Thursday, May 16, 2019

Broken Husband

So when I last posted here Scott was complaining about his knee hurting from "stepping off the train wrong". That was on Thursday. Thursday night he started running a fever. He was home Friday still with a fever that got up to 103.

Friday night my brother was having a birthday party for my (step) dad so I just came home long enough to swoop up Trevor, Jess and Daniel, peek in on Scott (still miserable) and get to Stockton. We were there about half an hour when Scott sent me a message that I should probably buy a new toilet on the way home. What? Apparently he went into go to the bathroom and woke up on the floor next to a broken toilet. Awesome.

I told everyone goodbye and we loaded up and went back home. I told Scott he needed to get dressed to go to the ER (he was like can't we just go to Urgent Care lol). Trevor helped him get into the car (he could barely walk on his knee) and I took him to the ER while the kids went and bought a new toilet.

At the ER the line was almost out the door to check in. I got Scott a wheel chair and had parked him to the side while I waited in line. They did the triage and surprisingly got us back pretty quickly.

Of course their first concerns were the angry looking ulcers on his legs. No people, that's not why we are here. Eventually they decided he had cellulitis on the same knee he hurt while getting off the train. Most likely from the ulcer that was also close to his knee. Apparently having cellulitis by your knee is really bad because if the infection gets in your joints it's all causes all kinds of problems.

At 4am he was upstairs in a bed and I could finally leave to go home. I slept a couple hours then got up and had my booth at the car show out where I live. I figured he was good for a few hours and I could use the distraction lol.

Later that night I went and hung out with him. He was getting THREE rotating antibiotics through the IV and they were tending to his ulcers on his legs with some fancy bandages (which I've tried to get since he's been home and they are THREE DOLLARS EACH-he had 5 on at one time and they were changed daily).

He was in the hospital for ten days. They tried to send him home one Friday with IV antibiotics for 10 days, which our insurance was like yeah that will be $238 out of pocket PER DAY. The same insurance that has a cap of $895 out of pocket per hospital stay after 5 days. Can you see what option we chose? From Thursday night to Friday morning his leg improved about 50% and by Monday when they were sending him home the color was so much better.

Oh also while he was there they did an MRI on his knee and he had actually injured it stepping off the train too, he had a sprain in him ACL and MCL but not bad enough to need surgery or anything.

So on Monday they sent him home with 10 days of oral antibiotics (2 kinds) which out of pocket was a grand total of $8.  Crazy isn't it?

He went to the doctor last Friday and the is off work for 2 more weeks so far. We are still waiting for the disability to kick in. Thank God I had a some money saved up and also get a paycheck.

I've been having him make us dinner since he is home and I'm working. He can barely stand to make dinner and usually sits down while it's going so there is no way he can make it though an eight hour work day and 4 hours of commuting.

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