Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Back from Vacation!

 Hellooo how's it going?

I think it is Wednesday? Being on vacation makes it hard to keep up ;)

Scott and I had a fun time in Reno! I'll post more about that later, going to save some stuff since I haven't blogged since last Friday!

Friday was such a busy day. Melissa and her boyfriend came over and we went to lunch then she took Felix home with her (black & white kitten)

Last picture of the last two together

Look at Princesses little stripey legs. She was so cute. My aunt and uncle came and got her on Saturday. My house is now kitten free. Tina and I miss them haha (and I am so proud of myself for not keeping any!!)

Before Melissa even left I had to leave to pick up Daniel (Sr) to take him to the dentist to get his tooth pulled. We're exchanging use of my Care Credit card with some help around my house ;) Glad he is done with that.

A few hours later I went and got little Daniel and took him with me to my brother's house where my cousin Al was visiting with his family. Look at his legs, he just did an Ironman a month ago or so. There were so many kids there! He has 3, my oldest brothers youngest 3, younger brother's middle boy all running around playing all crazy and screaming having a great time. It would have been great birth control if I needed it haha. It was my first time taking the baby anywhere by myself. I struggled to get his car seat snap buckled in when it was time to go but other than that we had a great time :) He didn't quite know what to think of all the kids! 

Saturday I went shopping with my friend Cassi for a bit and then later that night I hung out with her and a couple other neighbors. One gal brought these huge shots! Jello shots! They were kind of funny looking but they were yummy. They weren't real strong so a nice treat ;) We ate and played black jack with them teaching me how to play (other than I knew I needed 21 lol). I went home around 10:30 since I still needed to finish doing my laundry for my trip.

I bought the baby a push toy for learning how to walk and I was like here Tubby a new box for you! Scott was like oh that's too skinny of a box for her. She said I take that challenge! Climbed right in. My little box lover.

Hope you all have a great day, have to catch up on some emails of stuff to do while I was gone for 2.5 days!

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