Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Brother's Dog is Crazy!

Yesterday my baby brother wanted me to come over and check out my soon to be niece's bedroom. They just finished fixing it up and it's oh so cute. I should have taken a picture of it but I didn't :o( I'll have to do that the next time I go over there. Hopefully that time I'll have a cute little niece to cuddle with! She's due in 5 days and her mommy is oh so ready for her to come out and join the world!

After going by there we went to the store and picked up some food for an impromptu bbq at my other brother's house. My brother has a crazy dog. Her name is Zoe. The whole time the kids are in the pool she barks at them, and tries to eat the water. Now she's added jumping in the pool and swimming around to the barking. It's pretty funny to watch but after about an hour she always ends up getting locked up on the side yard.

We hung out there for hours while we waiting for the bbq to cook. Apparently my brother got a faulty propane tank because it took about 2 hours too cook some hamburgers and they were still a little on the med rare side. We ate dinner around 10:30! Good thing we had some chips to munch on.

Trevor spent the night to hang out with his cousin. They haven't had hardly any time to play with eachother lately. Such a change from before where they were with eachother all day almost every day.Pin It


Chris H said...

I think that's perfectly normal dog behaviour! And I don't know what's noisier, the dog or the boys!

honkeie said...

'stop screaming' yeah ok if you can get them to stop let me know how you did it!

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