Tuesday, February 28, 2023


Good morning! Today is Trevor's 20th birthday! No more teenagers, how weird! We are going to go out to dinner tonight. He wants to go to Mongolian BBQ. 

Yesterday I finished up the bee bags and put them on Etsy.  That's the good thing about doing non character stuff lol. I brushed up my store a bit while I was working on it. I had been letting everything expire on there since the store was kind of stale. I added back the Easter & St. Patrick's Stuff I had on there. 

not bees but it was matching the colors I was working on in my small pieces box

I think these are my favorites
I never made it out to the garage for laundry yesterday. Going to have to do a bit more today. Work is dead. I had one email this morning and already did it. 

I have a few scraps left over from the bee stuff so that will be my next project I think. 

Going to make Trevor's cake in a bit, I didn't get any ice cream yet so we'll have to work that in somewhere ;)

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Monday, February 27, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! I'm dragging ass this morning, so tired! I've already had one meeting and now it's time for another. Joy!

I got a little bit more done on the bee bags, I need to do top stitching on this group

These are ready to be pinned and sewn around the edges

Yesterday was kid day

Snuggles with Grandpa. Rosie sat with him for quite awhile too

I had picked up all the toys around 8 and then he dumped them out again. Darn!

Rosie flat footed in the jumper. She won't be in there much longer.


Simon sitting on my lap lol. The dogs always get so excited to sit with me when I'm on the couch since I never usually sit in there unless I'm watching the kids.

They both crashed out for a bit when it was about time for mom to come pick them up. The baby woke up again though. 

No real plans for today. Tomorrow is Trevor's birthday and he still hasn't decided what he wants for dinner. He's running out of time lol.

Wednesday is the deadline for work for the offices to get their ranking done so I will be busy next week doing letters. Wooohoo finally something to do again.

The weather is still cold and raining off and on here. Brrr. Not as cold as other parts of the country of course but cold for us.


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Sunday, February 26, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! The kids are coming over later (as far as I know) so it's also clean up Sunday haha. I have my laundry going right now. I haven't done laundry in so long my closet is almost empty. 

Yesterday I went to Wal Mart to look and see if they had any large plastic boxes I could use for the bassinet. The cardboard box for it has fallen apart and then my shit head cats used it for a scratching post too. The only box they had that was close to fitting was like $50 (what? that's so stupid) so I went with 2 cardboard boxes I'm going to put together. I also got some more shoe boxes. 

To work on cleaning up this mess on the left. 

After that I went to the grocery store FINALLY. My total was almost $400 and the fridge and freezer aren't even packed. Sad. 

I made this super easy soup for dinner. I have a roast to put in the crock pot for tonight. I need to do that in a minute. 

Winco had these cute little pies. I got a coconut cream for myself and chocolate cream for the boys. It was yummy but definitely could feel the sugar rush after eating it.

Jess sent me this picture of the kids eating, they are so cute. I can't believe Rosie eats big people food already. I think I am going to get another booster seat for my house since Daniel still likes to sit in it.

I kept getting side tracked with other things but finally got the zipper sewn into most of the bee bags. 

Still have to do the black thread ones.

Look at my pretty twins! They hardly ever sit together like this. I guess there was a mosquito hawk they were looking at lol. Tubz on the left and naughty Tina on the right.

I started watching Yellowstone yesterday since the boys were watching it and it looked interesting. It's pretty good just a bit more violent than I like but that's probably why it is so popular.

Ok now to sew some until it is cleaning time!


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Saturday, February 25, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! 
Yesterday I got the fleece ironed on the bee bags and the zippers pinned in. Ready for the machine!

When I went to look for zippers I got side lined by the button boxes I have. So I put some on the FB group and sold a few. Most of these (maybe all) are from my aunt's mom's sewing stuff.  I started with the ones that are already on cards. 

and then some of the ones I had sewn on these cute cards I got off Etsy. 

and THEN I decided to sew some more on cards haha.

I did these silver and gold ones this morning since I had them dumped out on my desk still. There were some military ones in there that I think I might sew onto a little heart and give to my cousin since I think they were her grandfather's (not related to me). 

Last night Scott and I went on a dessert date. I got this mudslide at Applebees and it was like candy. I slurped that right down lol.

We had attempted to go to Black Bear Diner but they close at 8. How dumb is that? They are right next to the freeway, you'd think they would get a lot of business on a Friday night. 

Today's plan is to make a menu which is what I'm doing next and then take a shower and go to the grocery store. Of course Rusty thinks he has to go pee so now I have to take him out ugh. Ok done with that. Someone was driving by with their dog hanging out the window, TG they rolled it up so it didn't jump out. That would have been bad. 

This morning my money from my old contract employee retirement plan hit my bank account. It was only around $2k and kept losing money each time I got a statement so I decided to just cash it out. I just paid off my car with it (and a little more) woohoooo!  My only debt now is my parent student loan and that repaying my NYL account loan from eons ago. So amazing. I had a bunch of credit card debt in the beginning of 2020 and I somehow paid it all off and even got those expensive septic lines put in. I'm proud of myself haha.

Ok off to figure out what I might cook for a week or so. I like doing it once it's done I don't know why I drag my feet so much haha.


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Friday, February 24, 2023


Good morning happy Fri-yeah! 
No plans for tomorrow and just babysitting for Sunday. Easy peasy weekend. Although I am down to 2 rolls of toilet paper so the store is on the horizon lol.

Yesterday I cleaned up this whole area to the wall. It still looks a bit messy but it is not lol. Just lots of STUFF. I need to work on using up the small pieces I have. Too many boxes of those.

I pulled out all the Bee fabrics (first thing in my fabric drawers) and got them all cut up for bags. Next step is to iron on the fleece, then match up some zippers. 

I ended up watching like 50 episodes of Hoarders on You Tube yesterday while I was cleaning and doing my sewing stuff. Nothing like a little motivation haha.

The weather is so crazy here. It got super windy last night again and it snowed on the foothills across from us (Mt Diablo Range). Stole this picture from someone on FB. The news is saying it might snow down to 500 feet. We are about 23 feet so I think we'll be good lol. Trevor had plans to go to the snow on Sunday but now they are probably just going to the ice skating rink since the storms are going to be active. 

We are almost to the "deadline ranking day" for work. It is next Wednesday. People are getting all weird and I'm like lets go! Ready for some work projects lol.

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Thursday, February 23, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday! It is cold here but not as cold as everywhere else! Brr

Yesterday I actually had all three cats in here on my big desk. That doesn't happen very often. Usually it's just Tina and Lucy. 

Last night I watched the littles over at their house. This little guy was the craziest lol. He's like GRANDMA GRANDMA GRANDMA. I can't wait until we get Simon spayed so they can play together again. Her appointment is in a couple weeks I think. 

Rosie was sleeping when I got there and fell asleep right before I left. In the middle she played on the floor a lot. She just rolls all over the place. 

I've been working on putting some sewing patterns on eBay. I have 6 more to go through. Then I'm going to take the ones that aren't worth much and see if I can sell them on the FB group. If they don't sell I will just donate them. This is cleaning off the top of my printer where I had this big open box so that is nice. Figure I can work myself around the room selling some extra stuff lol.


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Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday! It's actually after noon now but I just got caught up (for a sec) on stuff to do for work. Now I see 2 more things. Everyone waiting for the last minute to send me things to upload.

Yesterday I finished up this Paw Patrol bags. I used all my Paw Patrol fabrics so those are cleaned out.  Someone bought the little bag on the left so that is nice. Now what to work on next. I should finish up this green stuff but I'm kind of tired of it. I might put it away for now. 

After I got done with those I worked on listing more stuff on eBay. I did some quilting books and have been working on a pile of patterns I've had for awhile. I still have a bunch more of those to do. Trying out eBay since it is free to list there until it sells, unlike Etsy who charges up front. I also don't like Etsy's advertising thing where is someone came to your item through a Google search they take like $2! Most of my stuff isn't that expensive so they are taking all my profit between that and the seller/shipping fees. So switching over to eBay for a bit.

It was so windy yesterday late afternoon and evening. Jess walked over with the kids and she said it wasn't windy when she started. It was so nice in the morning. She had Daniel come pick her up. Little D went right to his toys he had stashed when he left. Jess took them home for him since he liked them so much.

I played my last game of darts for the season and did horribly. The team we were playing is really good too. We only won one game out of seven. So sad lol. The guy on our teams wife is going to sub for me next week for Trevor's birthday. We got signed up for the next season, so yeah!

Desperately need to go grocery shopping. Trevor wouldn't go for me, so rude lol

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Tuesday, February 21, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday. I have 0 work to do for work today. We'll see if any emails come through to change that. 

Yesterday I took my dart partner to the movies. The internet was out for most of Manteca but the movies was still working. I wasn't able to buy tickets online though. My mom met us there. 80 for Brady was a cute movie. Cute enough for the matinee lol.  

After I came home for a bit and then went to the high stakes bingo down at the kitchen. Instead of $1 a card it is $10 a packet, I got 2 packets and then 2 more black out sheets for another $5.

Sadly I didn't win anything even though I wore my lucky socks lol. I guess they aren't so lucky.

I got these Paw Patrol bags finished up yesterday. Now to finish up the blue ones. I like the stand up bags with the fusible fleece in them. I can fold the bottoms down for storage too. 

Today's plan is to finish the blue bags and then I have Darts tonight. This will be my last game for this season since next weeks game is on Trevor's birthday so I have to miss. Our team all wants to play the spring/summer league so hopefully we'll get signed up. 

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Monday, February 20, 2023


Good morning happy no workie Monday! I am going to the movies today with my 80 something year old dart partner to see 80 for Brady. I think my Mom is going to go too. Years ago, like decades actually I went to a bible study at our little church here and Lana would go too. She asked me why I didn't go to the Sunday service and I said I wanted to go as a family but my husband wouldn't go with me. She said "If I waited for my husband to go with me I'd never go anywhere". That always stuck with me through the years lol. Her husband passed away a few years ago. She bought a new car. She goes golfing, plays darts, pool and bingo. Go Lana!

Saturday when I ran to Target to get Stella a birthday gift Daniel picked out some Paw Patrol characters. I was like hmmmmm do I still have Paw Patrol fabric? I did, so I made up a little bag for him to put them in. He could have cared less but it turned out cute haha. Then I ended up cutting out the rest of the Paw Patrol fabrics I have to sew up into bags. They are all ready for some fleece and then I can sew them up. I'm going to make some of this style bag for my booth but I am going to add fleece so they are a bit more stable. This one doesn't have anything but the fabric holding it up.

I used this for the inside of the bag. Originally this was a man's shirt I bought at Goodwill to use for a vest for Robert. Down to a small scrap after using it for some bags. 

They were so cute in the outfits I made. I never did see the twins in their outfits, which is why I stopped making anything for them. I think my mom might have saved some of them. Now I can make some for my own grandkids lol

We babysat yesterday. The baby was tired for most of the time and ended up taking a couple hour nap. I kept going in to check on her and Simon would go with me lol. She loves her baby.

Daniel had fun dumping the dog food on the floor and scattering it. I was like oh well easy enough to clean up lol. He had a great time.

and then he shared his noodles with his elephant. I think they both ate a few. 

Scott brought me some love. I was a little annoyed that his brother called him at like 6 and was like telling him he needed him to pick him up for this and that something about taking a car over to his mom's house. And then he left and did it. I was like you should have just told him you were busy. Took him away on one of the 2 days I actually get him. It was only like an hour or so early from when he usually leaves but still. Makes me mad.

I had mended Scott's little tiger shirt awhile back. It's too fragile for the kids to wear for more than a picture. I finally got a chance to put it on Daniel. He didn't like the way the tiger felt, it is kind of stiff plastic. He was tired too so not the best pictures but at least I got a couple.

I love this look haha

This sums up being around kids lol.

Giving myself til 1 to play in the sewing room then I need to take a shower and wipe my car down a bit. I need to take it and vacuum it out, it is so gross. I need to find someone to just do it for me. I'll pay lol. I can't get my kids to do anything for me for money anymore. 


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