Thursday, August 6, 2009

Keeping Up :Pant:Pant:

sI'm such a slacker poster lately. Guess it's a good time for all you occassional readers to catch up from when I was home and posting mulitiple times a day!

My days have mostly been filled with work/work at home cleaning up/nap/running errands/bed.

Pretty freaking exciting.

Usually by the time I'm driving home from work I'm so tired I have to roll down the windows, open the sun roof and blast the stereo to keep myself from falling asleep on the ride home.

Yesterday I actually took the day off though (already). Jessica had registration for school at 12:30, which of course, is right smack in the middle of the day. I debated on going in early or going in late but both options sounded pretty sucky so I just took the whole freaking day off.

And it was lovely.

Although is it legal for a crop duster to be flying at 6:00 AM?????


Makes me want to go bang pots in the middle of the night by their bedroom window.

ah hem

Anyways. So I spent most of the day just hanging out while Jessica was at the registration for TWO HOURS. She got her picture taken, and actually likes it. They gave them their ID's. They have to wear them around their necks on lanyards every day at school. Crazy, huh?

While she was there I went to the library and then went to see my dad for a few minutes. I walked in and thought Santa Claus was visiting but it was just my dad!! He's got a full white beard and cut his hair real short and it's all white now. I'm sure he LOVED me telling him he looked like Santa lol. THAT'S the way to get him to love me more I'm sure!

After Jess was finally done we went to my brother's house and used his pool. It's almost worth the drive to get there and home. The kids swam and I read my book and life was good. Then they were all ready to go home and we were just about packed up and my mom dropped my nephew off. Um ok, guess we are staying a bit longer!

Eventually my mom came back and my step dad also and before long my brother came home and we all sat and visited a bit. I was starving and no one was saying anything about a shared dinner so we split and picked up some KFC on the way home.

Exciting times I tell ya!!

Anyhow, that's what I've been up to lately. I'm sure you all MISSED ME so much!! I've been trying to get all your blogs read, it's hard to keep up with ALL my addictions.Pin It


Carin said...

Dang crop dusters! My DD has to wear her ID on a lanyard all the time at school too.

Sounds like your days are as exciting and fun filled as the rest of ours ;O)

Barb said...

I'm right there with ya, Julie. I haven't posted in forever. We were doing the school thing here too ~ except being VP of the PTO I had to be at Julz school almost all day both days (with a couple of hours off to run to Nate's school for him). We also hosted a lunch for the entire staff & teachers which I was in charge of ~ phew!

Susie said...

I've missed you....I keep checking and checking...I don't like you busy!

honkeie said...

I would find the person who does the croop dusting and drive by his house at 3 in the morning blasting rap music! I bet he would love that!

~Sheila~ said...

MAN, I'm with you. It's hard to keep up with all of the blogs and work and take care of kids as well as post, too.

I'm still

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