Friday, February 3, 2023


Good morning happy Friday! Unfortunately I think we are going to have a sick weekend. Ugh! How many freaking colds are we going to get this winter? Trevor has been coughing his head off and I have a bunch of tiny knives in my throat and a little nasal drip.

Last night I made another cross body bag out of this fabric since everyone liked the last one and my friend had bought quite a bit of fabric. 

I used a silky fabric I got out of the thrift bags for the lining

and my friend wanted a make up bag to go with hers so I made 2 (with thrifted zippers, see I do use the stuff I buy ;))

They brought some pipe for under our broken road. Someone shared this picture. Of course now it is raining a little. 

Hopefully all this rain won't slow down the progress. Although it is nice having the road closed, no zooming traffic noises in the morning. We never had that 30 years ago when we moved here. 

I'm sure the rain will shift to Wednesday too, it always rains on my birthday. ALMOST always rains. I think it actually didn't rain last year if I'm remembering right.-yep just checked no rain last year ;)

Tomorrow morning I have membership committee, hopefully I'm not too sick. Probably wear a mask. It is only 2 people so it shouldn't take too long. 


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

wow I think we're warmer than you next week.You should put yellow tape around your house to warm those who enter they may get sick. LOL
I have not had a cold in years. I don't want a cold. Because of chemo I had to wear a mask all the time. So Rick had to as well so he did not bring something home for me to get sick. I think that is what saved me. He just got a wicked head cold once he took off his mask. Thankfully I did not. Whew.

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