Monday, August 18, 2008

A Day On The River

Yesterday my brother called and invited us to go out on the river in his new (to him) boat. Scott was busy working in the garage so it was just me, my brother and all the kids.
We had a pretty nice and relaxing time. Jessica attempted to wake board but couldn't get up. She complained the rest of the time about her arms hurting lol. Fat, chicken me wouldn't even try it.It amazes me that these huge ships can travel down the river (aka the "Delta")And that people on Jet Skis will travel right next to it. They look like insects next to it. We eventually stopped and got out so we could cool off and let the kids play a bit in the water.
On the way home my nephew cried the whole.trip.home. I hope he stopped after he got in the house lol.Pin It


Katrina :) said...

Looks like a good time... Scott missed out. :) I wish we could do that... We have a seado, but thanks to some not so good friends anymore, we have a huge whole in the side of it. Not so good memories on that trip. But that is a whole nother blog. LOL

~Sheila~ said...

Hey! Thanks for coming over and visiting!

Honestly...that is something we would love to do! My husband loves anything water and boat and fishing and beaching and being on the river (it goes on and on..).

Still sounded and looked like fun to me.

Carin said...

Looks like you had a blast!

Barb said...

Looks like fun... I've never wanted a boat, just friends who have a boat I can ride on!

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