Tuesday, February 14, 2023


Good morning happy hearts day! I've become a bah hum bug for all romantic holidays. Just another day here for the most part.

One time when I worked at Tredways (Office Supply and Stationary Store) and Scott worked at the Napa store one block away he came to meet me for lunch with his co worker friend. He had not got me anything for Valentine's day and went over to the cards like he was going to buy one right in front of me. I was so livid I could hardly see straight. That was the early "romantic" years. Probably why I'm so fun now ;)

Apparently Scott has today off so he wants to bring me lunch later. I was a slacker and did not go into the office today. I promise to go Thursday. I just don't see the point in going in when I have nothing to do in the actual office. Meanwhile I'm getting carpal tunnel from all the mouse clicking.

Yesterday I did this with all my 1" green strips. I ended up tossing out the St Patrick's ones (ssshhh don't tell the scrap Gods). I am going to make it into one of the cross body bags. I had just enough for one side. I'll put a coordinating print for the strap and back. 

Here is the 1.5" St Patty's scraps. Not sure what I'm doing with these little blocks yet. Probably a place mat for myself for my sewing room.

I still have some squares to use up too. Might just put those in a bag for another time though. Getting tired of green ;)

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