Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Thursday!

What's happy about Thursday? None of the kids get out early today! Although I am missing them when they are gone lol.

I'm being a slacker today. I've been taking the dog for a walk everyday after I get home from taking Jessica to school. But I'm not going today. My body is aching and I'm tired. Thought about climbing back into bed but so far I haven't.

I took Jessica and her friend to youth group last night. Her friend is so funny she cracks me up. She's like having a mini Robin Williams in the car. I can see her on the stage somewhere later in life!

Well I'm off to do nothing today! I did do some scrapbooking yesterday so maybe I'll work on that some more today. And housework. Boooooo!!!!!!!!!! Hate housework!Pin It

1 comment:

Chris H said...

hee hee, cute picture. And who the hell likes housework... you find her and send her my way OK?

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