Friday, December 28, 2007

Feeling Thankful

There have been many things happening lately to make me feel thankful for myself and my family. Last Friday a neighbor's house caught on fire. They were just sitting around eating dinner when they noticed smoke and woosh, no more house and 3 of their dogs died. Very scary! I could see the flames from my kitchen window. Luckily they had insurance so eventually they will probably tear down what's left and start over. Here's a link to the article in the local paper. That's my daughter's friend in the picture with her Grandma.

Sunday, an online friend's husband took his own life. They always seemed to be such the happy family, doing tons of stuff together. I am still in such shock over it! He must have had some really big demons he was fighting. The online community has been AWESOME. Everyone started by making donations to give to Francie. They have raised over $1000.00 and now they are doing a raffle. Here's a link to the raffle. So far it's over $400 raised through the raffle with over a week to go. AWESOME, just AWESOME!! Francie has said she is going to use the money to get new carpet and paint her house so she will be able to sell it faster. She does not want to live at the house anymore, apparently he killed himself in the house.

So oddly enough today I watched The Oprah Show, (haven't watched that in AGES) and the topic of today is SUICIDE. Isn't that a weird coincidence? There was a woman on there who had jumped off a bridge, an officer had caught her as she went over and held onto her. She was explaining how she just kept telling herself she needed to get to the bridge over and over. There was a few other people and it really seems that when you are in that deep depression like that something just takes over and you have no control over your own actions. Very sad.

Today I was reading the paper at work and there was a horrible accident yesterday evening. This is the road I drive every day to and from work. A couple hours earlier and this could have easily been Trevor and I getting hit.

All these things are making me feel a little sad but also making make sure I treasure the time I have with my family. Although when your kid is going psycho in the middle of Target it's kind of hard to cherish the moment but really I guess we should cherish even those moments because a blink of an eye and they could all be gone.Pin It

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hump Day

So I'm so glad it's time for bed! Today has been blah blah blah.

Started off with having to pull Trevor out of the car to go to preschool. I drove away with him bawling in the window. So sad!!

We had a staff meeting at work today. I think they should rename them JOE MEETINGS. I swear that guy is so freaking annoying. He just loves to hear himself talk talk talk. Nevermind everyone else is stabbing themselves in the eyes while he drones on and on.

Went to lunch afterwards. Ate way too much crap and it made me sick afterwards. Nothing like spending the last 2 hours of work in the bathroom!!

Picked up Trevor after work and went to run some errands. Tried to mail my coupon trains at the UPS store but the leeches were going to charge an extra THREE dollars to mail a flat rate envelope. Yeah kiss my ass, I don't think so!!

Continued on to the grocery store and then dropped off my last check for the Bodega Bay retreat at Brenda's house. Hard to believe that's in less than a month now!!

Came home and layed on the couch to watch some tv. Woke up an hour or so later lol. Guess I was tired!! Jessica made frozen pizza's for dinner.

Trevor is on his THIRD viewing of Charlotte's Web. Kind of funny since he didn't even really want to watch it when he first put it in.

Scott's snoring away in the recliner. I'm off to bed!!Pin It

Sunday, December 2, 2007

What a weekend!

So it's Sunday night. What did I do this weekend???

Hmmm Friday:

Started the day out by taking Mr. Trevor to the Dr. He has bronchitis, I think she said an ear infection and ringworm. WHEEEE $35 to the Dr, $70 something to the pharmacy. Crazy! And that's with my crappy insurance. Glad I got my money's worth for November!! Mom met me at Walmart so I could go to work. I left her looking a bit frazzled with a boy on each side of her shopping cart. I said HAVE FUN! Proceeded to the nearest Starbucks drive thru and went on to work.

Work. Work. Yeah Lisa was sitting in my desk when I got to work. Her computer still isn't working right so since I wasn't there she took over mine. Fine. So had to go find somewhere else to sit. Sarah wasn't there yet so I started with her space (Lisa's looked like a bomb went off so I skipped hers). Of course Sarah showed up right after I got my email working on her system. Ok fine, moved to Jane's desk. EWWWWWWWWWWWW Can we say DON'T TOUCH THE SCREEN when you have dirty hands. Blech. So I started with Clorox wipes which left a nice greasy residue on her screen. Went and found some Windex and after about 500 wipes I could finally see through the grime on her monitor. So of course that meant that her CST wasn't working. Hmmm now where to go... Diana's desk. So stayed there for my remaining time. Actually got in 5 hours and had some extra time from working over on Monday.

Came home and got the kids from my mom's. Tony came with us. Took Jessica to Girl Scouts and then met Carolyn at the mall so the kids could play. The original plan was to shop but of course I couldn't do that with all the kids. I have to say I was so glad to go home and crash!

Saturday I was going to clean but just sat around playing literati all day. Woops!! Scott took Miranda and Jessica to Miranda's house and then we decided to go on a date night. We went and saw Dan in Real Life. It had a slow start but it was a really good movie!

Sunday, cleaning cleaning and then to Claire's bday party at Party Hearty! at the mall. The kids had fun, although Jessica was a bundle of complaints. Hello, you are 13 you aren't supposed to be into a jumpy house party for an 8 year old!

I'm glad I'm not going to work tomorrow. I'm going shopping with Sarah and her church group in San Francisco. FUN!Pin It

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Got up this morning and did the rush for work and getting the kids out the door. Took Sarah her birthday cupcakes which were a hit with everyone of course! Our server was down at work so there was pretty much nothing we could do today except get on the internet and email. Hopefully they will get the problem resolved so we can actually do something except busy work tomorrow. If not I can see a short day because I don't want to hang around for nothing.

We went to La Mornita's for lunch today. Carmen C., Maria, Julie A. Sarah and I. We had a nice lunch although the waitress wasn't so nice when we asked her to split up the check. Ended up taking the cash that a couple people had and putting the rest on my card. What a PITA! I need to remember to get cash when we are going to be doing things like that.

Picked up Tony on the way home to play with Trevor. I was so exhausted after work today! I came home and put the turkey I had defrosted in the oven, layed down and took a nap. Or at least I tried to! I think every time I fell asleep it lasted about 5 minutes then I'd have to get up and take care of someone or something. Finally got up around 5. I made some coffee and did some of the dishes. Made up a generic Turkey dinner and made more dishes of course! Dinner turned out pretty yummy!! Of course now that it's 11:45 I'm thinking it wasn't such a good idea to have 2 cups of coffee with dinner. I put all the food away and boiled the turkey bones in an attempt to make soup. Finally got it all taken care of and put away and washed up the quizillion dishes. Going to add some stuff to it tomorrow to get it finished up.

Let out the stupid dogs to go potty. Had the little dog on the leash. She saw the cat and woosh pulled the leash right out of my hand and took off running. Of course Tabbie went with her. Little dog came back after not too long but Tabbie finally came back about an hour later. I think I remember why I don't like dogs so much! At least I didn't have to go out and chase her and she did eventually come back. She's still panting from running around out there.

Trevor's asleep in the recliner. He's coughing so probaby not going to be sleeping too well. Hopefully he'll be ok tomorrow.Pin It

Monday, November 26, 2007

another day another failure!

So this morning I told myself, ok you need to stop eating crap. Made it until I dropped Trevor off then it was one hit after another of crap crap crap!!

First I went through the drive thru for some breakfast.
Then Gardettos at a gas station when Sarah and I went on field checks.
Followed by a non light Starbucks mocha at Hilmar Cheese.
Soup for lunch with some crackers.
Some wafer cookies while dinner was cooking.
Ice cream.

Sheesh and I wonder why I'm getting fatter!! Really I do know why. But why can't I stop??? Is it just not having will power or just not being prepared? I know the breakfast thing was because I didn't make myself anything in the morning before I left. I should go back to doing the oatmeal thing at work, that was working well. But then that's carbs and I should probably try to do protein in the morning until I can get myself under control again.


Tomorrow is Sarah's birthday. Picked up a Starbucks gift card and made her some cupcakes for her birthday celebration at work tomorrow. Nice that she is the same age as me for a few months :O)Pin It

Sunday, November 25, 2007


So it's the time of night. Everyone is in bed sleeping or at least it's quiet enough that I believe they are sleeping. Jessica is probably reading and text messaging everyone on her myspace. I'm sure I'm going to have to up that texting contract to the unlimited since 400 a month is going to go quick. I keep telling her to pace herself and only do 10 a day but I'm sure that isn't going to happen!

Trevor woke up cranky today. By 9 he was asking for his cousin Tony to come over so we called around and located him at Grandma's house. Grandpa brought came over and dropped him off along with some turkey, stuffing and apple pie leftovers. They played for most of the day, I think they both only cried about 5 times or so in the 12 hours he was here. Yep, 12 hours. At 9 pm I went to take him home. No one was home but some lights and the tv were on. Had to go back home to get my cell phone (from Jessica) so I could call my brother and find out where they were. Of course he was on his way over.

So back to those leftovers! I just finished eating a turkey sandwhich and a piece of pie. I'm restraining myself at the moment to not go eat the last piece of pie. That wouldn't be nice right?? Besides that I really need to stop eating, my sweats are getting tight. Think that's a bad sign??

Anyhow, back to work tomorrow after a long weekend. I think I had enough family bonding for the last 4 days to enjoy a few hours at work tomorrow!Pin It

Friday, November 23, 2007

So Thanksgiving was fun. Went over to my brother's house. Mom actually did all or most of the cooking, she just did it at their house. It was my SIL, her Mom, Dad and 2 brothers, which sheesh those kids sure did grow up since last time I saw them. They went from nice looking boys to thug looking teenagers. Mom, Step Dad, other Brother and his Girlfriend, and the 5 of us.

Food was great of course, had a few drinks. SIL's family left right after dinner. We sat around talking and SIL's 2 friends came over. They crack me up! We left a little after 9. DH wasn't feeling well and was ready to go home.

After we got home I went to bed since I had plans to get up early and go shopping. I slept for about an hour and then had a raging stomach ache. Finally gave up on trying to sleep and just got up and looked at the internet and sales papers for awhile until it was time to go.

I was a little early to pick up my friend so I went through a drive thru for Starbucks. I went to pay and OMG no ATM card. Did a slight freak out and then remembered that I had used it at our little corner store 2 days before and figured they didn't give it back to me. I called the bank to make sure I didn't have any huge charges and then tried not to think about it anymore! So I had to use my CC to do my shopping (although I was a good girl and already paid what I charged today off my bill!)

Had a great time shopping with my friend Heather but I wish I had been more organized. Next year we'll be the expert Black Friday shoppers!Pin It

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First post!

Hello Hello!! I've been wanting to start a blog for awhile now! I'm not sure what my "theme" is at this point other than just a place to jot things down that are on my mind. I figure I'll start there and maybe I'll morph into something fun and exciting!

So tomorrow is the big Turkey Day. Blah blah. Going over to my brother's house where my MOM is going cooking a Thanksgiving meal. Still not sure what time we are going. The one good thing about going over there is they always have alcohol so I can suffer with a buzzzzzzzzzz.Pin It
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