Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Did you miss me??

I'm HOME! Actually I got home last night but I was too tired to post. We went school shopping today and then to the grocery store to get some food for lunches. Tomorrow is the big day! 3 kids, ALL in school.

LMAO just had to stop typing to see just how many ants were a "swarm" in Jessica's room. She's freaking out. eww eww eww eww lol. Told her not to put food in there!

Anyhow, where was I oh! So I had a pretty good trip. A word of advice though, never EVER take a flight that has THREE stops no matter HOW cheap it is even if they ARE all the same flight and you don't have to change planes. That was a LONG time on an airplane!!

And really, what's up with not talking to people on planes? The only time I talked to anyone the whole 8 hours (yes you read that right) was when the woman sitting next to me asked me how I liked my book right when we were landing. We could have talked books for an hour! But no, she waited until the last minute and then got off the plane.

So how should we do this? Do you want to hear ALL about the road trip of just a run down of the exciting stuff? Maybe I'll just post a few pictures to start.

LOL Jessica just came out,


Oh think she is going to start crying maybe I should go help lol.

Ok back! cough cough that was a lot of ant spray.

Hmm where was I?? Oh yeah, pictures!! I'll just post a few pictures and then tell you some stories later.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, let me just say, Texas is not a drive friendly state because I lived there, and they drive like mad people! Plus, the DMV give anyone a license. For example, me! I drove around the block and she said "well done, you passed". WTF??

But welcome back, ants and all!

Katrina :) said...

I feel jessica's pain... I HATE ANTS!! I remember when we were first married, I paged him (yeah remember pagers lol) a 1000 x's "9-1-1, 9-1-1" until he finally called me back. He was so freaked out, could barely get out the "what happened, what is the matter" when I burst into tears, "There are ants every where, come home!" I thought he was going to kill me that day, but he came home and saved me! However, kinda ruined the call me back thing, never has been the same. LOL

N-E Wayz, I wanna hear all about it. Thelma and Louise??? Give up the dirt. :)

Oh, and my kids start school tomorrow too. Whoo hoo!

Chris H said...

But of course you were missed! Hate ants. HATE EM. Neat photos... can't wait to hear more!

Gina said...

Of course I missed you. glad you had a good trip

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Barb said...

Great photos. Can't wait to hear the stories behind them.

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