Sunday, February 5, 2023



Good morning happy Sunday! Why does the weekend go by so fast? I'm glad I have a 5 day weekend coming up. Only have to work Monday and Tuesday next week since I took the rest of the week off for my birthday. Non one has mentioned my birthday yet so I guess I should make my own party plans ;)

Scott is going on Saturday to Texas with his friends for his Super Bowl Weekend. His brother said he'd take care of their mom but we'll see how well that works. Hopefully really well and then we can go on a vacation together.

My mom popped by the other day and dropped off this roaster pan I always told her to put my name on in her will haha. I was like you're giving me your pan? She said she has another one she uses too. Tubby approves.

Yesterday I went to Membership committee. We had 2 new people come through, both nice women. The more members the more dues which means a better place to live.

For the rest of the day I just worked on my St. Patty's Garlands. I just need to get some matching yarn to make pom poms for these. I had the scraps saved in a baggy, they are so cute. If no one wants to buy them I'll just keep them.

and some rainbow leprechauns with their pots of gold.

I have one more print I have cut out to finish putting together and two more prints I haven't done anything with yet. I will probably just do the all shamrock print. I had tried cutting shamrocks out of fabric but I didn't like them. Also I kept trying to decide if they should be 3 leaf or 4 leaf since there are both when you look them up.

Babysitting later today. Not sure what time Jess is going in. They close at 8 now instead of 9 which is good since the last hour was always the hardest haha. I'll be glad when everyone can say what they want and need and doesn't just cry. They are super cute anyways though ;)

Tomorrow night I have Bunco. I got asked to sub. I just remembered I have to take some kind of food thing for that too. I'll have to think of something to make or buy.

Off to sew for an hour or two then clean up time!

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