At least I get paid by the hour.

After work I want to finish up the dog bags I was working on. Someone on Etsy asked me to make a mug rug for them but I want to get the other stuff finished up first.

Hope you all have a great day!


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Monday, October 26, 2020

Kitty Zip Bags

 These weekends sure do go by fast don't they?

I spent most of the weekend sewing. The only other thing I did was work on my Etsy stores a bit. Super exciting lol.

As usual I set up way too many of the same type of thing to work on. To break up my huge basket of things to sew I started with all the cat prints. I got all of those done. I still need to add them to my Etsy store.

Now I'm working on all the dog prints. I've got the zippers in so just need to do the top stitching and sew them around the edges.

While I was sewing I watched a lot of things. I got on a bit of an 80's kick and watched some movies I had never seen before.
  • St. Elmo's Fire-Yes I was like how have I never watched this? Oh yes I was too young when it came 
  • About Last Night- We've all seen Demi Moore naked now
  • Valley Girl-Nicholas Cage was so awkward cute when he was younger. Like a gangly puppy with big eyes.
  • Looked up Peggy Sue Got Married but didn't want to pay to watch that. I used to love that movie when I was a teen.
  • I also watched The Joy Luck Club & the latest episode of the British Baking on Netflix.

So I've been giving the cats wet food since Buster was like skin and bones. He gets a whole can and the other 3 share a can so they aren't left out lol. I don't usually have treats for the dogs but I got them some little milk bones so they don't feel left out for breakfast and dinner (and yes they were looking for something too). Well look at this sneaky little bugger. He stole all the bowls off the table and took them onto my bed to clean them out. He has his oh shit I'm caught face on lol.

So that's the weekend excitement here. No baby this weekend :( Maybe she'll bring him over today for some snuggles.

The weather changed over the weekend and it's cooled off a lot. Had to pull out some long pants today and plugged in the little portable heater for this room. Might have to put socks on too haha.

Now if these flies would just die off that would be great!  
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Friday, October 23, 2020

Friday Furries

Yeah we made it to Friday!

Yesterday I worked on writing letters for work for most of the day. 51 done! A lot to go lol. My boss is on vacation so I'm not sure how she is going to want to sign all these. Email them to her? Upload them somewhere? Print them? Either way is annoying lol. I'll have to go in once she has them signed and mail them out. Another fun day at the office.

The school district Trevor is in voted to continue distance learning until January 4th. A lot of people aren't happy about it and I'm just like well it is what it is. My friend works in another school district and they are going to go back with a hybrid schedule in two weeks. Fun times.

Well this finally happened. That took a lot longer than I thought it would. I've caught her sitting in it a few times but look at her lol. Cracks me up that she takes up more space than the baby.

I've still been working on matching up linings for some zip bags. I've been going through my smaller fabric pieces and in the process have emptied a lot of the little fabric boards I made. I might have a problem because I keep cutting these down smaller and smaller lol. It is definitely nice though to have them all organized (by color of course). 

I took a big nap yesterday after work. The weather is starting to change here a bit. Almost time to put another blanket on the bed. I had to turn down the ceiling fan a notch last night too.

Usually the cats like to sit in the window in the morning but it's not warm enough to open it just yet. Some day I'll hang an actual curtain up in here. First I need to hang up a curtain rod.

These two pathetic dogs this morning. MOM!! MOM MOM MOM MOM! Just like a bunch of crazy little kids who bark.

Well that's all I've got for today. Nothing exciting going on this weekend. Scott came home and yelled at the football game after work yesterday so I imagine there will be more of that this weekend. JOY. 
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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Just Another Day

 Good morning! Happy Thursday!

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I finally got all the new applications done for work, and sent out all the payments that need to be signed. Only minimal fighting with my map program (which I'm currently waiting for it to wake up...)

The baby came to visit for a little bit yesterday. He was awake for a bit!


My mail in ballot made it to home base!

I went over to the cabin to say hi to my mom and dad. My mom was yelling at my dad for weeding the weed she had planted. Poor guy lol. I think she needs a vacation. Then he could relax while she's gone haha. I can't believe how white Tinkerbell's head is now. My mom said she is almost 14. She won't let me touch her but she wiggles when I talk to her lol.

Hung out there for awhile then all the mosquitos came out so I came home and ordered a pizza for Scott to pick up on the way home. I worked on matching up scrap fabrics for the little bag linings for the rest of the night. Nice and relaxing!!
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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Buster & Zip Bags

Happy Hump Day!

This guy is napping after eating 1.5 cans of cat food. We started giving him some wet food because he was losing so much weight (I mean he is 17). He wakes me up every morning now and does his pitiful MEOW that is more like a squeak. I've been giving them all one scoop of the can and Buster the rest but sometimes he's still crying for more so I just give him another can while the others aren't looking lol. 

I've been working on putting applications in the computer the last three days. My mapping program is being stupid and doesn't want to give me parcels and the assessor's website changed their mapping program too. So I'm about over that. 9am and I'm already frustrated with it.

Yesterday after work I finished up these bags I started. It was the first time using the zipper foot on my new machine. I watched a You Tube video (gotta love You Tube) and whalaaa easy as pie.

After these I went through my box of pieces I had cut out already (I think I did a lot of them pre-masks beginning of the pandemic) and matching them up with the colored zippers I have. Now I have a big pile to work with for after work today. I need to cut the batting and some lining pieces for most of them so that will keep me busy.

That's about all the excitement here today! Low key days are good days.


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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Good Day or Bad Day

Today is either going to be a really good day or a really bad day. Today Jess will find out if she got approved for membership out where I live. She's been staying in my mom's cabin (just a little house but we call it the cabin). If she gets approved she can stay but if she gets denied she'll eventually have to move somewhere else. So fingers crossed it is good news today.

ETA: She got approved!! Woohoo what a load off that is.

Last night I finished up these masks I started last week. Mostly repeats of ones I've made before but I have started only sewing one up of a print until it sells (usually)

After I got done with those I decided to work on some more of the zip bags I used to make all the time. I have a ton of fabric cut out for them since I used to cut my scraps to that size. I sold tons when I was doing craft shows so I figured I'd just keep making them up. Now I haven't really been doing craft shows but at some point they will come back again. The gal that I did a lot with is still doing them in the malls but it is for the whole weekend and I don't want to do that and I don't think I want to be around that many people. She's doing them out by the movie theater too but I think it will be dead out there for the most part. Sometimes it was dead when there wasn't a pandemic lol. So I think I'll just make them up and put them up on my Etsy & Facebook for now.

Doesn't Tina look cute sitting all proper in the chair? I dragged these inside for Scott's little party and she claimed them right away.

I was going to go into work today but I think I've talked myself out of it now. I have enough stuff to keep me busy at home. Maybe tomorrow!

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Scott's 50th Birthday

Well thanks to Covid we didn't have a blow out party for Scott's 50th. That's ok though, I'm kind of liking these low key parties at home with just my kids.

I should have taken a few pictures of everyone else but I only got a couple of the stars of the night haha.

Scott requested steak for his birthday so we had steak, macaroni salad, a green salad and a last minute addition of some garlic bread. Oh and we had a taco dip thing for an appetizer.

I don't think he's too upset about this little guy, what do you think?

He stopped looking at the baby eventually to blow his candles out ;)

I made him his little cake and then we had cupcakes and ice cream. 

I spent all day cleaning.  I really need a roomba or something like that. I also need to clean more often haha. Always getting sidetracked by little sewing projects instead. Those are more fun.

Scott is off work today. He has the truck loaded with stuff to take to the dumps so he'll have to do that today. Good bye smelly old carpet.

Wondering if we should do a little fun dinner for Halloween. We never get any trick or treaters here and now no parties or trunk or treat. Last year was just boring!

We need to finish painting the living room and get some furniture. I pulled a Friends last night and brought in the chairs from the patio table so we'd have somewhere more comfy for everyone to sit. Might just have to buy some furniture and cover it up to finish things with all these parties at home.

Most likely we'll be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas too. It will be so weird but also kind of relaxing too I think. Well I'll have to do the cooking but I don't mind that all that much :)


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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Finished Halloween Mug Rugs

Good morning! I missed posting yesterday since I was at work frantically trying to get all the "you've got a contract" packets done. I almost got them finished, just about 5 to go. Might have to pop into work on Monday and finish them up.

I went over to the flea market on my lunch but only ended up buying lunch. Hardly any garage sale type vendors there now.

After work I finished up these mug rugs. They are so cute! So much fun to make. My mom claimed the mouse one. I put the rest of the mug rugs I have left up in my Etsy store. I'm sure it is a bit late for Halloween theme stuff but they can just hang out in there til next year or a craft show.

I'm debating on signing up for any craft shows this year.  All the inside ones that the gal does are for both days of the weekend and that's too much for me to do since I work full time. The ones outside are by the movie theater still but are people really going to be out going to the movies? Maybe some but I don't think like before.  This might just be the sell from home/online year.

My friend ordered some masks so I guess I will work on those this morning. Tomorrow is Scott's 50th birthday! No big party this year (thanks Covid!) but the kids are going to come over for dinner. So that means I need to vacuum and straighten up at some point today so I have less to do tomorrow.

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

When I Was A Kid

I'm getting so old, I can use the phrase "When I was a kid" on the regular now. I didn't take any pictures yesterday so there is something to look at.

Woke up to "die by cramps" day. Ugh. I hate this time of the month. It can just go now. 

My friend came over yesterday to pick up some masks for her and her friends. We had a nice chat on the porch. She always brings me a low calorie drink. Yesterday it was sugar free Smirnoff or something like that. I like the regular one better of course ;) She also brought me 2 big bags of frozen blueberries and a bag of frozen chili she got from the school bag of food program. I think we'll have the chili for dinner with some hot dogs :)

I have to take Trevor to the dentist today so I can run in the store afterwards. I really need to get back to making a menu and shopping list. Tired of eating the same stuff all the time (or not having anything I want to eat). I don't know how I'm so fat when it feels like we never have any food in the house lol. 

Well that's all I've got for today, hope you all have a good one!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Happy Hump Day

Happy Hump Day!

Here is the only picture I took yesterday, breakfast that Trevor made me. 

After breakfast I drove in to work and stayed til 6. Some day I'll get all these darn packets sent out! I'm going in again on Friday. Might work on doing some parts of it that I can do at home to get it going faster in the office.

After work I came home and I was going to make dinner but I was so annoyed by all the dirty dishes that i didn't make. I washed the dishes and then had cereal for dinner.

The kids came over with the baby for a bit and then after they left I went to bed. Super exciting day lol.

Tomorrow Trevor has his fillings appointment at the dentist. I had to change it last week since I was with Jess in the hospital. Another $200 cha ching out the door. 

One of his teachers told them they are going back to school on Nov 2nd. Hmm first I've heard of that. I don't think it will be all day every day if they do go back. I know he'll be happy, he's said he hates doing the online classes.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Babies and Sewing

Well I had a productive 3 day weekend!

Covered the kids rocking chair cushions (just need to make some ties for them)

Made some masks for some orders

Jess brought the baby over to meet Grandpa (and the dogs lol)

Yesterday I babysat for about 2 hours while they went and got some smaller clothes for him and some stuff they needed at Target. Figured it was time to get my bassinet out and he took a good nap in there! We have a bit before he outgrows it lol. Surprisingly the cats haven't jumped in it yet, they just played under it.

Auntie Melissa came to see him and all the kids hung out for awhile

Finished up some more scrappy mug rugs (like and oversized coaster). I'm over black and white now, next will be COLOR! They are really fun to make though to use up scraps.

I'm going to go into work now since I have so much stuff to do there and not much at home. Didn't exactly get anything done the last time I went in!

Hope you all have a great day!


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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Baby Daniel Is Here

 You guys! What a week! Wednesday I went in to work. I was running late from over sleeping. The night before Snookie was being really figity and kept waking Scott up and he'd wake me up and it was just horrible. So I ended up sleeping in the recliner for a little bit, but I hate the recliner (still need to buy a new couch) so that didn't last long.  So anyhow, went to actual work late. Not too long after I got there we were having our monthly Zoom staff meeting and Jessica called me and said she thought her water broke. What! Well that's exciting! So I left the meeting and packed up my stuff and drove over to the hospital to meet them. They recently changed the rules that there can be two people for someone in labor which was awesome!

It took a little bit of time but eventually they let me in with their super sanitary "take a mask" that everyone just touched.

When I got there they had just hooked her up to the monitors and got her changed into a gown and all that. Then the fun began. She was having a little bit of contractions but not a ton so they eventually put her on Pitocin. Not too long after she started having back labor, which I knew meant that the baby is not in the right position. I asked if someone could try to move the baby but apparently they only do that in the movies and for home births or something. So lots of painful back labor and not a lot of progress. 

Two nurses kept pushing her to get an epidural, I think mostly because they were tired of coming in to fix the monitors.  They wanted her to stay still in bed, told her she didn't really have to pee and such). She eventually caved to the epidural which then of course she was tied to the bed after that. Finally Thursday night the baby had not made any progress so they said C section. I knew it was going to end up that way.  I think we were all relieved to just get it over with. 

So at 8:56pm on 10/8 he was finally born! He's much smaller than we thought he was going to be. 7 pounds 1 ounce and 18.75" long. He was 12 days early. 

He looks just like his daddy but has his mom's (and Scott's) chin dimple

He finally got mad enough during a diaper change that he was wide awake with his eyes open

She was so ready to go home!

So so tiny!

They are home now and hopefully resting. Poor girl hardly slept at all. I ended up staying with her the whole time and I kept her from sleeping with my snoring. I felt super bad and even offered to go home but she said she wanted me there so I guess she had to suffer haha.

When I got home I took what I thought was a good nap but Scott said I was only out maybe 45 minutes. Good thing it's a three day weekend so I can sleep in some more!
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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Ripping It Out

 Oh my gosh I'm a little bit sore today.

Yesterday I cleaned out one more section of my bottom file cabinet and got my little pieces a little bit more organized. It kills my back to stand over these though. I'm going on 90 apparently.

Maybe I'll do another section today lol. Eventually my life will be organized. Maybe. 

I also used up the last of the boards I had to wind up some more fabric. I have a box of old jeans that I have saved to reuse and there was some random fabric in that box. Got most of that done. Glad I did those since I found some more Christmas fabric and you know everyone is going to want a Christmas mask. I've already been asked about them a couple times. So gross. I don't want to have to wear masks anymore.

I started working on cleaning up my room again. Got the random clean clothes that Scott brought in but never put away hung up. Put all these hangers on my neighborhood group for free and my friend came and got them and took the broken basket too. Double score lol. Funny how just having too many hangers in a small house makes things a bit more stressful. They were always in the way!

So then I started to vacuum my carpet and was going to use the carpet cleaner but then this happened.

Yes I ripped it all out. It was soooo gross. Like REALLY gross. I will never have carpet again with animals. 

We'd been planning on taking it out anyways so now it's done. Just need to take out the carpet tacks and we'll have to take out the entire closet guts and doors to get it out of there. Probably wait until we are getting new flooring first. Most of my house has nice wood floors but this room was added on later and I don't think they ever finished them. Also there used to be a little back porch where the plywood is so nice wood floor there. I wonder if we could some how patch in some new wood to match the old for that section there to the closet doors? Anyone good at wood floors? I know it can probably done lol. Easier to cover it up though I know. 

We are going to take out the big sliding glass door in our room (which I opened yesterday and then thought the glass was going to fall out so carefully closed it again). We are just going to close it in completely. Now that we have the living room door one part of the plan is done! 

Our little old house was definitely neglected while we were busy raising the kids. At least my room is a bit cleaner now. I need to mop the floor really good still. I could barely move last night I was so sore. Moving a king size iron bed around is no joke.

Taking Trevor this afternoon to get his Senior picture for the year book. I already know I'm not buying any of their pictures since they are ridiculously expensive. I think for the last kid they were like $165 for 3 pictures or something crazy like that. I don't know how places like that can even stay in business now that everyone carries a camera around in their pocket all day. 

Hope you all have a good day!

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