Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Ripping It Out

 Oh my gosh I'm a little bit sore today.

Yesterday I cleaned out one more section of my bottom file cabinet and got my little pieces a little bit more organized. It kills my back to stand over these though. I'm going on 90 apparently.

Maybe I'll do another section today lol. Eventually my life will be organized. Maybe. 

I also used up the last of the boards I had to wind up some more fabric. I have a box of old jeans that I have saved to reuse and there was some random fabric in that box. Got most of that done. Glad I did those since I found some more Christmas fabric and you know everyone is going to want a Christmas mask. I've already been asked about them a couple times. So gross. I don't want to have to wear masks anymore.

I started working on cleaning up my room again. Got the random clean clothes that Scott brought in but never put away hung up. Put all these hangers on my neighborhood group for free and my friend came and got them and took the broken basket too. Double score lol. Funny how just having too many hangers in a small house makes things a bit more stressful. They were always in the way!

So then I started to vacuum my carpet and was going to use the carpet cleaner but then this happened.

Yes I ripped it all out. It was soooo gross. Like REALLY gross. I will never have carpet again with animals. 

We'd been planning on taking it out anyways so now it's done. Just need to take out the carpet tacks and we'll have to take out the entire closet guts and doors to get it out of there. Probably wait until we are getting new flooring first. Most of my house has nice wood floors but this room was added on later and I don't think they ever finished them. Also there used to be a little back porch where the plywood is so nice wood floor there. I wonder if we could some how patch in some new wood to match the old for that section there to the closet doors? Anyone good at wood floors? I know it can probably done lol. Easier to cover it up though I know. 

We are going to take out the big sliding glass door in our room (which I opened yesterday and then thought the glass was going to fall out so carefully closed it again). We are just going to close it in completely. Now that we have the living room door one part of the plan is done! 

Our little old house was definitely neglected while we were busy raising the kids. At least my room is a bit cleaner now. I need to mop the floor really good still. I could barely move last night I was so sore. Moving a king size iron bed around is no joke.

Taking Trevor this afternoon to get his Senior picture for the year book. I already know I'm not buying any of their pictures since they are ridiculously expensive. I think for the last kid they were like $165 for 3 pictures or something crazy like that. I don't know how places like that can even stay in business now that everyone carries a camera around in their pocket all day. 

Hope you all have a good day!

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