Friday, November 10, 2017

Sewing Weekend, Gathered Clutch to start

Good morning! I have no plans for my three day weekend so I guess that means I'll be doing some sewing!

I started it off last night by sewing up this little bag. (pattern from here). I should have read the directions better before I started since I didn't realize I'd be folding the band in half to sew it on. I lost half of my design but I think it's still cute. Now I know how to pay attention to how it will line up for the next one. It also has little tabs that cover the ends of the zippers but mine somehow just got sewn up into the sides. I think I'll just leave those out for the next one. Also a technique to practice I guess! I also added the little tab on the side and the wristlet to make it more useful (everyone seems to like those!)

The inside is nice with an area to put cards and a divider.

The back is plain, although it would be cute to make it gathered too. I could have used the drink print on the back too to make it show up more (next time!) I'm glad I just started with one to try out before I cut out a bunch.

I think I am going to make drawstring back packs for the kids for Christmas so I've been looking at different patterns to see the least expensive cute options. I think anything with grommets is out, too expensive unless I want to wait a month to get them from overseas. I am finding some cute ideas with fabric tabs on the sides. Oh I just now got the idea of a D ring too. That would also work! (and I have some, even better!)

I got asked to go work in Petaluma all next week to help out there. They are a little swamped due to the fires. So I will be staying in a hotel all week by myself! I'm thinking I might bring my sewing machine. Is that weird? 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

OH MY GOD, isn't that every mom/wife fantasy to go away for a weekend and not deal with all the shit at home? Ah, I'm green with envy! yeah, yeah, yeah your stuff is beautiful as always but my God I can't stop thinking about a hotel for a whole week with no other people asking for food, clothes and any other annoying shit!! Can you tell I need a vacation away from people?

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

:-) You do know the part of about brushing off your work was a joke right? I'm just so jealous of you right now. Calgon, take me away

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