Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Cats and Cleaning

 This morning I woke up and realized my cat Lucy never came to bed. Usually she sleeps with me and usually ON me at some point. I went to check on her and she's still in the same spot as last night. I think she isn't giving this spot up because Tina likes it too. This is the baby's extra car seat base with my blanket my grandma made me on top. Perfect cat bed apparently haha.

Meanwhile here is Tina yesterday "helping". I swear between her and I we are the biggest clutzes around here. If there is something to knock over she has knocked it over and I dropped about 5000 things yesterday.

So I have made $200 off of misc sewing/crafting junk. Nothing was really big or of any significance but I have cleared quite a bit out! So nice to get stuff organized more too. Today I want to work on this huge bag of lace my neighbor gave me. It works nice to have everything measured out and put on a little card to list it.

I have a couple boxes of stuff to put out for free too so I need to get that table set up today. Anything left over will go to the Hospice Shop or Goodwill for donation.
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Wanna sell my stuff? You state a price and then I had a ya-hoo ask if he could pay $5.00.
Ah, no. I paid 180 for this so I'm not taking $5. Can't believe he asked. I told him to google the brand, the number on it and see what it's worth. ($125 not $5 and I"m selling it for 50 willing to go down to 40) but not $5.00. It's like new. People are a pain in the ass so sometimes for me it's worth either tossing out or giving away than having to deal with these people.

Julie H said...

Yeah Marketplace is horrible! Plus no one wants to drive 12 miles to my house in the country

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