Saturday, February 25, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! 
Yesterday I got the fleece ironed on the bee bags and the zippers pinned in. Ready for the machine!

When I went to look for zippers I got side lined by the button boxes I have. So I put some on the FB group and sold a few. Most of these (maybe all) are from my aunt's mom's sewing stuff.  I started with the ones that are already on cards. 

and then some of the ones I had sewn on these cute cards I got off Etsy. 

and THEN I decided to sew some more on cards haha.

I did these silver and gold ones this morning since I had them dumped out on my desk still. There were some military ones in there that I think I might sew onto a little heart and give to my cousin since I think they were her grandfather's (not related to me). 

Last night Scott and I went on a dessert date. I got this mudslide at Applebees and it was like candy. I slurped that right down lol.

We had attempted to go to Black Bear Diner but they close at 8. How dumb is that? They are right next to the freeway, you'd think they would get a lot of business on a Friday night. 

Today's plan is to make a menu which is what I'm doing next and then take a shower and go to the grocery store. Of course Rusty thinks he has to go pee so now I have to take him out ugh. Ok done with that. Someone was driving by with their dog hanging out the window, TG they rolled it up so it didn't jump out. That would have been bad. 

This morning my money from my old contract employee retirement plan hit my bank account. It was only around $2k and kept losing money each time I got a statement so I decided to just cash it out. I just paid off my car with it (and a little more) woohoooo!  My only debt now is my parent student loan and that repaying my NYL account loan from eons ago. So amazing. I had a bunch of credit card debt in the beginning of 2020 and I somehow paid it all off and even got those expensive septic lines put in. I'm proud of myself haha.

Ok off to figure out what I might cook for a week or so. I like doing it once it's done I don't know why I drag my feet so much haha.


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Barbara said...

Any snow? I grew up on the SF Peninsula and I remember the snow in 1976! Apparently it's happening again.

Julie H said...

@Barbara, no snow where I'm at but in all the hills around us.

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