Friday, July 30, 2021

More Reno Trip

Good morning Happy FriYeah! 
I'm going to finish up my Reno trip and then tack on the rest of my post :)

Monday morning we got up and tried to find this biscuit place someone had posted on Facebook. Scott loves biscuits and gravy so I was like "that's right up his alley". We went down the street twice and could NOT find the place. Of course everything is like one way there so after the second time and Scott gets all flustered when he can't find things I just gave up. We went over to the main three casinos that are on the main drag and ended up eating at the cafe there. We were going to do the buffet but that was still closed. I got Huevos Rancheros which was good but spicy. Also probably should have ordered a side of bread.  After breakfast we hung out in the casino downstairs. I made about 4 treks back up to use the bathroom so that sat well haha.  Eventually we decided we wanted to have some drinks so we went back to our casino so we wouldn't have to drive. We got some frozen alcohol drinks (I got a mudslide) and hung out in the casino until dinner time. We got Round Table and took it up to our room. That night was the only time I got mad the whole trip because I can't sleep with the tv on and someone else usually sleeps in the recliner for half the night with it on. I got up and turned it off and he was instantly awake and was "going to watch something".  Of course then I was wide awake until after one when he finally turned it off.

Tuesday! Going home day!  We tried one more time to find the biscuit place! We found it! It is on the side street but the address is for the main street. Pine State Biscuits

Talk about dumb. I'm not even sure exactly what we ordered but here is what I got haha. It was SO HOT in the restaurant I had to leave as soon as I got done eating. In hindsight we should have sat outside but I'm used to it being 105 outside so I don't ever think of that as an option.

After breakfast we went to the Mill End fabric place again. Well again for me, Scott had never been there before. 

I only got a few things since they don't have that much character & holiday fabric and that is mostly what I like to buy. I have tons of solids/non character stuff already. I asked if they did any kind of like grab bags/remnants from the upholstery fabrics and she said they just had some smaller cuts by the front door. They were still too big for what I would want to buy though. 

When we left the biscuit place we saw a sign for the Automobile Museum so we decided to go back and check that out. That was a lot of fun! We spent hours in there. 

Can you imagine sitting in this contraption while it is moving?

I thought this was cool, it is the car they used in the beginning of the Titanic movie.

Time to go camping!

They had a bunch of old dresses and clothing items scattered in too. They were fun to read about.

I got the baby a shirt. It's a little big but then he can wear it for awhile ;)

After that we went to the Peppermill and made a deposit. When we were leaving we could finally see the sky. I told Scott to drive so I could relax on the way home. 

Yesterday I made some masks! 

and now I have an order for two more masks to make. Funny how that works ;)

For dinner last night I made this Crispy Buffalo Spiced Chicken. I need to remember to look for some recipes that aren't spicy. For some reason I end up with a lot of those. It was good just wish the piece of chicken would have been a bit bigger! The dogs got the leftover carrots and potatoes, they were happy haha.

Ok off to do some work. This has taken me forever to finish with emails & phone calls today. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Busy Day and Reno Trip

 Good morning! Happy die of cramps day!  Glad I'm working from home today. Probably forever since who knows when all this sheeznit will be gone.

Yesterday I did not get my goal of cleaning the front porch off done, but I DID get my sewing room/office cleaned up a bit. Now to get all this fabric put away

After work yesterday this cutie came over to play. Snookie had a great time playing with him and he thought it was hilarious that she'd run from him and when he got close enough to touch her.

He played with his new toy I got him. He didn't try walking with it, I think he didn't feel stable enough with it. If it was against the couch he'd stand up with it though.

We went out to say high to the next door neighbors and he crashed out while I was standing there talking to them. Of course he woke up right before his mom got here. Hopefully he went back to sleep for her.

I signed back up for Hello Fresh. I made the first meal last night. I thought it might be gross but everyone ate it all. I just subbed out the red onion for some yellow. I don't know why they use red onion for all their recipes, so weird.

After dinner I worked on some mask repair for my best mask customer. These are mostly her grandson's and he breaks the nose pieces a lot. I told her I'd fix them up for $2 each. Some of them are the first masks I made that had pipe cleaners in them.

I got them all taken out so just need to put the new hardware in and sew it in. I haven't sewn in almost three weeks. Before we went camping! Itching to make some stuff.

anddd now back to our Reno trip. I started off the day by being held hostage. I kind of love when Lucy lays on my back haha. She's a pretty shy cat and mostly rules the bedroom.

We decided to go a back way to Reno for the scenic route. Scott said "you can drive" so I did all the driving until the trip home. We stopped at Mel & Faye's Diner in Jackson. I got a Sourdough burger and it was delicious. I was worried that I might get sick from the onion rings/butter/cheese but I did fine.

I didn't take any pictures on the drive since I was driving haha. At one point I told Scott it was nice we took the scenic route so he could just look at his phone the whole way. Eventually he set it down. Like how about you look at the scenery and have a conversation.

It got really smoky on our way and even rained really hard when we were in Carson City. Weird. Lots of fires :( Here was the view from our room. I never saw anyone in the pool so I think they must have closed it for poor air quality.

I thought for sure they would charge me a bunch of fees for the room but it actually did end up being free! I think it was just $12 for taxes and stuff. I had paid a $25 deposit when I booked it and then when I got there they asked for my card for $75 hold for incidentals (but didn't actually charge my card). They refunded the $25 after we checked out.

Our room looked pretty much like this picture except the TV was more centered with the bed.

Sunday when we got there we just hung out in the room for awhile to decompress then went down and played in the casino for awhile. We ended up having a late dinner and just got soup and salads. I think we went to bed at like midnight or so. Nice day just chilling out!

I have no emails of stuff to do today for work (already took care of the few I had when I logged in) so might be a slow work day. Hope you all have a great one!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Back from Vacation!

 Hellooo how's it going?

I think it is Wednesday? Being on vacation makes it hard to keep up ;)

Scott and I had a fun time in Reno! I'll post more about that later, going to save some stuff since I haven't blogged since last Friday!

Friday was such a busy day. Melissa and her boyfriend came over and we went to lunch then she took Felix home with her (black & white kitten)

Last picture of the last two together

Look at Princesses little stripey legs. She was so cute. My aunt and uncle came and got her on Saturday. My house is now kitten free. Tina and I miss them haha (and I am so proud of myself for not keeping any!!)

Before Melissa even left I had to leave to pick up Daniel (Sr) to take him to the dentist to get his tooth pulled. We're exchanging use of my Care Credit card with some help around my house ;) Glad he is done with that.

A few hours later I went and got little Daniel and took him with me to my brother's house where my cousin Al was visiting with his family. Look at his legs, he just did an Ironman a month ago or so. There were so many kids there! He has 3, my oldest brothers youngest 3, younger brother's middle boy all running around playing all crazy and screaming having a great time. It would have been great birth control if I needed it haha. It was my first time taking the baby anywhere by myself. I struggled to get his car seat snap buckled in when it was time to go but other than that we had a great time :) He didn't quite know what to think of all the kids! 

Saturday I went shopping with my friend Cassi for a bit and then later that night I hung out with her and a couple other neighbors. One gal brought these huge shots! Jello shots! They were kind of funny looking but they were yummy. They weren't real strong so a nice treat ;) We ate and played black jack with them teaching me how to play (other than I knew I needed 21 lol). I went home around 10:30 since I still needed to finish doing my laundry for my trip.

I bought the baby a push toy for learning how to walk and I was like here Tubby a new box for you! Scott was like oh that's too skinny of a box for her. She said I take that challenge! Climbed right in. My little box lover.

Hope you all have a great day, have to catch up on some emails of stuff to do while I was gone for 2.5 days!

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Friday, July 23, 2021

What is this energy thing?

Gooooood morning!! Happy Friday!! I've been awake since at least 5 but just got up 1/2 an hour ago (7:30). 

Yesterday was a productive day! I went to work, shredded some papers, took myself to lunch, went to the thrift store, went to Wal Mart, came home, put all the camping stuff in the shed except for the ice chest the cat keeps sleeping on, cleaned a bunch of shit out of the shed and put it on the free table and someone came and took most of it! Woohoooo.

Of course then I was dead with a heat headache and useless the rest of the night and feel like I'm 100 today. But that's ok!

I got these fabrics at Wal Mart. I went to the one in Ceres kind of by my work (they are building a new big WM really close to work if we ever go back). This WM was so much nicer than my local one. I REFUSE to go back to the one in Manteca it is so disgusting and EVERYTHING is locked up.

Free pile, all the tents and sleeping bags and that tubing got taken WOOHOO old shit out of my house. Camp toilet will probably go to the dumps (ha). The box on the table has some porceilen dolls I made back in the 90's with my aunt. I think those are going to come back in the house next time I go outside if someone doesn't pick them up. I know hardly anyone likes dolls anymore but they are a little bit sentimental. Maybe eventually I'll donate them or not haha.

The kittens played and napped on the couch with me. Soaking them up since they will be gone soon! Melissa is coming to get this little guy some time today.

And Princess will be picked up on Saturday

Today's plan!!


Taking Daniel to the dentist around 1:30 (the older Daniel not the baby)

Melissa is coming at some point today not sure if before or after the dentist stuff. If before might go to lunch.

Need to vacuum/de-fur the cots we borrowed from my mom so I can take them back to her.

My brother is having a little party for our cousin who is visiting tonight so I may or may not make it over there for dinner depending on how everything goes. 

Should also do some laundry..

Get the ice chest out to the shed. Oh and the bassinet, my booth chair and some folding chairs too. Funny how there is room in the shed for things when stuff isn't just thrown in there.

Go through the stuff I pulled out to bring in the house that is stacked outside the back door. Anddd bring in the box of fabric the neighbor gave me. Pretty sure I'm going to redonate most of it since there is a lot of fleece.

Oh and work if I get some emails. I busted my ass on doing stuff for people the other day so I'm pretty much caught up for now.

Excited I'll be off 2 days next week too. May or may not post again before I get back!
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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Felix last full day

Good morning happy Thursday!

Today is our last full day with little man Felix! My daughter Melissa is going to take him home with her tomorrow. He is so adorable! It's a good thing I got them all homes already since they are at the super fun stage.

This was below me while I worked yesterday. Yes everything is a mess. The kittens dragged out all my yo-yo's out of that bag, played with them and napped on them haha. They've been having a great time.

My big kittens are definitely going to miss them when they are gone! They've already been looking for the two missing ones. Such cuties.

Today's agenda, go into work to get the mail (yes an hour of driving to get the mail which is almost always all for the other department) and check the voice mails. Go by Wal Mart to get some more kitten food and some ant spray since they are starting to show up. 

I got all the little camping stuff boxed up into TWO boxes that I had that matched and had lids, go me! I just need to finish cleaning the stove that I had soaking in oven cleaner outside. I pulled out a couple things to add to my free table (yep started making another collection) since we don't need 12 pots and pans in the camping box. Also we have a bunch of extra sleeping bags to pass on.

 Everything still needs to make it into the shed which I'm dreading because my husband is a horrible organizer and keeps messing it up out there. Plus there is a hole in the floor of the shed. Hmm I should add small piece of plywood to my list of stuff to buy today. Is wood still selling for the price of gold? I haven't been in Home Depot in awhile. 

Oh and it's hot here right now.

Yesterday I sent my spreadsheet to three people that kept bugging me to know info for work. I got back a WOW and a "you're always so organized". Why yes, yes I am. Someone has to be haha. Some day everything in my house will be organized well again. It used to be and then somewhere along the way I lost it. Mostly because I was outnumbered!

Last night when Scott got home I asked him if he was excited to go to Reno in two days. He tried to tell me it wasn't this weekend. I'm like uh well this is the last Sunday in July and it was booked in July so...  then he had panic because he has two days off work next week and has projects he's working on. I'm like peace out, I know everyone will just save everything for when I get back.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Goodbye to Spots & Tiger

Monday after work Spots and Tiger went to their new homes. I drove about an hour to meet up with my friend for the hand off. She then took them to her boss who is their new owner. I'm glad they got to go together and the house has kids so they will have fun!

Spots being extra cute with her bangs.


I tried to get a good last "family photo" of all four of them, someone kept hopping out of the box haha

This is the best I could get! They got so big!

Tiger was my favorite so I was sad to see him go but I'm not trying to be the crazy cat lady with 200 cats haha. Melissa is going to get Felix on Friday and Princess is getting picked up by my uncle on Saturday!  I lost Felix for like 1/2 an hour yesterday. Looked all over for him and then boom there he was just casually in the living room. No idea where he was hiding!

After work yesterday I unloaded the camping stuff out of Trevor's truck. You'd think someone else would have done it by then but no. I need stuff that was in the boxes!  Shlepped stuff in front of the shed, started washing some sleeping bags, brought in all the boxes to go through and wash everything. I think I am going to go buy some new fresh boxes since all my boxes are falling apart. That way they will all match too. I got side tracked when Jess came over with the baby and never got back to it so I have crap all over my house. I need to get that done today. I'm getting rid of all the extra sleeping bags. Tempted to get rid of ALL the sleeping bags since the ones Scott and I use are 25 years old. Hard to believe that!! Time sure flies for some stuff.

My forehead and nose are peeling. I slathered on a ton of moisturizer today since it felt like I was decaying haha. 

Trevor is home today even though he usually works on Wednesdays. His schedule is all mixed up. WHERE IS MY TIME ALONE! Love him but love quiet time too.  I'm going into the office for "office coverage" tomorrow which basically means I have to get the mail. Freaking stupid. Probably work on putting new apps into folders again. We shall see!

Ok off to be productive, hope you all have a great day!


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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Camping Isn't Always Fun

 Good morning happy I'm all alone in the house day! This is the first day I have been alone since last Monday. Like a whole week Monday. Although I did have about three hours in the car yesterday.

We went camping up in Hermit Valley last week (Wednesday-Sunday) and it was like the worst camping trip ever. Everyone was fighting and the water was low and gross on the edge so people were complaining about that. 

We borrowed some cots from my mom and it was horrible sleeping on it. Melissa came on Friday and brought a pump (ours broke while in use earlier in the week) and someone blew up an air mattress for me to use. OMG so much better. I am not a back sleeper and move around way too much for a cot.

I was ready to go home on Thursday haha. I think I am done camping for AWHILE. Ditto family trips. Why spend a bunch of money on a trip for everyone to be grouchy. I can just spend money on my OWN trip and have fun ;)

Jess brought this inflatable pool which was genius for the baby to play in with his toys. He is crawling now though so he kept escaping and trying to eat rocks and dirt. So hard with a little one who wants to crawl!

The dogs are done camping too. They are so spoiled haha.

Baths in the box! This boy loves water, doesn't even care if it is cold.

My friend Dee bought this little camping chair for the baby shower. I think it has been the most used item. The tray did break the last day which was sad but it was great having it. 

When we walked to the little "beach" that we like I put Snookie in Scott's backpack. She stayed in this Zen state the entire time haha. I remembered the last time we took her back there I had to carry her almost the whole way. This was much easier. I moved it to my back on the way back and she was equally as happy.

Having fun for 5 minutes ;)

The edge of the water was like gross mud. Smelly too. First time it has ever been like that in all the years we've been camping here.

Snookie sunning herself after I got her wet

I took my folding wagon and that was another plus for the baby. 

Snookie catching a ride while we put the baby to sleep in the stroller

We went to Lake Alpine on Saturday (they cancelled the big bike ride that was supposed to have the road closed due to a fire up north) and played in the water a little. I mostly played on my phone since there was some service. Bad me but I was ready to check out haha.

Smores, campfire, babies and then fighting kids. Ahhh bliss.

I came back to work yesterday to over 100 emails. My boss is on vacation now too. We still need to unload all the stuff in Trevor's truck since we were exhausted when we got home and then Scott went to work yesterday. It was like 900 degrees here yesterday too. I told myself I'd work on it when it got cooler but instead I was just a loaf on the couch. Gotta work on cleaning everything up and putting it away today!

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