Monday, February 20, 2023


Good morning happy no workie Monday! I am going to the movies today with my 80 something year old dart partner to see 80 for Brady. I think my Mom is going to go too. Years ago, like decades actually I went to a bible study at our little church here and Lana would go too. She asked me why I didn't go to the Sunday service and I said I wanted to go as a family but my husband wouldn't go with me. She said "If I waited for my husband to go with me I'd never go anywhere". That always stuck with me through the years lol. Her husband passed away a few years ago. She bought a new car. She goes golfing, plays darts, pool and bingo. Go Lana!

Saturday when I ran to Target to get Stella a birthday gift Daniel picked out some Paw Patrol characters. I was like hmmmmm do I still have Paw Patrol fabric? I did, so I made up a little bag for him to put them in. He could have cared less but it turned out cute haha. Then I ended up cutting out the rest of the Paw Patrol fabrics I have to sew up into bags. They are all ready for some fleece and then I can sew them up. I'm going to make some of this style bag for my booth but I am going to add fleece so they are a bit more stable. This one doesn't have anything but the fabric holding it up.

I used this for the inside of the bag. Originally this was a man's shirt I bought at Goodwill to use for a vest for Robert. Down to a small scrap after using it for some bags. 

They were so cute in the outfits I made. I never did see the twins in their outfits, which is why I stopped making anything for them. I think my mom might have saved some of them. Now I can make some for my own grandkids lol

We babysat yesterday. The baby was tired for most of the time and ended up taking a couple hour nap. I kept going in to check on her and Simon would go with me lol. She loves her baby.

Daniel had fun dumping the dog food on the floor and scattering it. I was like oh well easy enough to clean up lol. He had a great time.

and then he shared his noodles with his elephant. I think they both ate a few. 

Scott brought me some love. I was a little annoyed that his brother called him at like 6 and was like telling him he needed him to pick him up for this and that something about taking a car over to his mom's house. And then he left and did it. I was like you should have just told him you were busy. Took him away on one of the 2 days I actually get him. It was only like an hour or so early from when he usually leaves but still. Makes me mad.

I had mended Scott's little tiger shirt awhile back. It's too fragile for the kids to wear for more than a picture. I finally got a chance to put it on Daniel. He didn't like the way the tiger felt, it is kind of stiff plastic. He was tired too so not the best pictures but at least I got a couple.

I love this look haha

This sums up being around kids lol.

Giving myself til 1 to play in the sewing room then I need to take a shower and wipe my car down a bit. I need to take it and vacuum it out, it is so gross. I need to find someone to just do it for me. I'll pay lol. I can't get my kids to do anything for me for money anymore. 


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