Sunday, December 2, 2007

What a weekend!

So it's Sunday night. What did I do this weekend???

Hmmm Friday:

Started the day out by taking Mr. Trevor to the Dr. He has bronchitis, I think she said an ear infection and ringworm. WHEEEE $35 to the Dr, $70 something to the pharmacy. Crazy! And that's with my crappy insurance. Glad I got my money's worth for November!! Mom met me at Walmart so I could go to work. I left her looking a bit frazzled with a boy on each side of her shopping cart. I said HAVE FUN! Proceeded to the nearest Starbucks drive thru and went on to work.

Work. Work. Yeah Lisa was sitting in my desk when I got to work. Her computer still isn't working right so since I wasn't there she took over mine. Fine. So had to go find somewhere else to sit. Sarah wasn't there yet so I started with her space (Lisa's looked like a bomb went off so I skipped hers). Of course Sarah showed up right after I got my email working on her system. Ok fine, moved to Jane's desk. EWWWWWWWWWWWW Can we say DON'T TOUCH THE SCREEN when you have dirty hands. Blech. So I started with Clorox wipes which left a nice greasy residue on her screen. Went and found some Windex and after about 500 wipes I could finally see through the grime on her monitor. So of course that meant that her CST wasn't working. Hmmm now where to go... Diana's desk. So stayed there for my remaining time. Actually got in 5 hours and had some extra time from working over on Monday.

Came home and got the kids from my mom's. Tony came with us. Took Jessica to Girl Scouts and then met Carolyn at the mall so the kids could play. The original plan was to shop but of course I couldn't do that with all the kids. I have to say I was so glad to go home and crash!

Saturday I was going to clean but just sat around playing literati all day. Woops!! Scott took Miranda and Jessica to Miranda's house and then we decided to go on a date night. We went and saw Dan in Real Life. It had a slow start but it was a really good movie!

Sunday, cleaning cleaning and then to Claire's bday party at Party Hearty! at the mall. The kids had fun, although Jessica was a bundle of complaints. Hello, you are 13 you aren't supposed to be into a jumpy house party for an 8 year old!

I'm glad I'm not going to work tomorrow. I'm going shopping with Sarah and her church group in San Francisco. FUN!Pin It

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