Monday, November 27, 2017

3 Day Craft Show

Well I survived my first 3 day craft show! I really really wanted to call in sick today but I knew I had a ton of work to do and shouldn't.

So we did Thanksgiving, more about that later. We got home fairly early and I did a little bit of last minute prep for my Black Friday set up! The directions said that set up started at 3am so we would be open by 6. I left my house around 4:30 maybe. Scott followed me over with the big tables in the truck and helped me set up the tent, tables, and even my stuff on the tables. That was so nice of him! Good thing he's usually a morning person ;)

I got all set up and the crickets. Finally a couple hours later I had a sale from a guy that had a booth down the way. Then he came back 2 more times to buy more mug cozies. I gave him an extra since he was my first and second sale.  Things finally picked up as the day went on. We were over at 4 but I think I didn't actually start packing up until a little bit after. The day had started warm, then got really cold when the sun came out (so weird) and then got blazing hot in the afternoon. I actually got a bit sunburnt on my chest and face (I did put sunscreen on my arms though).

Both of my girls came and spent some time with me but weren't there at the same time so that was nice.

This was down the main drag. I wasn't on the main drag but I still had a lot of people walking by so I think it was ok

There were several booths that were not craft items.

After day one I was pumped for day 2. When I got home I sewed up a few more cozies and then went to bed with dollar signs floating in my head ;)

Day 2 we left the house around 7:15-ish. I was probably not completely set up until 8:30 but it didn't really matter because like the day before we didn't really get busy until about lunch time. Melissa and her friend came to hang out for awhile and her friend called her mom to come buy some of my stuff. Gotta love the kids doing my sales for me ;)

I made what was left of the key fobs $1, they were mostly just floral ones left. I also marked down my little tooth fairy pillows to $5 since I was tired of packing them up. I sold all 3 of them at that price (2 to the same person).  Wine totes were marked down to $10 instead of $12 and the little tissue holders I put back down to $2 and sold quite a few that way. They are all made from scraps so don't really cost me anything but time and they don't even take much time to sew up. 

On day 3 a lot of people didn't come back since it was supposed to rain. I went outside and checked the weather app and it didn't look too bad so I decided to give it a go. When I got there I got moved on the main area which was nice to see how that worked out. I was kind of by myself though across from "the row." I still did fairly well even though it did rain a tiny bit and we all packed up about 1/2 an hour early to avoid the big storm that never came at 4:00.  All in all I'd say it was a successful weekend.

Something I learned:

1. Pack water! I got dehydrated the first day. I paid $2 for a WalMart brand bottle of water. That's desperation.

2. Pack meals and snacks so you don't spend all your profit on food.

3. Have people come hang out with you so you can take a bathroom break.

4. Pack weights of some sort to hold down your table cloth and or things on your table if the wind kicks up.

I'm sure there's a lot more but that's what is off the top of my head. I think I'm signing up for another event in 2 weeks but I keep forgetting to get my check mailed off. I will need to do it tomorrow to get it in in time. This one is at a school so it will be nice to be inside and in another city. I am going to take some of my profits from this weekend and buy some of those big tables that fold in half so they will fit in my car better and I won't have to borrow my mom's tables anymore.

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Monday, November 20, 2017


It's a good thing this is only a three day work week because it looks like it's going to be a stressful one! Things used to go a b c for the end of the year contracts and now they've changed them up to no more a b should be f and where did c go? I don't know I'm so confused and my boss is gone on a family emergency. So someone else is covering our office, but not IN our office. It's like the blind leading the confused around here. I almost thought about staying late but then decided my brain was on overload so I should just go home.

And pay bills!

Living it up here. Also I probably should have taken this meat out of the freezer this morning if I wanted to cook it tonight.

At least I had an enjoyable weekend. I spent two braless days (this is becoming a thing!) sewing.  I finished sewing up a ton of Christmas wine gift bags for the craft show I'm doing this weekend. I hope they sell! If not they will be getting cheaper throughout the weekend haha. I got a great deal on the fabric so they are mostly just paying for my time, which I should charge MORE for but we all know how that goes with handmade things.

Now I'm back onto Mug Cozies, although I should probably take some time out and clean my house a bit. BUT I'm sure the mess will still be here later right?

Oh and some other good news! Melissa started her first job last week. (Now I'm wondering if I said that already..) She got a job working at the same place Jess works at. She starting off as a busser but I'm hoping it won't be too long until she can be a server too and make some nice tips. Jess is a server now and seems to like it on most days.

People are all talking about getting ready for Thanksgiving. I'm just cooking an extra turkey to take to my brother's house (will probably cut it up and throw it in the crock pot & roasting pan after it's cooked). I still have to get "cauliflower" which I'm always wondering why in the world do we have to have cauliflower for Thanksgiving every year. It's just taking up space on the plate. Also rolls, which since have like 20 people I'm going to attempt to pick up at Costco tomorrow, say a little prayer for me. 

Oh and I came back to add, I finished watching all of The Fosters on Netflix. I watched the newest version of Beauty and The Beast (kind of) and then tried out Californication. I'm a little embarrassed to say I'm still watching that one. Definitely on the DO NOT WATCH WITH KIDS AROUND list. Like, I have to pause it just so the teenager can't hear what they are saying let alone what they are doing every time he walks into my room. Naughty entertainment lol.

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Friday, November 17, 2017


Well I'm back from my week vacation, I mean my week of working in another office. I've decided that if I am ever sleep deprived I'm going back to this hotel and asking for the same room.  I had the hardest time waking up every morning because it was so nice and DARK and although I was the end room with the door and stairs there I must have slept like the dead because I only ever heard people going in and out if I was awake already. It probably helped that I didn't have a cat laying on my head & pillow and dog sleeping between my legs and another one on the other side of the pillow and an occasional fat cat on my side or walking across my back.  But really what I missed the most was my stupid animals haha. When I got home they acted like they thought I had died and came back from the dead. Kids are like "I'm hungry" and Scott still isn't even home yet.

So my day basically went like this:

Alarm goes off, hit snooze 10 times until I finally force myself to get up, shower and get ready
Go down to the office area and make myself one of those gigantic waffles, delicious sausage, coffee and orange juice.
Work til lunch, go back to the hotel and watch "The Fosters" on Netflix and eat lunch in my room
Go back and finish off the day
Go to the hotel, turn on The Fosters and work on cutting out stuff to sew and or sew finally last night.

I'm so exciting!

The first two days I may have taken a nap after work and went out to find food to eat before I decided I needed to stop being lazy and go to the store and buy some food I could make in the room. I swear everywhere to eat is at least $10 even for fast food. Plus I can only eat so much Jack In The Box.

So now I'm home. Only cleaned up one pee and poop mess that I've found so far (punishment for leaving I'm sure!) I just packaged up some stuff I sold on eBay because of course things that haven't sold in 50 days will sell the minute you aren't home to send them out. Thankfully the person that bought something on Monday is being cool just as long as they get it by the beginning of December lol.

Melissa picked me up from work since I had a work car and then we went to Joanns on the way home so now I'm set for a weekend of sewing. BECAUSE I signed up for a 3 day event next weekend. On black friday the setup time is THREE AM. I'm pretty sure if I had seen that before I signed up I wouldn't have.

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Simple Sunday

Ah another day with no bra, gotta love the three day weekends when you don't actually have to leave the house. I feel like I'm going so much that I need to just put off any "quick trips" to town for when I am already out and about.  I should probably actually put away that laundry I was talking about putting away on Friday and wash my clothes for next week. Since I'll be living out of a suitcase and all that.

Yesterday I spent the day sewing the rest of the drawstring bags I had cut out for Christmas presents for the kids.

I made a significant dent in how much bias tape I have around here. I had to get a little creative on a few of them to use what I had but I think they are all really cute! If I made these for orders or to sell I think I'd go check out cording at the fabric store to make them look more professional.

After I finished those I started sewing up some more mug cozies I had already matched up and put together.  I just need to put the buttons on. I finished sewing those at 12:30 am. I had no idea it was so late lol. 

I was watching The Fosters on Netflix. Someone recommended that to me when I was saying I had felt like I had already watched everything that was worth watching on Netflix. It's actually pretty good for a TV series, I just wish I could cut out the theme song part when it switches to the new episodes. 

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Drawstring Back Pack Making

I spent most of the day yesterday making these cute drawstring backpacks. I finally decided on making these for the kids for Christmas (nieces, nephews and a few friends kids that are like family). I am going to get a couple things to put inside the bags and then they will have a couple presents in one!

The hardest part is picking out and matching fabrics. I have a huge huge stash of fabric now so it just takes a bit of time to go through and match things up.

I had a huge stash of bias tape I had picked up at the thrift stores and such so I've been using that to start with for the strings. 

The insides are lined.

So far I've only made a couple small changes to the pattern. It had the strings going through the lining on the bottom section but I could not figure out how to make that happen easily so I just have it going through the outside fabric. I have also started making the top seam a bit bigger so I have more room to get the drawstrings through. Super easy and pretty well explained pattern! I think I cut out fabric for 11 of them so I only have 6 to go!

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Sewing Weekend, Gathered Clutch to start

Good morning! I have no plans for my three day weekend so I guess that means I'll be doing some sewing!

I started it off last night by sewing up this little bag. (pattern from here). I should have read the directions better before I started since I didn't realize I'd be folding the band in half to sew it on. I lost half of my design but I think it's still cute. Now I know how to pay attention to how it will line up for the next one. It also has little tabs that cover the ends of the zippers but mine somehow just got sewn up into the sides. I think I'll just leave those out for the next one. Also a technique to practice I guess! I also added the little tab on the side and the wristlet to make it more useful (everyone seems to like those!)

The inside is nice with an area to put cards and a divider.

The back is plain, although it would be cute to make it gathered too. I could have used the drink print on the back too to make it show up more (next time!) I'm glad I just started with one to try out before I cut out a bunch.

I think I am going to make drawstring back packs for the kids for Christmas so I've been looking at different patterns to see the least expensive cute options. I think anything with grommets is out, too expensive unless I want to wait a month to get them from overseas. I am finding some cute ideas with fabric tabs on the sides. Oh I just now got the idea of a D ring too. That would also work! (and I have some, even better!)

I got asked to go work in Petaluma all next week to help out there. They are a little swamped due to the fires. So I will be staying in a hotel all week by myself! I'm thinking I might bring my sewing machine. Is that weird? 

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Still Here!

Well I'm now trying Mucinex to clean out my chest congestion. Why do they have to make the pills so big? I'm afraid I'm going to off myself in the process of trying to breathe.

I had a busy weekend. Saturday was the big craft show! I've been working on building inventory for this craft show for the last few months. Of course, of course, if you have been here for any amount of time guess what showed in the forecast??


Are you freaking kidding me? So the big set up outside went to "rain program" for squished around inside with the option to stay outside. I was resigned to being inside even though when I got up in the morning the rain didn't seem to be on the forecast anymore. I debated on taking my tent and 2nd table but didn't. When I got there I was told I could set up in the church but there was quite a few people setting up outside so I decided to just go for it. I called Scott and asked him to please bring my tent and other tables. He brought them without even complaining, which was so nice :)

Melissa went with me and Jessica joined us for a few hours. They are turning into my little sales girls haha.

The night before I made myself some new little signs and got organized with some baskets. I ended up taking my mug cozies out of the baskets since I think they do better spread out. I goofed when I made their sign too and put 4/$20 instead of 5 which my friends mother in law pointed out to me when she was shopping my booth. Whoopsie! I just folded up the bottom of the sign and told people. Oh and don't look at my signs in this picture, they are the old ones.

Here is my setup before people started shopping. My first customer was a man which makes me kind of happy! He bought a Giants key fob for himself. 

Some day I'll make some legit table covers.

Melissa brought her hoop. 

I didn't get any pictures of jess in the booth but she did a video of her hooping on the grass there. Maybe she'll send it to me :)

I ended up doing really well at the show even though it started raining! I actually had people buying things while it was raining on them and getting the stuff on the edge of the table wet. Almost everything I have is all fabric so it dries out fine so that is good! Now I'm debating on doing another show next month. Sounds like it might be fun! But work too lol. 

Sunday we went to my brother's house for Ava's birthday party. I can't believe she is 6 already. The kids sure are growing up fast. She got a lot of Spirit horses, I guess that's the thing now. Funny how things go away and come back slightly different. 

Now I'm trying to decide what to do with myself after all that stuff I had to do is done!

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Slowly coming back and I went to Nebraska

Slowly coming back to the land of the living. I missed 2 days of work last week because I was sick. Sucked it up for 2 days and then had Friday off to fly to Nebraska for my friend Dee's daughter's wedding.

My friend Carolyn and I flew to Nebraska (barely made our connecting flight) and then had just enough time to get our rental car, get to the hotel, change clothes and then we were off to the rehearsal dinner.  (Side note, my ears refused to pop after landing. I spent a couple hours doing annoying yawns and blowing while holding my nose until they finally gave way!)

We weren't in the wedding but got invited to the dinner since we are special like that haha. I FINALLY got to meet my friend Dee's brother. We have been friends for almost 20 years so I know all about the guy. We had a great time all hanging out all weekend.

The rehearsal dinner was nice even though they didn't have any whiskey in the little bar they set up. Ok fine I'll have some wine. Back up drink to the rescue ;)

After dinner we went back to the hotel and then to hang out in Dee's suite she had for her family. They had already been there a couple days so in usual Dee fashion she knew the names and life stories of all the staff that worked at the hotel. She cracks me up! So while we are hanging out they keep trying to get me to drink but I'm like sooo did you ever get your mother of the bride dress hemmed? That little shit, I knew she didn't get it hemmed. So Robert (her brother) drove me across the street to Wal Mart so I could buy some stuff to hem up her dress. Thank God for 24 hour Wal Marts as much as I hate that store. I cut 4 1/2 inches off the front of her dress and we all decided the back could stay longer. It had panels of sheer and then lace so toward the end I let the other girls help  hem the lace parts. All done by hand until 2 am. Oh and I also bought a bottle of Crown while I was at Wal Mart ;)

That night Carolyn and I took turns snoring. I swear at one point I thought the walls were shaking haha. She said I do a humming thing when I snore. At least we are in good annoying company.

We slept in until almost 10 am which was really only 8 our time. At least we got some sleep. We got up and showered then decided to go out to breakfast. I picked the closest Ihop to us and then we went and had the worst waitress I've ever had. I think it may have been her first day waitressing ever. the place wasn't even busy but it took forever and even getting change when we paid the bill was an issue. By the time we were finally out of there we had to rush back to get dressed for the wedding. 

We got there on time but of course it took a bit for things to get going. Really pretty catholic church. We sat on the bride's side for the "family". Thank God I brought tissues since we all used them. I used to wonder why all the moms cry and now I know it's because they are so goddamn young and don't know what the heck they are signing themselves up for haha.   After hours and hours the wedding was finally over.  I'm not sure if the married each other or just the church ;)

Then we had two and a half hours to kill before the reception. how weird is that? The wedding party all left the catholic church in a "party bus" so you know what they were all doing in there. Us old people went back to the hotel and hung out in Dee's room for a bit.

Then it was off to the reception that was pretty close to the hotel. They had a lot of big round tables. TONS of people. I think over 200 and probably 50 of them were kids. Dee had told us we had to eat and drink since it was costing a fortune. So we did! We also danced all night. Even Carolyn who always complains about her knee danced and danced. Great fun and good memories.

After the wedding was over we went back to the room and changed into comfy clothes. Carolyn went to bed and I went and hung out in Dee's room until 2:30 or so. We had to get up super early to take back the rental car and catch our plane so I didn't sleep much but hey, it's not every day one of our kids gets married right?

Lucky for me my ears didn't get stuck on the way back. Sadly I felt super sick Monday at work. I made myself a doctor's appointment where I got a new inhaler ($41??) and a zpack for my chest and ears. Lovely! I stayed home Tuesday and now that it's Thursday night I'm finally starting to feel a bit more normal.Pin It
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