Saturday, December 30, 2017


Christmas was so nice since I have ALL my kids here. That was really the best gift there could be.  We started off the morning with opening presents at home and then went to my mom's to open presents with my whole family which takes hours now since there are so many of us. This year reminded me of when I was little and we would open gifts at my Grandma's house and everyone would be gone by the time it got to be her turn (we open youngest to oldest, one at a time.)

Mom's tree with the presents brought by everyone added in

The one time it's good to be a younger twin, Vincent gets to go first!






My mom got him a new Skateboard, he's in heaven.



and last but not least Jessica!

My mom got her this cool hula hoop she's been wanting. I'll have to get her to send me a video so I can share, it looks like it lights up when you record it.

We all played a bit of pool, that was fun

Brother Louie and Emma

We had 18 people for dinner. Scott went and got his mom and sister Suzie and brought them over to eat. I took some pictures with my mom's camera, maybe I can update later when I get a chance to steal them.

Jess and I washed most of those dishes PLUS all the serving ones. Mom ended up drying when Jess petered out. I told mom next year lets just have pizza on paper plates. 

This was the best toy. It's called my first drone or something like that but it's really just a toy helicopter that is kid proof! They all had a great time playing with it.

For some reason I wasn't smart and had to go to work the day after Christmas. I won't make that mistake again! I was so tired and just wanted to lay around in my pj's instead of going to work.

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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!

For not having any plans to go anywhere for Christmas Eve this year I'm exhausted.

I started off my day by finally going to the grocery store to get cookie and lasagna supplies. Then back home where Melissa and I got the cookies started. Jessica came over and helped and Trevor even got in a couple stirs of cookie dough. Then the girls had to go to work and Trevor went away and it was up to me to finish making a shit ton of cookies. I just finished making lasagna and doing the dishes and it's 10pm.

Meanwhile Scott is snoring and I really want to throw something at him.
But hey look how pretty the tree is.

Jessica will come over in the morning for present opening. Hopefully everyone likes their presents. Lots of little things this year instead of one big thing. After we get done here we'll go over to my mom's house to spend the day. Scott is going to go get his mom and sister and bring them for dinner (which is why we didn't go to his mom's today). Hopefully that goes ok! I'm hoping the little kids will like their bags I made and filled for them. I should have taken the day after Christmas off so I would have had a day to rest haha. 

Well guess I should fill the stockings and go to bed. It's been a long day and tomorrow will be too. I'm kind of looking forward to all the holidays being over so we can just chill for a bit ;)
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Sunday, December 17, 2017

I guess Christmas is Coming?

No matter how much I drag my feet Christmas always ends up coming.

We finally got a REAL Christmas tree because my kids hate the fake one. This only took two trips to town for Scott and the kids to finally bring one home. When they got home we only had one strand of tree lights. haha. Today we finally got another strand. Trevor put them on the tree but Melissa is at work so they can decorate it tomorrow.

Today we went and BOUGHT A NEW MATTRESS! It's a miracle. Our current mattress is taco like and has pokey springs. We actually went to buy Trevor a mattress since he got a new to him bed. He's been sleeping on the floor for ages after his other bed broke. One step closer to being civilized people. They all come on Friday when Scott can be here for the delivery. I think this means I need to clean my disaster of a bedroom but I've got a couple days for that still right? I would really like to tear the carpet out but I can't handle doing that right now since Christmas is next weekend.

Yesterday I went as an elf on the Christmas Caroling Train. I actually rode in a golf cart with my friend Traci behind the train and took out little gift bags to people that came out of the houses. It was fun even though it was cold.

A blurry picture of my parents and Robert

My brother Joe, Maegen and Adrian

Trevor was there too but I didn't get a picture of him and apparently no one else did either. He was sitting with some girls..

Santa came for a bit for pictures but I think his back didn't hold out well enough for the 2nd round of train riders. 

After we got back everyone was going out for dinner so Scott, Trevor and I went with them to Chili's. 
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Monday, December 11, 2017

One Eyed Mr Pisser

Work was so busy today. I said outloud that I'm ready for a few of those "boring" days again. The only time I wasn't actively working today was when I was at lunch or the bathroom.  I probably would have just held it a bit but now that I'm "older" sneezing with a (slightly) full bladder is a bad idea.  I find this really annoying. Also annoying is how much better I can see to thread a needle if I put on reading glasses (with my distant glasses or contacts on also).  And that two inch long gray hair that likes to stick straight out of my forehead. Like where did you come from?

So in other news. Last week I had to take Buster to the vet. His eye had turned all white and while I was like "oh he's just went blind" the kids and my husband were texting me and telling me how he needed to go to the vet. Eventually I looked at my 14 year old cat who loves me and sleeps on my pillow every night and decided I guess he was worth a small fortune vet visit.  Even if his nickname is "Mr. Pisser" and I look forward to the day I can actually put rugs down in my bathroom.

He weighs 13.2 pounds now. And yes, he needed to have his eye removed. I signed away an entire paycheck and picked up my cat the next day minus one eye.  Doesn't he look like he was in a bar fight?

The next day after work I took off the cone and he perked up so much. He hasn't done anything that would hurt his stitches so he's remained cone free.  Here he is last night coming in for his nightly "I'm a better door than a window" while I tried to watch Netflix on my Kindle. (Currently watching The Crown and will go back to Lovesick when I'm done with it)

He has one more week and then he'll get his stitches out. I miss his pretty eye but I'm glad he didn't have a tumor. They said his eye had an ulcer, although I wonder what caused it. I went to a new vet and while I love that they didn't charge extra for a night appointment they were a bit lacking in the follow up phone calls. The vet I was going to built a new "Vet Mansion" for their new office so I doubt I can afford to go back there haha. They were pretty pricey to start with. I was quoted $200-$1000 when I asked how much they charged to spay back when I needed to take Lucy in. Uh yeah no..

Well off to hide in my bedroom. I have offered to pay Scott how much he would win for Fantasy Football if he would just shut the hell up and stop yelling at the TV but he doesn't appear to be taking me up on that offer. I should be sewing so I should probably start the bag for my co-worker but I'm kind of tired. Might just be a Netflix night!

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Busy Little Bee

Oh my gosh you guys I've been so busy. I just drank like 2 glasses of champagne with the neighbor so hey! Good time to write haha.

Today I did another "Holiday Boutique" at a school.

Remind me not to do things at schools again. We'll add that to the list of things not to do.

Shows in a back room of a hotel
Shows at a golf course in November
Shows at a little bar/restaurant in the "back room"
Shows at a school

Basically if you don't see it advertised on Facebook at least 5 times before you go it's going to suck. That seems to be the way it goes.

Luckily today though I still made back my booth fees plus a bit more. I did meet some really nice people and got a bit of Christmas shopping done. When you don't have people coming in from outside the vendors start shopping eachother's booths lol. I did stop by Joanns after it was over too so, yeah. Hahaha.

When I got home I talked to the neighbor gal who wanted to buy a couple of my things so I went over there and drank some champagne and talked for awhile. And I came home with some more money in my pocket. WOOT.

There was another event in town today that my step mom went to and another gal I know was thinking about doing it. I'm interested to see how that went. I didn't sign up for that one because it's at our Outlet Mall which is now more of a dead mall.

I don't have anything else booked for the month but I've been thinking about doing one at my house. First I need to clean up and decorate though!Pin It
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