Friday, February 10, 2023


Good morning happy Friday! Today is pom pom day! Just have to make those and add some bows to finish up my St Patty's garlands. I got one done last night before darts. Most are not this long, this was the "what's left" group I had of the shamrocks.  The rest have 7 for this print.

I went down to the clubhouse and had a cheeseburger for dinner before darts. I got 2 low tons but didn't win any games. So that was fun. 

Public service announcement. Don't wear these pants. They are gross and I don't want to look at your pants up your asshole all night. Yuck. 

Tomorrow Scott leaves for Texas for 2 nights to go have guy's time and watch the super bowl with friends. He comes back on Monday. We'll see how well his mom does with his brother supposedly taking care of her. I'm hoping his brother realizes how difficult things really are. Usually he only spends a few minutes with her if that. 

That's about all I have going on here. Can someone go to the grocery store for me?


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