Friday, February 26, 2021

More Organizing

Hello Happy Friday!! We started off the morning by having the internet out but I think it is good now. It went on and then off again for a bit there.

Yesterday I binge watched this show Ginny & Georgia. It's a bit teeny-bopper but I still thought it was good. Had some good mystery stuff added in.

So you all probably think I'm crazy I keep reorganizing this drawer. Yesterday I went through all my fabric on the top shelf of the tall book case and rerolled them onto smaller boards. A lot of them had just a bit of fabric on them so I couldn't really see them if I was just looking at the shelf. So I cut the boards down for most of them and the smaller pieces went into the drawer and the bigger pieces went on the shelf.

Some day soon I will paint that green wall back there. So the stuff on the top of the shelf has all been went through and cleaned up. I have a few things in the pink basket I need to list on Etsy (some felt stocking kits that are worth some $$) but I think I want to wait a bit closer to Christmas to list those. I think they sell for more then..

I am thinking maybe I'll get some kind of baskets/bins to put the fabrics in so I can just pull them out from the shelves.

Still need to go over the rest of the shelves too but I'll do that another day.

I was able to get back into the corner area by the closet and get to these 2 boxes that have not been rolled up on to boards yet. This is my project for today. Maybe I'll be able to get them all into one box and into the drawers.

I have like 2 work things to do so far today. That won't take long! I need to work on doing some house cleaning today and tomorrow. Trevor is still deciding what he wants for his birthday dinner on Sunday. I think there are some places we could probably go to eat at now, although I kind of like doing it at home now.  I have several friends who have got the 1st and 2nd doses of their vaccines. I think I'm still several rounds away. Are you going to get the vaccine? I'm hoping they don't find out it causes something harmful down the road since it was pushed through so fast but at the same time I'd like to be able to have a normal life and hug my friends. Time will tell I guess! 

Hope you all have a great weekend! I haven't sewn in almost a week, we'll see if I do any this weekend. I need to run to Joann's and use my February coupon from the calendar I bought ;)


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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Trouble Maker

Well my smart ass has got me in trouble again. I spent a lot of yesterday going through this big bag of lace I got from my neighbor and organizing it.

I went to put it on the group I've been selling on and WTF! I can't post or comment on anything.

So then I realized it was because I commented on someone's post. They had said "is it even worth selling stuff with the paypal fees?" I said yes just work it into your price. Someone comment to me that NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT. I was like why not what difference does it make. IT IS AGAINST THE RULES. And then I responded with a horror face emoji. Yeah so that caps call was a moderator. I guess they didn't like my comment haha. But really, any business person knows you have to work that all into your pricing. You can't sell something for fifty cents if you are going to get charged fifty cents for selling it so you'd sell it for at least a dollar so you are getting your fifty cents out of it.

So anyhow, had to find another group to sell the lace on and sold almost all of it to one person for $70. not too shabby for free stuff! I'm just about cleaned out of my misc stuff that I had to sell. Well on this side of the room anyways.

I pulled this picture up to show someone my Grandma's Pacer but I kind of feel like my neener neener is appropriate haha. 

In other news look how big my little munchy is getting! He is still just bottle fed (only 4 months old) but doesn't he look like he's ready to eat some waffles with mom and dad? They came over for a few minutes yesterday and ugh I can just eat him up, he's so cute! This is the first picture where I think he looks like Jess. Everyone always says he does but I could only see his dad.

When they came over she took the other car seat base so now Lucy lost her comfy spot. She is still sleeping on the blanket though.

It was so windy yesterday I never put out my free stuff. I think I'll wait until the weekend if it is nicer. I had to take a cold and sinus pill and some Advil yesterday my head was killing me. There was so much pressure in the air. My whole family was complaining so I know it wasn't just me.

Ok off to do some actual work today. Have a few emails in the que I've been saving up haha. The way we do things now is so backwards I have to sit and wait for them to pick people and THEN we have to make sure they have everything. Have a good day everyone!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Cats and Cleaning

 This morning I woke up and realized my cat Lucy never came to bed. Usually she sleeps with me and usually ON me at some point. I went to check on her and she's still in the same spot as last night. I think she isn't giving this spot up because Tina likes it too. This is the baby's extra car seat base with my blanket my grandma made me on top. Perfect cat bed apparently haha.

Meanwhile here is Tina yesterday "helping". I swear between her and I we are the biggest clutzes around here. If there is something to knock over she has knocked it over and I dropped about 5000 things yesterday.

So I have made $200 off of misc sewing/crafting junk. Nothing was really big or of any significance but I have cleared quite a bit out! So nice to get stuff organized more too. Today I want to work on this huge bag of lace my neighbor gave me. It works nice to have everything measured out and put on a little card to list it.

I have a couple boxes of stuff to put out for free too so I need to get that table set up today. Anything left over will go to the Hospice Shop or Goodwill for donation.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Selling & Organizing

 Woo wee kind of on a whim yesterday I decided to put some random stuff in my sewing room on a sale/destash group on Facebook.

I have sold so much stuff! I love when that happens. Now if everyone pays it will be great.  I finally caught up on getting it all packed up and invoices sent so now I need to go back and do the shipping labels for the stuff people have paid for.

This is mostly just random stuff that I have picked up at thrift stores/marketplace sales/neighbors etc that came with OTHER stuff I actually wanted. So I of course now am like gathering more stuff to sell but first I need to get this other stuff going out the door.

So nice to clear stuff out and organize a bit more. Last night I was actually able to get into the closet area which has been barricaded with crap. Well part of the closet area, still working on that ;)

Tina was very helpful and knocked over my stuff like THREE times, huge messes. 

Most of the stuff I am getting rid of was actually from the other side of the room but now I had some empty boxes so I was going through stuff a bit more. Plus reorganized my shipping envelopes over there. I know this is a disaster. Still getting organized from bringing everything in here plus stuff from the shed over the last year. Getting closer slowly but surely!

Working on stuff to put out at the curb for free too, I need to go out and put up a table and get that going.

While I was working my light bulb in the room went out. I was like crap do I even have anymore light bulbs? Luckily there was some random bulb and when I put it in I was like OMG everything is a different color in here. Much better! I want to get a ceiling fan to put in here soon for when it starts heating up. 

Ok off to print some labels! Woooohoo plus this is like free money to buy more good stuff ;)

Hope you all have a great day!

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Monday, February 22, 2021

Weekend Recap-Animals Sewing & Netflix

 Good morning! It's Monday again ugh why can't we have  3 day weekends every week?

This is Trevor's last week of being 17 and my last week of having any minor children! Isn't that crazy? His birthday is Sunday. Not sure what he wants to have for dinner yet :)

Friday night I went for my walk by myself, stopped at Jessica's in the middle and got sucked into a movie they were watching and then walked home in the dark lol. Here is a picture of the river from the levee close to Jessica's house (my mom's cabin that she is renting)

I usually start my walks by taking the dogs around the block. Snookie keeps refusing to walk after a bit. This is her face while I'm carrying her. Smug little bitch!

She needs her nails trimmed. I got one foot done and went about my business and then I looked up and there was BLOOD EVERYWHERE. Apparently I cut one too short. I cannot believe how much blood came out. Poor thing I felt horrible. I'm probably just going to take her to the vet and have them cut the rest, they don't charge that much. She was super upset with me. Usually she is next to me like glue but she stayed in the other room and sat near Scott for the whole evening. This is the closest she got and took off when I talked to her. She forgave me by bedtime though ;)

Now that Buster is gone I can get a few things we couldn't have before. He loved to pee on things so I had to be really careful about what I left on the floor (I had him checked multiple times and he was just an asshole). Anyhow, I ordered the dogs a dog bed. I got the big one so Rusty could sleep in it. Rusty has not slept in it once yet. 

Tubby thought it was rather nice

and Snookie likes it! I think I will order another small one for her for my sewing room/office area

So that was probably a waste but maybe he'll decide he likes it later.

I was doing some cleaning and cleaned out a box of mostly fabric/vintage sheets I had in the shed. I found a pile of scraps in the bottom. I think these were left over from when I did my sister in law's baby shower all those years ago. So I had fun playing with those all weekend.

At first I was just going to make some 4 blocks with 2" squares but then I got that done and decided to start sewing them together (thinking I had enough to make something big enough). They are pretty all sewn together but it was too small to be anything other than a doll blanket. 

While I was debating if I really wanted to cut more squares I cleaned up the rest of the scraps I had on my table.

A few crumb blocks (will add these to my bag of crumb blocks that I have and then make something when I have a lot)

and then some 1" strips, look how cool they are when you put the same fabrics on the same lines. I might have to make some more strips and keep going with these, I really like them. 

and then I finally found all the fabrics that the scraps had come from with the exception of the pink gingham. All I had was a little bit bigger one so I just used that. I had to lay out the part I had done and then replicate the "design". It is now longer but needs to be wider so I will have to add to the sides. Crappy late night picture

I was on a Documentary kick on Netflix while I sewed. It was nice watching documentaries with music. 

I was never into Grateful Dead so this was interesting

Loved this one about Clive Davis. I had no idea who he was. Lots of great music in this one.

Who doesn't like Dolly Parton?

And ended last night with this one about Frank Sinatra. I had no idea about the stuff with Kennedy, him and the mob. Crazy!

I watched another movie too but lost my screen shot. "Big Miracle" with Drew Barrymore about some whales that got stuck in Alaska. That was a pretty good movie too.

ok Guess I should do some work now. Blah. Don't have a whole lot to work on at the moment but I guess I should do what I have haha. Have a good day everyone!
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Friday, February 19, 2021

Walking and Cooking

Good morning! TGIF! How are you all doing today? Weekend plans? Of course I have none, although I am starting to want to work on the front yard again. I want to change it up a little, although now it is just a mess so it is really like starting over again on one said at least. Looks like it might rain a bit this morning and then just be mid 60's low 70's for the rest of the week. Looks like Texas is getting more snow today and then back to their regular weather. All those poor people. I wonder what it is going to be like once the snow melts, rivers running down the roads?

Yesterday was pretty blah until after work when I went for a walk with my friend Cassi. I didn't really want to go but I did anyway and then I felt like a new person.

Got a good sunset picture! That was the longest we've walked so far. My friend is really short so I think she has to take 3 steps to mine lol.

When I got home I made my Turkey Chili Taco Soup

It was delicious! I was going to make corn bread to go with it but I didn't have enough time. Surprisingly there is actually left overs so I can have some for lunch. 

Tonight I'm doing a whole chicken recipe. My chicken looks a bit on the small side though. I need to figure out what to make to go with it.

I just ordered a dog bed for the dogs. We couldn't have one before because Buster liked to pee on things like that. Says it will be here tomorrow so we'll see how they like it!

Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Moving On

Good morning Happy Thursday! I kind of feel like I already did half the day since I was wide awake from 2-5:30am until Scott got up and stopped breathing on me.

On the plus side I finally passed that level I was stuck on on the game Match 3D.

Yesterday was just so sad and miserable. I don't want to have to do that again for a very long time. These remaining animals better live a long time. Poor Buster didn't go down without a fight. Melissa and I have very puffy eyes today. Here is a picture from awhile back before he got so scruffy. My little Pirate kitty. 

Ok no more sadness! 

My brother Joe and his wife had a new baby yesterday! This is my niece Stella. That makes 3 kids for them so now all of my siblings and I have had a houseful lol. 3 for me, 4 for my brother Louie and 3 for Joe. 10 grandkids and one great for my parents! 

Trevor made us dinner last night! He forgot to make some green stuff (understandable with what we had going on) but here is the Amazing Delicious Skillet Salisbury Steak

It was really good! I am going to make Turkey Chili Taco Soup for dinner tonight. I've made that one before. Need to go put it all in the crock pot in a bit. ETA Just kidding it's not a crock pot recipe!

Still kind of a slow time for work stuff which is good and bad at the same time.
See you tomorrow!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Domestic Life

 Good morning happy hump day!

I was a good girl yesterday and finally put away some clean clothes that I had been ignoring, did some laundry (more to do today), had Jessica be my personal grocery shopper, went for a walk, made dinner and did all the dishes! Then I went to bed early lol. Of course then I woke up at 3am until like 4:30am but did fall back to sleep later.

I actually made a menu for meals again with recipes so that I will actually want to cook. It is a lot more fun to do it that way then be like ugh it's 5:00 what am I going to make for dinner. 

Last night I tried this recipe for Garlic and Paprika Chicken mine didn't look like the picture but it was still good. I always take the skin off the chicken since that is how I grew up and it seems so gross to leave it on now. Originally I got this recipe from another page but they said the recipe was from Jo Cooks. The recipe I used left out the part about cooking it partially on the stove first. Maybe that's why the picture looks so much different!

For my walk Trevor went with me and we walked the dogs around the block then went and met my friend Cassi. Its nice having other people to walk with, makes the time go by faster. Part of the time here is when my neighbor brought me some eggs on my way back from taking the dogs and I was standing there talking to him so not quite as long as it says on there.

I was going to throw this box away and then I was like well I should put it out for the cats to play in first. Tubby LOVES boxes. Didn't take long.

Later today I have an appointment to take Buster in for his last car ride :( Poor guy is just peeing everywhere and cries a lot now. He has lost so much weight too. Of course now 2 out of 3 kids are trying to talk me out of it which makes it even harder. Cry cry cry.  Melissa is going to go with me since they only allow 2 in. IDK if the other 2 will come along for the ride or not. I feel like I should have just took him and not said anything to them but it is what it is.

I don't have much pressing "work" to do today so we'll see what I can find to keep myself busy.
Hope you all have a great day!
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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Weekend Sew A Thon

 Good morning! It's Tuesday but my Monday since I had yesterday off. 

Super tired and grouchy feeling this morning. I actually went to be early last night and fell asleep for an hour or so and then I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep forever. Scott was still playing video games at midnight. I was like are you going to work tomorrow? Sheesh. 

One thing I didn't think about when he put that TV on the wall is that it is in my line of sight from where I sleep. I can't just shut the door because then the animals want in or out 5000 times and that is even worse.

I did a lot of sewing over the weekend and walked every day but yesterday. I got a new fitbit but I currently have it off because it keeps flashing/buzzing DND which is pretty freaking annoying. I can't figure out how to get it to stop doing that yet. I looked it up and other people had the same complaint. It stopped doing it after a bit yesterday so maybe it will be done soon lol.

Here is the yellow mixed with the yellow/orange squares. It is still small so it will need some borders. I set it aside for now. I'll come back to it later lol

Here is the 1" strips left over 

and then the crumb blocks. I remember why I don't use the narrower strips now it makes it too bulky but these are done to add to the bag

Then I decided to finish off these 1" denim strips. I have around 20 of them total. I'm thinking of making a bag with them maybe. IDK what else to make. Could maybe do pillow covers with them.

Sunday night and Monday I worked on some zip bags. I have a big box of them cut out and had matched up zippers and such last time I worked on them. I picked out some "themes" to work on. These are a little puffier than the ones I made before since I am using up some smaller pieces of batting I have.

Got these done Sunday night "booze" haha

Coffee and Kitchen


Started working on some butterflies and birds yesterday. Got those all pinned together to start sewing when I get to it.

My work desk is a huge mess I need to clean it up. When I sew I tend to throw everything over onto the other desk (table). 

Today's list of things to do is 
1. Instacart
2. Ship out Etsy orders
3. Clean off this table
4. Put away a tub of laundry in my room.

We'll see if I get them done ;)

I feel so bad for the people in Texas that are freezing. I read this morning that a mom and child died trying to stay warm in their car. So sad. My cousin lives in Texas and said they have 3 more days of cold weather in the forecast. Brr

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Friday, February 12, 2021

Walking Sewing and Netflix

 Woohooo we made it to Friday!

Can someone tell me why my dog thinks he needs to go out the moment my ass hits my work chair? Sooo annoying. I think he's just making it up but he won't leave me alone until I take him out.

Yesterday I got my walk in and was safely in the house before it started raining. I attempted to use Runkeeper to see how far I went (always in a competition with myself) but apparently you have to pay for it now for it to track the mileage.  Still debating if I want to do that or not but I did order a Fitbit. My friend sent me a $40 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods so I put that towards it. Just one of the cheaper ones but it will do the job. 

I have to take the dogs for a little walk first when I go out because Rusty knows when I'm going to go for a walk and won't leave me alone. I just take them on a long block and back and then they are good. The first day Snookie sat down and said she was done about 3 minutes from home lol. She's so funny.

I worked on my yellow strip square blocks some more last night. I used up all the base squares I sew the strips to so I will have to cut some more to finish off my roll.

I have some half yellow half orange blocks I made before so I think I will see what they look like together when I'm done :)

No exciting weekend plans here AND it is a 3 day weekend. I should probably do some laundry I'm about out of clean towels and comfy shirts and shorts/pants. If we ever go back to work in the office every day I'm going to have to buy a new wardrobe. Although hopefully I can lose some weight so my jeans fit better again lol.

Just remembered I need to make some Valentine's cards for the nieces and nephews. My mom made them little Valentine's mail boxes and my girls made them some Valentine's too to put in them. One more thing kids miss out on with no school.

I watched a Effie Gray on Netflix while I was sewing last night. What a sad movie. Dakota Fanning really grew up and that is an old movie. I just looked it up she is the same age as my oldest so 27! Omg wasn't she just 12?

Ok off to maybe do something productive. Not much real work to do today so far! Have a good day and weekend!
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Thursday, February 11, 2021

I live in the Ghetto

 Good morning! My internet is painfully slow this morning. It's ok I didn't want to work anyways. Luckily it is the slower time for me at the moment.

I went into work at noon yesterday and stayed until 4. I stopped at the good burrito place for lunch but the line was out the door so I just went through the drive thru at Carl's Jr's instead. I think most of the staff at Carl's Jr does not speak English as their first language. This place is on the corner of a busy street and it is so  hard to understand what they are saying through the little box. 

At work I got my letters printed out and mailed off then cleaned up the desk I've been working on. Shredded a box of papers and all those old checks of Scott's I am always finding around the house. Cloroxed the desk and filed all the papers I can never find folders for. If I couldn't find the file I put it on the desk of the person in charge of the file. They can put it away after I've tried like 10 times.

After work I went for a little walk. I have told myself I need to try and walk for at least 30 minutes a day. I am really getting out of shape just sitting in the house all day every day. My hips were hurting so bad just from vacuuming for 10 minutes the other day. Of course Rusty some how knows when I am going to go for a walk and is relentless about going too. The dogs can't walk very far though (probably from just being in the house so long) so I just took them on a short walk and then dropped them off at home and went back out for a few more minutes for myself. 

Just walking my little area of the neighborhood was so depressing. So many houses and yards are just falling apart. I don't know if people just don't have the money, the time or the man power to fix things but it is looking sad out there. I know I need to work on my yard too.

Look at this street sign down the street from my house. It is no wonder delivery drivers can't find our houses.

One of the houses down the street has a full on casket in their front yard. What the actual hell? That same house has a roof that can't possibly be keeping the rain out. I was complaining about the casket on FB and one of the board members actually went and took a picture and sent it to me today. I find it kind of crazy that no one has complained about this but me? It was laying flat when I saw it yesterday but propped up this morning. I'm sure that would kill a child if it fell on them. Hopefully the board can get them to get rid of it.

Anyhow when Scott got home I asked him if he could please work on getting that piece of shit car that does not belong to us gone by June 1st. I figure that is plenty of time. It has been here for about 9 years now. I think that is long enough. If it is still here I'm going to work on getting it towed. I'm tired of playing around with it. Either take it where it goes or it's going. Also asked him about what he wanted to do with the boat we haven't taken out in like 15 years. Instead of just trying to give it away for free he wants to take the engine out? And cut it up? and put it in the trash can? What the actual fuck. Men are stupid.  

Then he tells me why do I have to bombard him with all this at once right now. I asked him when would be a good time and he didn't have an answer. After he's dead and I have to deal with it I guess.

Why do we think it is such a good idea to get married?

So I retreated to my sewing room and finished making my yellow strips with the leftover scraps and made 2 squares. I wasn't really feeling like working on them though so that is all I got done and then I just went to bed and looked at Tik Tok until I fell asleep.

That's all my excitement for today. It is supposed to rain around 3 today. Might try to go for a walk on my "lunch" that I don't usually even take since I just do things throughout the day. I wish today was Friday I'm tired of thinking about work stuff. Oh and I should probably cook a real dinner tonight too...

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