Wednesday, February 15, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday!
I am all caught up on work so unless I get an email it will be a quiet work day. 

Yesterday after work these cuties came over. They were super busy and Scott and I know why you don't have kids when you are 50 haha. So glad he had come over to bring us Togo's for lunch. 
Little Man's hair is wet since he got to play in the bathtub after having a poop experience. 

Baskets make great hats haha. Rosie took a long nap so that was nice since her brother was busy busy busy. 

Jess took these earlier in the day, so cute

Love this one

After they left I cleaned up the toys and went to bed. I didn't hardly wake up all night either!

This morning I remembered that my niece Stella's birthday party is on Saturday so we will have a busy weekend. Work tomorrow, darts Friday, party Saturday, babysit Sunday. 


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