Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Guys Car Show

Saturday Scott went to the Goodguys car showwith his Dad, Brother, and Trevor.

His nephew Mike had 2 cars there that he did all the body work and then painted. Apparently the owner was out driving around one of the cars so they never got to see the 2nd one.

Scott was a little disappointed that his Dad and Brother didn't want to walk around more. He wanted to go to the "swap" section of the event but they didn't want to.

I told him next time take your own car, then you can be on "your time".

I went to this event a few years ago and it's really overwhelming! There are SO MANY cars to look at!

These were just a few that caught Scott's eye apparently! I thought maybe he'd take a picture of his nephew with the car he worked on, some with the kid in it but this was all I got lol.Pin It


Carin said...

Nice cars! I love the music you picked out for your blog!

Gina said...

Gemma and I loved the cars.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Katrina :) said...

i want to see the pics from the bad guys car show... are they crash em up cars? LOL jk

kelly said...

these are AWESOME! oh my gosh, how cool!

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