Monday, August 31, 2009

Ack It's Just Not FAIR!!

My baby girl

needs one of these

It makes me want to cry!

Seriously they grow up so fast. Before long she's going to be wanting to go hang out at the mall with her friends, texting non stop on her cell phone and talking to BOYS!!Pin It

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Brother's Dog is Crazy!

Yesterday my baby brother wanted me to come over and check out my soon to be niece's bedroom. They just finished fixing it up and it's oh so cute. I should have taken a picture of it but I didn't :o( I'll have to do that the next time I go over there. Hopefully that time I'll have a cute little niece to cuddle with! She's due in 5 days and her mommy is oh so ready for her to come out and join the world!

After going by there we went to the store and picked up some food for an impromptu bbq at my other brother's house. My brother has a crazy dog. Her name is Zoe. The whole time the kids are in the pool she barks at them, and tries to eat the water. Now she's added jumping in the pool and swimming around to the barking. It's pretty funny to watch but after about an hour she always ends up getting locked up on the side yard.

We hung out there for hours while we waiting for the bbq to cook. Apparently my brother got a faulty propane tank because it took about 2 hours too cook some hamburgers and they were still a little on the med rare side. We ate dinner around 10:30! Good thing we had some chips to munch on.

Trevor spent the night to hang out with his cousin. They haven't had hardly any time to play with eachother lately. Such a change from before where they were with eachother all day almost every day.Pin It

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Child My Demon

This boy

became possessed today. It all started out good. We were on a trip to Target looking for a few school supplies that I hadn't picked up yet. We were taking a little stroll from the school supplies section, which of course, turns right into the TOY section.

It was all good though. My kids are used to looking at toys and not getting anything.


I said let's go.

And Trevor wanted a Transformer.

Trevor has LOTS of Transformers. He gets really pissed at them because he can't get them to change on his own. Several of them are in pieces, probably on the floor of his room as I type this.

So I told him no and kept walking.

::enter demon child::

He runs after me screaming how he "wants a Transformer" and pulling my arm. I keep walking with him dragging behind me. At one point he was laying on the floor in an aisle.

I kept walking.

THEN he slugs me in the back.

Which he was rewarded with a smack on the ass. At this point I was kind of hoping someone would come take me away. I was totally ok with a short vacation in a small cell.

We proceed to the check out, kid screaming, me texting Jessica that I was leaving she better hurry from where ever she is. Melissa walking along totally mortified.

We wait our turn at the check out and he's calmed down just a bit from hysterical to slighly crying. Now he sees the things at the check out section and wants something from there.

Um no. Bad boys don't get toys I tell him. Finally it's our turn. He's back to screaming hysterically. The check out girl tells me "Good for you for not giving in".

I asked her if she had a margarita.

Not really but I sure could have used one!! Somewhere from the check out to the walk out his crying has turned into that he "wants Pokemon cards".

We're outside and a Grandma pushing her cart is trying to get the hell out of the way but I know she was thinking about the good old days where you could beat your kid in public and everyone applauded.

We get in the car. Go down 3 doors to staples (Target didn't have any pencil boxes, WTH!) and I ask him if he can maintain while we go in Staples. He says something about Pokemon cards and I told him if I heard anything about Pokemon cards while we were in the store I was going to take them all.

Then, the clouds parted and my angel baby was back.


So where's that margarita...Pin It

Almonds Anyone??

It's that time of year again.
Here in the Central Valley where I live we have tons of almond orchards.
And they are putting more in every day.
Today I saw this on the way to work.
I was hoping it would still be there on the way home so I could snap a picture of it and it was!
So here, you have the biggest "pile" of almonds I've ever seen on the side of the road.
(actually I've NEVER seen them on the side of the road like that, it's kind of weird).
And YES it IS Almonds.

(please excuse the crap on the windsheild-I'm out of washer fluid!)

Think of that pile next time you go to the grocery store and pay $5 for a little can of almonds.

BTW, do you say ALL-monds or AM-onds? It's like a sin to say ALL-monds around here if you are a farmer. They ALL say AM-onds. Weird.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Secret Life Of Women: Extreme Diets

Tonight I actually got to hold the remote for about half an hour! It was amazing, it was exciting, it was educational!! Even if I did get up on the commercials to do dishes. I almost got to watch the whole program before Scott got home and started stressing about missing "Samurai Jack" or something stupid like that. Sheesh.


I was doing some channel surfing and ended up watching Extreme Diets: Eating Garbage, Going Raw, God's Diet and By The Numbers.

Very interesting stuff here!!

As a woman that has been on Weight Watchers so many times she could lead a class by the subject (and yet is still 50 pounds overweight), done the "South Beach Diet" (at least until I was into Stage 2 and went to Vegas, never saw that diet again). I've done Fit Day where you track all your food, tried Spark People, and many other of the "more natural" diets that you can think of. I'm not into doing anything that involves pills or weird shakes, although I take that back, I did try pills once and they didn't do a damn thing.

So. Here's a few new? ideas.

I'll start at the top. The Garbage Diet, or as the woman called it being a Freeganists. Basically that means she only eats food she gets for free by "dumpster diving". When I first heard the title there I was thinking of the bums we have around here that will rifle through dumpsters and trash cans looking for cans and bottles to recycle. These people, are so not those people.

Freeganist to me sounded more along the lines of "recyclers" and less about the diet. The story shows how they go on "tours" of where they can get the "goods". I think she said she lives in Brooklyn, and it looked like basically they hit the garbage cans of the stores and restaurants. Places that would throw out day old food and food that was getting close to the sell by date and such. It sounds nasty but you could tell that the places were used to people "going through their garbage" and would kind of accommodate them. Such as one place that had day old bagels that only put the bagels in a trash bag, all by themselves. So it was really just a bag of bagels. Where's the cream cheese???

While the whole idea sounds gross I can definitely see where these people are coming from. They are pulling fully unopened packages of good quality food out of the "trash". Obviously they aren't looking for your half eaten subway sandwich that you dropped and tossed in the trash. I think the whole sad part of this though is that all that food (that's not picked out) goes to waste! There is so much "paperwork" involved in donating food that they would just rather throw it out than feed hungry people that don't have money to buy food. Sad.

The whole "Going Raw" was very interesting. Although I really can't see myself mixing let alone buying all those different powders and misc things all together and slurping them down for breakfast. I'm definitely too lazy. Plus what do you do when you go somewhere and they only have cooked food? The woman was a vegan also. I don't know. I don't think I could give up the occasional steak and I don't even own a proper blender. (Damn mudslide mix killed another one!) The woman in this segment was totally cute though. I kind of wanted to take her home so she could pep talk me into drinking her mixture of whatever it was so I'd have lots of energy.

Hmmm God's Diet. This woman has a book. And a BIG Diamond. And a BIG house. And wears lots of scary make up and has weird hair. The overall idea I get...

By the numbers. These people don't even look healthy to me. The whole idea of not eating after lunch until breakfast the next day makes me want to sweat and hug my skillet.

So I learned a bit but don't think I'll be trying any of these things anytime soon. I think it's actually illegal here to dumpster dive and it would DEFINITELY get around quick in our small city that "that mom was climbing in the dumpster behind Save Mart".

I'm destined to be fat forever I'm afraid.

PS: I use the word DEFINITELY a lot and I still can't spell it right. TG for spell check!!Pin It

Friday, August 21, 2009


Trevor and I paid a visit to Yogofina today. This was our 2nd trip. At this yogurt place you go up to the wall and "choose your flavor-or flavor(s)". Then you hit the toppings bar.

He loves that he can pick his flavors and put on his own toppings. Of course I'm hoovering near by going, "not too much", "ok that's enough!"

After you are all done filling your bowl you set it on the scale and hope your eye to hand ratio wasn't too heavy.

Tonight with the 2 of use we got out for $8 and change after my $1 off coupon. Kind of spendy for the two of us but it's fun for an occassional treat.

Yogofina on UrbanspoonPin It

Cough Syrup Is Cueen.

I'm seriously exhausted today people!

Note to self: do not take prescription cough medicine and then go to work. I just got there and I feel like I have a little bubble in my brain. Thank God it's Friday and there's hardly anyone here so far. Hopefully it will stay that way.

Yesterday when I got home I some how managed to go out and work in the yard until I got too hot and felt like collapsing in a pile of sweat. Fought the burmuda grass along the edge on the left front side. It looks so much better now. I'm hoping I can talk Scott into framing out the rest of the walkway on that side this weekend. That would be super nice!!

It's hard to keep up with working and then it being so hot all the time.

Let's pray it's a little cooler this weekend!!Pin It

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cleaning Makes You A Nag

Well I got up in time to take a shower and even made it to work on time.

Where I snorted and sniffed for most of the day. My kids had to walk home from the bus stop today. They get out almost 2 hours earlier on Wednesdays. Isn't that the stupidest thing? How are you supposed to work with that? Apparently Trevor cried all the way home because his "legs hurt" and he didn't want to walk. I can just imagine him dragging his huge back pack that he insisted on behind him crying and crying. Total Mom guilt!

Got home and got the yard watered then picked up the living room.

Does anyone else turn into a total bitch after you clean? I'm like

"pick that up!"
"don't bring that in here"
"WTH are you doing!!"
"I JUST cleaned that, grrrr"

I think that is why my house gets so messy. It's just easier.

I dusted up the piano to take a picture of it. I'm going to give it away. It needs some work and no one ever plays it and I'm tired of it. Of course I never took the picture though because I got side tracked so maybe I'll get to that tomorrow.

Did a load of laundry and drug out all the other dirty clothes out to the garage.

::checked for bats first::

About 2 weeks ago I told everyone that I'm tired of doing laundry so I'll do mine and Trevor's and everyone else can do their own. Scott should be running out of clothes to wear soon. I think they are all out in front of the washer. Seriously. BIG PILE. Wonder if he'll just wear them dirty??

Tomorrow is "Back to School Night". I'm seriously thinking of skipping it. Maybe I can milk the sick thing and get the kids to let me miss it. I don't think there is anything new. Trevor's teacher had both the girls and Melissa's teacher had Jessica so we know them already. See? I about have myself talked out of going already.

I told myself I wasn't going to start reading another book until my house was totally clean but I'm so tired and my body hurts and I don't want to clean anymore. I just want to go lay down and veg out so I think that's what I'll do.Pin It

Brush With Death..

This is how I started my day today.

I actually went to work, which I didn't think was going to happen.

I thought I'd have to stay home with Trevor but he sounded better so I dosed him up with some meds and sent him on his way. I'm sure the teacher just LOVES me!

Next week half the class will be out sick. Sorry!!

Managed to work about 7 hours. Came home for a few minutes then went to Costco. Melissa & Trevor went with me. It was a quiet ride there.

$150 later we have groceries for a few days. Trevor's already eaten half the food we bought earlier. I swear that kid can EAT when he wants to. I'm seriously scared for when he's a teenager.

Dinner was a pizza from Costco, and Trevor ate half a watermelon.

I layed around and finished reading my book for the church book club. VERY good book but I'm annoyed how ::SPOILER::


the "good girl" always gets pregnant when she has sex for the first time and the sex is just HORRIBLE and she feels so ashamed. Seriously?? I don't know about everyone else but my first time was anything but horrible, I don't regret it and I DIDN'T GET PREGNANT. Maybe I just wasn't a "good girl" ??

So finished my book and my house is a serious wreck. I mean like CPS wreck I'm thinking! So I went out to the garage, well attempted to and something brushed my check and I'm like WTH was that and OMG SHIT MY PANTS ALMOST it was a FREAKING BAT!!


::shudders again::

::still shuddering::

Needless to say I skipped going all the way into the garage, freaked out and had a ton of adrenaline so did a shit load of dishes while Scott watched a movie. Would have been nice if he would have helped but I didn't ask and he didn't offer so guess I shouldn't complain.

Then I just farmed my towns on Farm Town and Farmville.

I'm freaking pathetic.

It's 12:23 am and I should really take a shower before I go to bed but I'm not going to and I'll either just have to get my ass up early or be late for work. Maybe I'll be sick.
I am sick.

::sniffles::Pin It

Monday, August 17, 2009

Babies back to school

So the little kids started school today! Melissa wanted to ride the bus, and at the last minute Trevor decided that he would ride the bus too. I was a little nervous about letting him go to school without me to tell him which way to go, but in reality it's a small school with only one class for each grade, and he did fine!

Here's their first day pictures, as usual someone was complaining about the sun being in their eyes. If you ever start this tradition, make sure you pick somewhere that the sun isn't blinding your kids.

5th grade and looking so grown up!

1st grade, he dressed himself! He KIND of matched.

I got to work right on time this morning. I started a new project of doing something I already did only redoing it into a new catagory. FUN. I forgot my mp3 player too so I'm sure I annoyed everyone with my chattering.

This stupid thing just about got the best of me today. I won eventually by removing it's insides and violently throwing them in the trash. Take that, you stupid piece of plastic!! Sometimes I really long for the good old days of goop on a paint brush.

Got home way before the school bus so I think tomorrow I will stay at work a little bit later. I got home and Jessica was struggling to cover her books. I think she just "acts" like she is trying to do it because she knows I will do it for her. I secretly love to cover books. Sick I know.
I have a roast (actually 2 small ones) in the oven because I forgot to put them in the crock pot. Hopefully they turn out ok!
I'm pretty sure I'm getting Trevor's lovely cold. My throat is all scratchy. Prepare yourself for my self pity post tomorrow if it hits me full steam.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

August Yard Update

It's been almost a month since my last garden update! I had to take pictures with my cell phone because SOMEONE (they are named "not me" and "I didn't do it") broke my camera. We have about 5 cameras that don't work.

Anyhow. So excuse the slightly somewhat blurry pictures. It's been really hot for the last few weeks. That combined with going back to work and working 8 hour days most days has lead to not much work in the yard. Although it seems to have LOVED the heat as long as I water daily.

Front view

Out the front door
Coming from down the road. My neighbor told me it reminded him of Disneyland when they would come down the road from this direction. I think I love him now. We need to work on getting that grass on the left out and get the rock to put there before the flowers get invaded. I've already dug one row all the way down to keep it back but it's filling in fast.

From the walkway, same side

The "other" side. My poor alyssum by the paper box was looking HORRIBLE. I finally went to investigate, and when we put the wood in it was never fully filled in with dirt on the flower side. I added some miracle grow soil and it's perking back up.

I put in a few petunia's today on this side. The last batch I put in got too hot before I got them in the ground and didn't make it.

Those cosmos by the tree have really taken off. They are all crazy wild and big. My inner "organizer" wants to take them out because they aren't balanced but I'm fighting the want to move them.

This side is really filling in nicely.

:sigh: Next part. If only it would cool off, we have some fun plans for this area.

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Why you should get dressed before 4 if your kid needs crap for school.

So I finally got dressed today!

Melissa came home from her friend's house and I remembered that I told her she could get her hair cut today. Plus Jess needed some stuff for one of her classes.

So we went out and started with the library. We got there at 4:30, they closed at 5 so great timing. Went in and got our books (finally paid my fines, OUCH) and were back in the car with time to spare.

Next stop, hair cuts for all 3 kids. We got there at 4:58. They closed at 5. I asked "are you sure it's ok?" they said "yeah, it's fine". I felt like shit while we were sitting there waiting our turn and they were all discussing how they hate when people come in right before closing. I almost left, but it's the place with the balloons, which is where Trevor likes to go lol.

So Trevor got his done, Melissa got hers done, and Jessica, well the gal that started to cut her hair passed her off because she "didn't know what she wanted" and then the girl that cut her hair kind of butchered her bangs. Poor kid. Think they took out our making them stay on her head.

So we left there and got to Staples at 5:55. They closed at 6. YIKES. So Jess looks for her composition books and they have none left. She ran into half her class there and they told her what other stores didn't have them. (Wal Mart).

So THEN we went to Target. No composition books there.

Rite Aid, closed.

Longs, no notebooks, sold out.

Walgreens. Same. Jessica is getting really pissed off at this point and I can fill the bubble of stress around here and it's starting to invade my space.

Next and last stop, the old Longs, the only store we haven't tried yet. She's actually in the store for more than a few minutes (we quit ALL going in after Target) so I'm thinking this is a good thing. Eventually she comes out with a bag (CHEERS!!!) and 2 kind of beat up composition books she found laying in two different places in the store, none of which they were supposed to be.

All I can say is HURRAY!!

Got home and had to go outside to "destress" from her and the other 2 fighting in the car, the store, and all that stress for the notebooks.

Everyone is in bed now.


One nice thing about going back to school. Bedtimes!!Pin It

Lazy Day Sunday II

Is it legal to drink Smirnoff while you are still wearing your night gown??

Because that is what I'm doing. Along with playing on facebook, listing to some music on YouTube that someone linked up to on Facebook. And checking blogs. Love my blog friends!!

I had quite a few comments in my in box this morning, which was AWESOME!! Love you guys!! Did I say that already? Because I REALLY do!!

I slept in until 10 this morning, oh glorious sleep, how I love you. Yet I can't help but think when I wake up so late that the whole day is gone. Guess that's why I'm still in my nightgown, what's the use of getting dressed if you are just going to go to sleep again soon.

Although there was some mention of driving someone to get some more school supplies.

Darn. Guess I'll have to get dressed eventually.Pin It

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I had NOTHING to do with it!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm officially OLD

Here's a picture of Jessica on her first day of school.


Yeah stupid phone doesn't want to send the picture. Even though it DID send it this morning to my work email. Which of course, I can't get into at home.


So I guess you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see my SOPHOMORE.

I swear it was just yesterday she was in Kindy!

She was grossly disappointed that there were no hot guys in her auto shop class. I guess Chemistry made up for it. I can see some "chemistry" happening in "chemistry". haha

::ducks the tomatoes::

Little kids are at my mom's until Friday. I came home from work and took a nap. Scott and I had Smirnoff's for dinner and some "popcorn chicken" warmed up in the microwave because we are feeling all motivated to cook and such.

ETA Here's a crappy phone picture, maybe I can buy a cheap new camera this weekend!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why you should NOT procrastinate

This is how I started my day.

I don't think those "muffins" really qualify as a muffin. If they had frosting on them they would definitly be a cup cake. Do you like my Chococat mug? I love Chococat. Feel free to send me Chococat gifts.

I could really use some gifts. I just spent most of my paycheck on school crap and THE BUS for a semester for my kid to get to school and back.

I should have taken a picture of the LINE to PAY for the bus. The "transportation office" is located in a portable type building and when I pulled up the line was all the way OUT THE DOOR adn all they way down the EXTRA LONG RAMP. Yeah. One hour later I had sweat dripping down my back (literally) and a bus pass. Guess that's what I get for not wanting to part with my $180 ahead of time.

From there we hit the mall. We started at Tarjay. I told everyone I deserved a Starbucks for waiting in that line and when we got in the store? Huge line! Mother Trucker!! BUT one of my bestest friends was already IN line, what luck! So I gave her some money and she got me my drink. Score.

Kids got some crap at Target, Ross, Payless Shoe Source (got myself some shoes, cute!) and Hot Topic.


Good thing we had 2 paychecks this week!

Jessica is all set for tomorrow. She's outside having her sister dye her hair. Let's all pray it comes out good, I don't want to hear her crying.

Check out these cute pictures of Me & Jess (Jess & Me??-which way are you supposed to say that?) from the fair.

Aren't we cute!?! I was so high from seeing Josh Turner!Pin It

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Tidbits

Jessica went on a "movie date" with her new boy-friend again tonight. :sigh: She even wore a dress! What's the world coming to??? When I picked her up I quizzed her a bit on the movie, since it was one I had already seen. She stated the previews well. OYE!

While she was at the movies the little kids and I braved Wal Mart and got a few things for school. Melissa is just barely into the Juniors department and so far is not liking anything that shows any kind of skin below her neck. Sounds good to me!

Trevor got a few Pokemon and Ben 10, etc shirts. We were lucky to find the boys sectin at all because the genius leaders of Wal Mart decided that the week before school starts is a great time to start a remodel and scatter the kids clothing department all over the store. Half the boys clothes were in the men's department, part in the main walking aisle and part in the area that usually has the women's plus sizes. Very confusing!

After we left our large deposit at Wal Mart for 3 bags of clothing and the required "new" bakugan toy, we went over to Costco. 45 minutes to closing, whew we made it with plenty of time to shop.

So if the store is going to close in like an hour, why do they decide that that is a good time to close off aisles and restock? Can't they just wait an hour longer and do it when the store is empty??? So no Diet Coke for me. Luckily I have a few more stashed at work. I might have to go back tomorrow.

We got done there and still had a bit of time so we went over to my in laws house. My father in law had surgery to do an "eye lift" but apparently they never got to that part and they did cataract surgery and removed a large skin tag/mole thing he had by his eye AND replaced the lens in his eye. Poor guy! I forgot all about it until today and he had it done last week. Woops. He seems to be doing ok though. He said he still feels like he has some rocks in his eye.

My mother in law bought the kids some school supplies which was totally sweet of her. Although I must have pissed her off at some point because she sent Trevor home with a keyboard he had left there and 4 fresh batteries. UGH. THANKS MOM! NOT!!!

I think DH is waiting up for me. I'm scared though. Remember what happened last time?? I guess we can turn the radio on but that totally messes with my concentration lol.Pin It

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Julie & Julia

Today the girls and I went to see Julie & Julia

picture source

With a name like that I had to see it! I thought it was a great movie and it was nice to see a "blogger" that had found a niche and made it to the big screen. I was kind of sad that in the end she didn't get to meet Julia on the screen. I'm not sure if she did in real life or not but it didn't sound like it.

I vaguely remember seeing Julia Child a few times on tv when I was growing up. I'm not really a foodie either but after watching the movie I felt like I could go home and whip up something magnificent. Instead I hit the Chinese Food Take Out Window.

It's all good.Pin It

Baby Shower Bliss

Saturday was my brother and sister in laws baby shower. I have no pictures, because someone named "not me" broke my camera. I think it MIGHT still work but the screen is broken. Nice, eh? Eventually I'll get some pictures off my mom's card, then I'll share.

What are you missing?

A VERY pregnant woman who was at the shower. I hurt just looking at her. She was wearing a tube top kind of dress (which I will NEVER wear a top like that after seeing a video where guys would run and pull women's tops down-randomly on the street!). It looked comfortable. Her? Not so much.

There was also quite a few babies there. While one little boy was SO cute and I actually did end up holding for a little bit (in which he up-chucked a bit), I really did not feel any kind of maternal longing for a baby. Guess that's a good thing since I got my tubes tied when I had Trevor.

The kids spent most of the day swimming in the pool that was there. That was nice to have them busy and not fighting. Well I should say not fighting MUCH, since Melissa punched her brother at one point and had to have a bit of time out. She was thoroughly pissed off that she had to get out of the pool and did a good pouting session after she was allowed to go back in. Gotta love them.

I had made potato salad to bring and when I went to collect my bowl afterwards it was practically licked clean. Guess it was a hit!

My brother and sister in law got a TON of stuff for the baby. They got THREE diaper genies. What's up with that? I had ONE that someone had given me and NEVER used it. Well I did use it a few times but really it was such a waste. I told my brother to take all 3 back and use the money for something else.

All in all it was a nice shower. Although when Jessica went to get her flip flops out of the bathroom they were GONE. Yep, someone swiped her shoes. What's up with that??Pin It

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Concert At The Fair

Last night I went to the Fair.

And saw Josh Turner!

It was awesome!! Jess and I started off just standing off on the side. This woman in a scooter thing tried making me move (HOW RUDE!) and was right up in my business. I was wondering how we were going to make it through the whole concert when the woman was totally bugging me already and the concert hadn't even started yet.

LUCKILY my little boss girl was sitting down the aisle! Three rows back from the front.

Smack dab in the middle! And she had enough room for us! We sat there for about half an hour before the concert started. THEN he came out and we all STOOD UP and SANG and DANCED and CLAPPED.

It was awesome.

Did I say that already?


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Keeping Up :Pant:Pant:

sI'm such a slacker poster lately. Guess it's a good time for all you occassional readers to catch up from when I was home and posting mulitiple times a day!

My days have mostly been filled with work/work at home cleaning up/nap/running errands/bed.

Pretty freaking exciting.

Usually by the time I'm driving home from work I'm so tired I have to roll down the windows, open the sun roof and blast the stereo to keep myself from falling asleep on the ride home.

Yesterday I actually took the day off though (already). Jessica had registration for school at 12:30, which of course, is right smack in the middle of the day. I debated on going in early or going in late but both options sounded pretty sucky so I just took the whole freaking day off.

And it was lovely.

Although is it legal for a crop duster to be flying at 6:00 AM?????


Makes me want to go bang pots in the middle of the night by their bedroom window.

ah hem

Anyways. So I spent most of the day just hanging out while Jessica was at the registration for TWO HOURS. She got her picture taken, and actually likes it. They gave them their ID's. They have to wear them around their necks on lanyards every day at school. Crazy, huh?

While she was there I went to the library and then went to see my dad for a few minutes. I walked in and thought Santa Claus was visiting but it was just my dad!! He's got a full white beard and cut his hair real short and it's all white now. I'm sure he LOVED me telling him he looked like Santa lol. THAT'S the way to get him to love me more I'm sure!

After Jess was finally done we went to my brother's house and used his pool. It's almost worth the drive to get there and home. The kids swam and I read my book and life was good. Then they were all ready to go home and we were just about packed up and my mom dropped my nephew off. Um ok, guess we are staying a bit longer!

Eventually my mom came back and my step dad also and before long my brother came home and we all sat and visited a bit. I was starving and no one was saying anything about a shared dinner so we split and picked up some KFC on the way home.

Exciting times I tell ya!!

Anyhow, that's what I've been up to lately. I'm sure you all MISSED ME so much!! I've been trying to get all your blogs read, it's hard to keep up with ALL my addictions.Pin It

Monday, August 3, 2009


This morning I woke up to 3 text messages. I'm like hmm that's weird!! So I opened them and this is what they are:

11:44: You've officially scarred me for life

11:48: I could hear you and dad all the way in my room... That's NOT something I want to wake up to

11:58: Turn a radio on next time or something next time

hahahahahahha too funny.Pin It
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