Monday, February 6, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! 

I spent yesterday morning finishing up these St. Patty's garland guys. I am planning on getting some yarn on Tuesday after work so I can make some pom poms.

I stopped at 12 to clean for the kids to come at 2 and was done by 12:45 so the house wasn't too bad. The kids were actually sleeping so I went to their house from 2:30-3:30 when they woke up. 

Finally got a picture of him holding still lol. He had a tiny braid in his hair that his hair was escaping from. 

This just kills me. So cute how he sits with Grandpa. His favorite movie right now is Jungle Book.  See my curtains I bought? I think they should be shortened but I'll probably never get around to it. 

Rosie likes Snookies tags just like Daniel did when he was little. She tolerates it and loves to be next to the kids. 

My stomach was bothering me for most of the weekend. After my birthday I think it's time to log back into Lose it and try to clean myself up. Darn it! This meme cracked me up. 

Today's plan, work-I have one office left to check all their contracts to make sure their land control is still good and then I am caught up on stupid crap I have to do that no one really cares about. Tomorrow I have to go into the office to mail out a million letters. I know we are out of window envelopes so I'm going to have to either figure out how to print their addresses to the Dymo labels or do it by hand. Lame. Need to make sure the office orders some more envelopes for me.

And then later tonight I have Bunco which I still need to figure out what food I'm going to take. 

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