Friday, February 24, 2023


Good morning happy Fri-yeah! 
No plans for tomorrow and just babysitting for Sunday. Easy peasy weekend. Although I am down to 2 rolls of toilet paper so the store is on the horizon lol.

Yesterday I cleaned up this whole area to the wall. It still looks a bit messy but it is not lol. Just lots of STUFF. I need to work on using up the small pieces I have. Too many boxes of those.

I pulled out all the Bee fabrics (first thing in my fabric drawers) and got them all cut up for bags. Next step is to iron on the fleece, then match up some zippers. 

I ended up watching like 50 episodes of Hoarders on You Tube yesterday while I was cleaning and doing my sewing stuff. Nothing like a little motivation haha.

The weather is so crazy here. It got super windy last night again and it snowed on the foothills across from us (Mt Diablo Range). Stole this picture from someone on FB. The news is saying it might snow down to 500 feet. We are about 23 feet so I think we'll be good lol. Trevor had plans to go to the snow on Sunday but now they are probably just going to the ice skating rink since the storms are going to be active. 

We are almost to the "deadline ranking day" for work. It is next Wednesday. People are getting all weird and I'm like lets go! Ready for some work projects lol.

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