Thursday, August 28, 2008

pant pant

Ugh it's HOT

and my chest hurts

cough cough

It was like 106 today. 80 at 7:30 this morning. CRAZY! This is the time of year I hate living here.

My eyes hurt too.

I think it's from watching too much TV.

And crying while watching Clean House.

Seriously, it was sad!!

This poor woman's husband died and after he died she just quit cleaning. She had photos of him all over her house. It was really heartbreaking that she needed to get with it. Clean up her house and start living again.

Yeah so my eyes are a little sore from rubbing them lol.

I'm such a sap.

So I think today I watched more TV than I have in the last 16 years.

I watched tons of episodes of Clean House. I love that show. I think that's what I should do with myself. Be a personal organizer, making people get rid of all their extra shit in their houses. (What do you think Sarah?? Think I could do it?)

Although there are always people that just can't part with their unicorn collection. But I'd be nice and let them keep one like they did on the show I saw today.

I also watched a bunch of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I wish I was a cool mom like their mom. She's all cute and is ready for a party with the kids lol. She's all

You should so pose for playboy! It's LOTS of money!! But if you don't want to do it it's ok. Yeah, she's a cool mom (not sure I could ever be THAT cool even if I was all skinny like her).

And I love the little sister.

She's all, "I want a puppy".
Mom's all, "no, daddy said no"
Her, "please" cute pleading eyes
Mom's all, "well they are cuuute, we'll just go look, no buying"

And then they come home with the puppy and then hide it from dad.

What's up with that dad guy anyways, he's kind of scary looking.

Dad eventually sees it and calls up the mom (who's in Vegas partying with the kids) and he's all "I told you no puppies!"

And mom's all, "ummmm we'll talk after I get home!!" and hangs up lol.

Totally funny!Pin It


I feel like shit.

I'm sick.

Have been all week.

And now,

I think it's worse.



SniiifffffffffffffffffPin It

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grandma P.

Lately I keep seeing all these old women that look so much like my Grandma P. I seriously have to do a double take everytime I see one of them. Today it was on the way back from taking Jessica to school. There she was, right behind me in her old lady car.

Grandma P. wasn't a lovey dovey grandma.

When I was 16 my Grandma and Grandpa invited me to go with them on a trip to Washington and Oregon to visit their siblings. I of course, jumped at the chance because I was working at a temp job that I hated. Plus I didn't really "know" my Grandparents very well. They are my Dad's parents and I didn't spend a lot of time with them. I figured it was a great opportunity to get to know them better. Not to mention the chance to do some traveling.

I just remember being so glad when we got home lol. Although I did log a lot of hours driving. I think maybe that's why they took me with them lol.

As I got older I would occassionally go by and see her. She'd be all, "So are you lost?" when I would drive up. Nice seeing you too Grandma!!

Grandma was a product of the depression era and anyone that made it through that era is a horder. Seriously, I don't know anyone that isn't! When she died she had drawers FULL of little hotel soaps, shower caps, band aids, etc.

Oh and magazines and books. In her later years she had PILES of magazines UNDER her coffee table. It was really like an addiction I think. There is no way she read them all.

The fun thing about Grandma is that I look like her. It's neat to be able to see such a strong resemblance with someone. She must have really strong genes because Jessica looks like me so they are still being passed down.

This is the last picture I have of her.

It was taken on Christmas Eve and she died January 6th. She knew she was sick I think. But she still did Christmas Eve at her house like she did every year. Ham, Baked Beans, Rolls and everyone bring something to share.

My Dad, Aunt and Uncle sold her house after she died. It's weird driving by now and the new people have messed it all up. I usually just don't go down that street. It's too hard to drive by and see.

Even though she was mean at times I still miss her.Pin It

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Guys Car Show

Saturday Scott went to the Goodguys car showwith his Dad, Brother, and Trevor.

His nephew Mike had 2 cars there that he did all the body work and then painted. Apparently the owner was out driving around one of the cars so they never got to see the 2nd one.

Scott was a little disappointed that his Dad and Brother didn't want to walk around more. He wanted to go to the "swap" section of the event but they didn't want to.

I told him next time take your own car, then you can be on "your time".

I went to this event a few years ago and it's really overwhelming! There are SO MANY cars to look at!

These were just a few that caught Scott's eye apparently! I thought maybe he'd take a picture of his nephew with the car he worked on, some with the kid in it but this was all I got lol.Pin It

Monday, August 25, 2008

Car Men

Almost every man in my family works on cars.

Husband-rebuilds car engines and works on muscle cars, has raced cars and hates me because I think that food is more important than him racing

His Brother-body man, builds race cars also, used to race cars

His Dad-body man used to race cars

His Grandfather-has his own garage in Iowa

One Nephew-body man

One Nephew-mechanic

One Nephew-tow truck driver

One Nephew-mechanic

Niece's husband-mechanic

Then there is my family which is pretty much the same way

Pretty much every male in his family does something with cars. Here is the newest:

I think some day he might ACTUALLY get that car done! If not then Trevor can finish it when he grows up. hahhahaPin It

Sunday, August 24, 2008


So what's everyone up to today??

Trevor went with Scott and Scott's dad and brother to the Good Guys Car Show. Yeah me I didn't have to go ;o) Not that it's not FUN but...

I did send the camera so hopefully he has some fun pictures when he gets home.

Jessica went with her friend some place so it's just Melissa, me, and the tv (Cheetah Girls at the moment ((GAG)))

I have a cold :O( My throat really hurts. Sucks.

Was going to go grocery shopping but I've sat here so long thing I'll go tomorrow.Pin It

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The bad thing about napping

Is you are awake until 2:00 am and then up at 7!Pin It

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cure to eating? And other Random Thoughts

So I figured out the cure to wanting to eat all day. I go read, and then take a nap! hahaha. Yeah that will get me in shape...

I finally finished Three Cups Of Tea.

God that book took me forever to finish. I started it when I was in Texas, read it on my 8 hour plane flight (like the WHOLE TIME) and then what has it been, like 2 weeks?? Anyhow, finally finished it. It was a good book but the middle part kind of dragged on and seriously, why did they not include a map so you could understand what they were talking about? I'm so a visual person. And I'm clueless when it comes to geography (Google maps is my friend!). When I was in high school you could take Family Living AKA sex ed! Or Geography. Yeah seemed like a good choice at the time. Never mind the fact that you eventually figure out the sex stuff on your own lol.

Anyhow, now I'm reading Such A Pretty Fat, which let's face it is about as far as you can get from Three Cups of Tea lol.

This is the 3rd book in the Jen Lancaster series. So far it's hilarious, which I totally don't understand because, really, I've NEVER been fat, OR on a diet. And right now she's doing Atkins which reminds me so much of when I was on South Beach and her husband is eating French Toast in front of her and she's all OMG is it like a party in your mouth??? And I'm like OMG I so remember drooling over a stale piece of the end of the loaf of the bread. Yeah, I really should go back on a diet soon. I'm trying the exercise thing (only walked around one lake today and took the short cut, bad me, but the dog WAS really tired and all). And the not eating all day thing (2 hour nap). Yeah um I'm working on it.

After I picked up Jessica from school Trevor asked to go to Grandma's which is RIGHT down the street so I was hey ok with me lol. Melissa decided to go too so I had just Jessica and my nephew Tony home with me. Scott is picking them up on the way home from work, and um it's 8:30 and they still aren't here because he worked late but it's ok.

So tomorrow morning the Direct TV comes. I think I'm going to be in a coma from all the tv I'm going to watch after it gets here. I'm getting it in the kids rooms too so I can be like, NO I AM WATCHING THIS!! Go in your room and watch the Disney Channel. Melissa is going to be like, OMG I've watched so much Hannah Montana I'm going to puke. And Jessica is going to be all MTV!! Is the bestest. (Do they still have MTV?) I'm all about the HGTV and all those women channels, and I got the package with ESPN so I can hate my husband on the weekends. Bye hunny I'm going shopping while you watch that race on TV. Pshaw. Hehehe, it's going to be so exciting. See and all you Direct TV, Cable people are like, what are you so excited about, sheesh it's only tv. And I'm like hey try watching PBS for 14 years and it hasn't even worked for the last year so it's been Judge Judy and her friends for the last year for most of the day.

Anyhow, guess that's enough rambling for one day lol.

Ok I'm editing to add more lol

WTH IS this?? And who wears something like this??

Photo is from here(I didn't draw the hearts lol).

I can just see it now, you are on a sexy date (because why else would you care if your ass was just so like that?) and man reaches over, grabs your ass, ahhh nice. Then eventually you get to the undressing part and he's like "WTF is that??" and you are like "It makes my ass look good" and he's like "OMG WTF does it look like without that??" and you are like "umm can we turn off the lights??" and seriously doesn't it look painful? Butt floss and girdle like but you can still get air on your cheeks.

:::Shaking head:::

Editing to add

OMFG Melissa brought a saxaphone home today. I need earphones STAT!Pin It

Thursday, August 21, 2008


If my neighbor's dog doesn't stop barking soon I'm going to go kidnap it and let it live in my house. At least that way it won't be lonely and bark all day!Pin It


I'm so bored I just ordered Direct TV. We have never had cable or dish since we've been out of our parents house. We have a big arial antenna on our roof but the motor died. We are down to like 3 channels.

So I just ordered it! For the kids rooms and the living room (we don't have a tv in our own room). Going to be installed on Saturday. I can't wait!

Hopefully Scott lets them do it and doesn't try to "help" too much. I thought about having them do it on Monday when he's not here but don't want to wait that long. (and really don't like having strangers in the house when I'm by myself).Pin It

Trevor's Art

I love looking through the kid's school work.

Mostly because I usually find things like these on the back of the work pages.

Trevor Age 5Pin It


I've spent all morning with tears down my face reading this blog. What a beautiful man he is.Pin It

Happy Thursday!

What's happy about Thursday? None of the kids get out early today! Although I am missing them when they are gone lol.

I'm being a slacker today. I've been taking the dog for a walk everyday after I get home from taking Jessica to school. But I'm not going today. My body is aching and I'm tired. Thought about climbing back into bed but so far I haven't.

I took Jessica and her friend to youth group last night. Her friend is so funny she cracks me up. She's like having a mini Robin Williams in the car. I can see her on the stage somewhere later in life!

Well I'm off to do nothing today! I did do some scrapbooking yesterday so maybe I'll work on that some more today. And housework. Boooooo!!!!!!!!!! Hate housework!Pin It

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I feel loved

Look what my friend wrote about me. Sitting here with tears in my eyes. Thank God for the internet, AIM, and airplanes!Pin It

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back To School Night

Tonight was back to school night at the elementry school. They had 2 sessions so you could go to more than one class. Worked perfect since I had the 2 there to go to. I went to Melissa's class first since she has a new teacher that I have never met. Her teacher looks pretty young and very thin and pretty. She was really nice and sounds like she has a great thing going. She has a money system working where the kids all have "jobs" that they earn money on, at the end of the month they have to pay "bills" and write checks and can go shopping. It all sounds like fun! It's always fun when it's not real money lol.

Then I went to Trevor's class, which this is the 3rd time I've had a kid with this teacher so pretty much knew how it all worked. She has so many systems going on I was kind of confused. Hope the kids aren't as confused as I was lol.

The 4H was having a fund raiser and selling pizza but I got us our own pizza from Little Ceasers to eat at home. Last year they were selling the $5 pizza's for $10. Which is a great fundraiser but I don't have extra money to waste on cardboard pizza. The kids had all had pizza before we got there so they didn't feel left out at all. Glad I had that idea!

Everyone is in bed. DH is shaving. Guess that means he's feeling romantic or something. F-U-N and more than you wanted to know I'm sure lol.Pin It

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Day On The River

Yesterday my brother called and invited us to go out on the river in his new (to him) boat. Scott was busy working in the garage so it was just me, my brother and all the kids.
We had a pretty nice and relaxing time. Jessica attempted to wake board but couldn't get up. She complained the rest of the time about her arms hurting lol. Fat, chicken me wouldn't even try it.It amazes me that these huge ships can travel down the river (aka the "Delta")And that people on Jet Skis will travel right next to it. They look like insects next to it. We eventually stopped and got out so we could cool off and let the kids play a bit in the water.
On the way home my nephew cried the whole.trip.home. I hope he stopped after he got in the house lol.Pin It

Sunday, August 17, 2008

So pretty!

I finally got Jessica's 8th Grade Graduation picture a couple weeks ago. Just scanned it in. Of course her hair is all different now and she lost some weight over the summer but I still love it :O)

Pin It

Saturday, August 16, 2008

On the road again..

So after we went to the Grand Canyon we had to drive an hour or so back to Williams, Arizona so we could get back to the highway. Then we were on our way!

We stopped somewhere I can't remember and had Burger King for lunch. Which promptly made 2 out of the 4 of us sick and caused us to stop 2 times and get out the big ass pepto bottle I brought with me.

Somewhere in there we passed up the big moving truck that they had hired to take their things from California to Texas. That was pretty funny! Nice to know your stuff isn't lost somewhere though!

The trip went from nice weather to rainy weather off and on and then when we were almost through New Mexico there was a flash flood warning on the radio. Luckily it was a bit south of where we were. It was still a little stressful driving in the dark with it raining really hard, and being on the road with big trucks that thew up a ton of water on the windshield.

We were really happy to finally get to our turn off spot off Highway 40. We stopped at a Flying J for gas and went into the Country Market and had something to eat.

When we pulled out of the parking lot we stopped at the first stop light and got pulled over by a police man.

We were like WTH???

He said he pulled her over because she was going 57 down the hill. We were like um there was no hill from the parking lot to the light?? And how do you get up to 57 pulling out of a parking lot with 700 pounds of your possessions in the back of your truck??

So he asks for her license and asked her how much farther she had to go and then he said well you have about an hour and fifteen minutes to go and that there is 4 of them out on the road so take it easy and have nice night!

I'm like well obviously he was just messing with us because there is no way you even went down a hill or went that fast. Gotta love the New Mexico Police! They live up to their reputation!!

So it was really late. And dark. And we were getting a bit giddy.

We FINALLY made it to Texas!!

Here is the moving truck that arrived on Saturday morning.

VERY intersting how they pack those up (all the way to the top!). I was hoping the big moving guys weren't going to keel over from a heart attack since they looked to be in such great shape.

It took over 2 hours for them to unload her stuff. CRAZY!!

Pin It

Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 2 Road Trip- The Grand Canyon

Ok I had to mark all my blogs at read. Sorry!! I'll make sure and respond to all the new posts :) There is just no way I can make up for all the time I was gone without sitting here all day.

I just got back from shopping with my mom. It's been awhile since I went shopping with her. I forgot that she has to go up and down EVERY AISLE. I'm much more of a go in and get what I want and leave type of gal! We went to lunch too which was nice, especially since she paid because I drove :score:!

Anyhow Day 2 of our road trip!!

We got up early and were in the "continental breakfast" line by 6:00. We were sad that they didn't have the waffles out yet until we realized that breakfast didn't even start until 6:30 lol. Eventually they brought out the mix and Sarah made us all waffles. Umm yumm I love waffles!

Then we went and gased up at this little gas station on Route 66 that we had noticed the night before had lower gas prices than anyone else. We drove up and realized they had REALLY old tanks (no credit card slots!). Some guy came up and told Sarah he'd pump her gas. I went inside to get some drinks for the road and the owner "Eddie" showed me a bunch of pictures from the "good ole days". Apparently he's been there forever and they had used his pick up and station for an old Bigfoot movie. COOL. Wish we would have got a picture of the gas station.

Here is looking down the main drag of Route 66 before we left.

Next on the agenda was the Grand Canyon! None of us had ever been there. I always thought the drive there would be all dry and rocky, and that you would just drive up and be there, kind of like the side of the road type thing.

Um no!

$20 a car to get in! Tons of trees on the drive up there. It's a big tourist attraction/park. We pulled into the first parking lot and trecked over to the outlook. TONS of people.

We snapped some pictures and then decided to head down a bit to another spot.

Not crowded at all, much better.

I fell in love with the little cabins they have that you can rent there. Maybe some day we can go back and stay in one.

We tried to eat lunch in the big lodge but we were too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, so we decided to just eat on the road.

Look at this cute heart that was in the wall along the canyon walkway.

This squirrel was getting lots of attention for being so cute.

Back on the road!Pin It

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Awake!

I feel like I've done so much already today and it's only 10:00.

Trevor decided he wanted to ride the bus so I dropped off my baby and his bigger sister to ride the bus at 7 this morning. I hope he did good! I didn't get any phone calls so it must have been ok. Him and Tony are riding the bus home today too. They are going to school until 3:05 so won't get home until 3:30. That's a long day with no kids! Took Jessica to school this morning after dropping the little ones off at the bus and beat the rush of cars going to the high school. Yeah me! Looks like that was a good time to go.

So back to my road trip! I started the trip by having Scott drop me off at Sarah's house Tuesday night so we could just wake up early in the morning and leave. He dropped me off around 9 and I think I went to bed around 11 or 12. I woke up at 2 and had to go potty and then got up at 4, so didn't get a whole lot of sleep! The plan was to leave by 5 but it was almost 6 when we finally pulled out. Her whole family did well leaving dad at home (he's moving out later) and their old house. I would have been bawling I think!

So we hit the road! Do you know what is between California and Arizona on Interstate 40? NOTH-ING!! Absolutetly nothing for 400 freaking miles.

I thought I was going to die of boredom. Luckily we had a little arguing in the back seat to keep us awake. Although I have to say they didn't do too bad for how long we were in the truck. They did argue about "space" issues though. (Which we fixed the next day by taking out some of their "stuff".)

We made it pretty far before having to stop and get gas. I think we were not too far from Arizona before we had to get it. There was a pretty car to look at while we filled up and ate our sandwiches that Sarah had bought for us. I'll have to ask Scott what kind of car this is.

Thank God, FINALLY we have made it to Arizona.

Did you know that the "London Bridge" is in Arizona? It's actually really close to the California/Arizona border. Hmm we thought THIS was the London Bridge

But it doesn't look like the the London Bridge here! The sign did say London Bridge though so maybe we were just not looking at the right thing??

Oh well! Obviously we didn't get out lol. Those are all "drive by" pictures. We did stop at the next off ramp though and go potty. When we got out of the truck it was HOT. Everyone in the gas station looked wilted. I got myself a milkshake and promptly got back in the air conditioned vehicle!

Back on the road again..

What the heck??

Hmmm not sure?? lol

I think I'll stick my truck up on a big pole...

Ahhhh finally some scenery! Aren't these beautiful?

Oh man!! It's raining!! Sarah has her DYSON in the back of the truck! (Wonder if she ever did try that out to see if it worked lol) I said we should stop to get a tarp but I think I was out voted.

Ok I think this guy was either on crack or really poor or something??? There was like black trashbags lining the back windows. Hmmm ...

We finally made it to Williams, Arizona where Sarah had made us reservations at the Fairfield Inn. We had planned to go in the Hot Tub or swimming but since it was raining that idea was nixed real quick.

We dropped off our stuff in our room and then went to dinner at this nice Mexican Restaurant that is on Route 66. Sarah had done some research and knew this was the place to get a good margarita!! It was very yummy!! The food was great too. Sarah has some pictures of us inside, I'll get those later.

When we got back to the hotel room everyone was exhausted. I took a shower (eww mold in the bathroom!) Garret was sleeping on a roll away bed and Anneke was sleeping with Sarah and I had my own bed (SCORE!). I read my book for awhile then went to sleep (it was only around 6!).

All of a sudden I woke up when a kid jumped over me!


I look over and red headed child is sleeping. I was like Umm ok... Thinking to myself maybe Gerret got in bed with Sarah and then Anneke came in my bed (maybe thinking something is wrong with the roll away??))

Then I wake up a bit later with kid whacking me and it's HOT.

I get up and attempt to turn on the AC but just end up waking up Sarah. At about that point realized that it was Gerret! in my bed. Sarah said he sleep walks. I think he just wanted the better bed..

I decided to sleep on the roll a way bed after he whacked me about 12 more times.

Roll a way bed= piece of shit mattress.

Seriously, this was the most uncomfortable thing I've slept on. I could feel ever freaking spring.

Oh and did I mention that the people in the room up above us were doing jumping jacks or something?? I swear it sounded like they were freaking jumping off the bed onto the floor or something.

Luckily we got up nice and early the next morning!

I'll continute on tomorrow!Pin It
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