Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why you should NOT procrastinate

This is how I started my day.

I don't think those "muffins" really qualify as a muffin. If they had frosting on them they would definitly be a cup cake. Do you like my Chococat mug? I love Chococat. Feel free to send me Chococat gifts.

I could really use some gifts. I just spent most of my paycheck on school crap and THE BUS for a semester for my kid to get to school and back.

I should have taken a picture of the LINE to PAY for the bus. The "transportation office" is located in a portable type building and when I pulled up the line was all the way OUT THE DOOR adn all they way down the EXTRA LONG RAMP. Yeah. One hour later I had sweat dripping down my back (literally) and a bus pass. Guess that's what I get for not wanting to part with my $180 ahead of time.

From there we hit the mall. We started at Tarjay. I told everyone I deserved a Starbucks for waiting in that line and when we got in the store? Huge line! Mother Trucker!! BUT one of my bestest friends was already IN line, what luck! So I gave her some money and she got me my drink. Score.

Kids got some crap at Target, Ross, Payless Shoe Source (got myself some shoes, cute!) and Hot Topic.


Good thing we had 2 paychecks this week!

Jessica is all set for tomorrow. She's outside having her sister dye her hair. Let's all pray it comes out good, I don't want to hear her crying.

Check out these cute pictures of Me & Jess (Jess & Me??-which way are you supposed to say that?) from the fair.

Aren't we cute!?! I was so high from seeing Josh Turner!Pin It


Chris H said...

I hate standing in a line a mile long! Suppose you had to eh?
Score on the drink.
The photos of you and Jess are really cute!

Carin said...

Julie that sounds like my day today aren't I so excited to get going NOT!

I am hoping DD and I can come to some kind of agreement about the items of clothing at hot topic, its way cute but some is WAY to hoochie for my 14 year old LOL!

Mary~Momathon said...

Love the pictures of you and Jess! Or, Jess and you?

JennyMac said...

Adorable pics!

Jenna said...

Now I am craving a chocolate muffin...

Cute pics from the fair :)

~Sheila~ said...

Loving the pics!

Katrina :) said...

I love LOVE chocolate too! And the pics are sooo cute of you two! :)

Anonymous said...
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