Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Office Space & Sewing

 Hello! Happy what day is it? Oh yes Wednesday!! Things are all off kilter with that Monday off. Trevor is home today, I'm assuming since he worked yesterday. Usually he's been working Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

If you know me in person you know I'm a bit of a procrastinator (haha) when it comes to things with dates. Especially things with moving dates. Why spend a ton of energy doing something for some date that might not even happen? We're supposed to be getting a new office printer/copier and my boss wants me to find somewhere to take the old one. I called one place and they said they won't take it. We have like 0 men in our office that are MEN who could actually move this thing. I'm not sure what she wants me to do other than call somewhere that says they can take it. But then what? Who is going to pick this big bitch up and put it in a truck and take it somewhere? The new one isn't going to be here until mid August now so I figure we'll worry about it in August. She just emailed me checking up on the plan. What plan? I don't have a plan lol. Lets just hit it with some hammers and throw it in the dumpster.

I keep waking up with my neck and shoulders hurting. Ugh I'm so old. Why does shit have to hurt.

Here are all the beachy mug rugs I made for my friend to choose from. She picked 7 and a co worker picked 2 so just a few left to add to my craft booth supply.

Yesterday I worked on turning this

into a tote bag. It's funny it looks like a shirt here. Just need to do some top stitch quilting and then put all the pieces together. (Front/Back/Straps) I made myself go to bed last night instead of staying up all night finishing it.

I noticed yesterday little Spots has a face on her back. Too funny. She kind of has a heart on her side. Kind of looks like wings too. I got them some dry kitten food now. Trying to get away from bottle feeding them since we won't be home for part of next week. I think I only bottle fed them once yesterday. They acted like they were starving to death when I was feeding them but they kind of always do that haha.

Work is super slow it looks like and we have an other one of those I'm the janitor required to go to the tech meeting teleconferences in a few minutes. Might get that bag finished sooner than later ;)
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